Philly FOP Sues To Block ‘Urban Terrorists’ From Getting Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings

Philadelpia FOP Lodge #5 is suing to prevent the release of officers names after shootings.

Philadelpia FOP Lodge #5 is suing to prevent the release of officers names after shootings.

Philadelphia FOP Seeks To Block Release Of Officers’ Names

Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5 went to court on Friday seeking an injunction to block the release of police officers’ names after they are involved in shooting. This comes the day after a group of Black Lives Matter “activists” showed up to an officer’s home yelling about the police being “crackers” “pig,” and “murderers.”

Officers had to respond and form a line to protect the officer and his family.

In a statement released by the Lodge, they said that they were seeking an injunction “due to the events of last night in which urban terrorists showed up and an officer’s residence. These anarchists were allowed to threaten the officer, his family, and an entire city neighborhood.”

UPDATE: The FOP obtained a court order blocking the release of officers’ names after shootings unless approved by the presiding judge until a later hearing in September.

State Rep. Martina White was extremely critical of the protesters and police commissioner for their response, saying, “Black Lives Matter activists invaded a residential neighborhood without a permit, utilized bullhorns to spew profanity, and threatened an endless occupation of that neighborhood until their demands are met.”

It’s not clear why the Philadelphia PD brass decided to allow the Black Lives Matter crowd to remain in the street in front of the officer’s home and harass the neighborhood. If this rally is any indication, similar events will be allowed to continue.

The incident stems from a shooting on June 8, when Officer Pownall fatally shot armed black male, David Jones, who was fleeing on foot, according to

The officer had stopped Jones, felt a gun on Jones while conducting legal frisk for officer safety, and then got into a struggle with Jones, who had tried to get the gun out before he was shot.

Jones was a convicted felon, and could not legally possess or own a gun. The shooting is currently under investigation to determine if it was legally justified.

Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter refuses to acknowledge that a police shooting is ever justified.

Video of the incident was live-streamed on Facebook. You can see the video below.