Latest ‘Police Brutality’ Video Just Shows Philadelphia Officer Winning a Fight

A Philadelphia Police Officer was captured on video winning a fight which prompted police brutality claims.

A Philadelphia Police Officer was captured on video winning a fight which prompted police brutality claims.

Philadelphia Police Fight Video Has Internet Claiming “Police brutality” Because Officer Defended Herself

Philadelphia, PA – The latest viral video showing “police brutality” clearly shows a police officer defending herself from an attack by a suspect resisting arrest, but the internet doesn’t see it that way.

Philadelphia Police Department officers responded to 54th and Springfield on Monday for a large group of people fighting. The fighting continued as officers arrived on scene. As one girl was getting in an officer’s face, she was pulled away by another officer. In the video, you can see the girl refusing to obey commands, and grabbing the second officer.

Grabbing a police officer is considered very aggressive. People cannot be allowed to attempt to physically control police officers. Grabbing a law enforcement officer is an assault on that officer, and the police are fully justified in striking anybody who grabs them.

Even after the girl had assaulted the officer, she was not met with any additional force. The camera breaks away for a moment and we miss what happens, but when the camera returns, you can see the officer taking the girl to the ground. This use of force would have been completely justified based on the girl’s actions prior to the camera breaking away, but it’s safe to say that because the officer didn’t react at that time, the girl must have done something even more to escalate.

When on the ground, the girl can clearly be seen punching the officer, and the officer responded with the same level of force. Law enforcement officers are allowed to use more force than the suspect in order to get them under control. By responding with the same level of force, there’s no reasonable way that the officer’s strikes could be considered excessive.

Viewers must also take into account that officers were outnumbered by a large group who continued to fight, and the officer was in a vulnerable position on the ground while surrounded by hostile people. This officer didn’t have time to play games.

The video generated complaints and cries of brutality on social media, and the Internal Affairs Unit is now investigating the unidentified officer.

The video evidence makes it clear: Any complaint about this hero’s use of force is unfounded. Good job, hero.

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  • duder1897

    BLM just can’t keep their hands to themselves.

    • Shang Tsung

      Neither can the KKK cops!!!!

  • ggoblue

    my opinion is that LEOs have to kick ass until bystanders obey the simple command to “stay back”.

    that cop is seriously under duress from bystanders. cannot overstate that fact.

    i will tell you all how detroit became detroit. step one was the scapegoating of the police. in fact, emasculating the police was the number one issue in the election of 1973. coleman young won on a promise to stop plain clothes enforcement by police. once the police were emasculated, the city went straight to hell.

    barack obama seeks the same ends. let us thank god for term limits. detroit was stuck with coleman young for 20 years.

  • Jodi Dickey

    This is exactly the reason why police departments across the country have seen a spike in officers getting assaulted and officers that work in fear that they will become the next viral video. The officer who was nearly beat to death because she didn’t want to put her department or her families lives in jeopardy because of another deadly detainee. The rise in crime across the city of Chicago because of the same rational concern. Its already public knowledge that this administration has done NOTHING to calm the rhetoric, stop the hateful messages that are being spewed by the whole BLM movement/Al Sharpton/New Islamic party/ (and lets not forget our favorite re-boot) The Black Panthers, and telling the world “…well, the cops probably deserved it….” (H. Clinton on CNN after the ambush on the Dallas police dept.) Thank God she’s not our president!

  • Ironwalker118

    I teach my young white sons, to obey a police officer’s orders, that if they (leo) are in the wrong, we can take it up in court. I am an ex-con., alive, to have, and raise children, and enjoy the rest of my life.

    • Shang Tsung

      That was your “white son” that shot those cops in Walmart right???

  • sonotaliberal

    If the young lady had simply followed the order to leave (just guessing here, but the body language of the officer appears to be in line with repeated orders to leave) there would have been no issue. Until the black community teaches their offspring to show respect to all and not defy people in authority positions, like, say, teachers and the police, this kind of crap will result in a whole lotta people getting life limiting criminal records.

  • John Allen

    I am pro police as the come but the officer in this video is wrong. She escalated the situation. That’s is not how you are trained. Now I only see a small clip. I want to see all the video. Also we don’t see what happened is the lady did something or not.

    • theotherone

      If you were on that neighborhood patrol for a couple weeks I think you’d have a different perspective. If you were the only LEO in that group, I think you might just have gotten over taken because when you hesitate or fail to command a situation, chances are that a potentially violent person will take that opportunity. It’s like the Eric Garner situation, refused to cooperate, had to get forcibly taken down, it aint pretty.

  • Doug Packer

    That officer was the aggressor. The woman had her head turned showing submission while the officer kept pushing her (assault in my state to touch upper body). Now, depending on what the original problem was, I couldn’t care less, but doesn’t change the aggression of the female officer.

  • Rupert Bauer

    We’re missing the beginning and what is actually being said, which would make a big difference in which side I take. I like to start on the police side, but it does appear (with what I’m seeing) that the officer was on the offense and the person was trying to back off. – Again, I’m missing a lot of info.

  • theotherone

    You mess with the bull, sometimes you get the horns.

  • Someone I used to Know

    I usually think the police are treated unfairly, but this time I think this police officer acted badly. What reason is there to ever push someone like that? It does not deescalate the situation or put down any threat. It makes me think she was trained badly and needs to go back to basic training.

    Now maybe my opinion would change slightly if I saw the beginning of the video, but the way the police officer reacted would still show poor training regardless.

    And besides that, calling her a hero is ludicrous. She did not show those qualities in this video as far as I can tell. That’s one of the problems with this site. Not EVERY officer is a hero, and when you make them out to be, you lose credibility. I have great respect for most of the men and women in the force, but I think even police officers will admit that there are some who do not deserve a vaunted title like “hero”.

  • Devnulled
    Shows a lot more including the female being pulled off another officer, the crowd dynamics etc.