Philadelphia Eagles Complete Their Protest During The National Anthem

Malcolm Jenkins protested during the national anthem with other Philadelphia Eagles players.

Malcolm Jenkins protested during the national anthem with other Philadelphia Eagles players. (Flickr/Keith Allison)

Philadelphia Eagles Complete Their Protest During The National Anthem

Chicago – As reported, Philadelphia Eagles players Steven Means, Malcolm Jenkins, and Ron Brooks did not sit or kneel for the national anthem, but they still used it as a moment to protest “social injustice.”

The Philadelphia Eagles players were seen standing and raising their fists, rather then placing their hand on their hearts during the national anthem. The gesture was popularized by the Black Panther party and is generally associated with black nationalism.

The players were on their feet, but rather than show respect for the flag, they made the national anthem a moment to protest.

Malcolm Jenkins stressed that “it’s not an anti-police thing,” but he acknowledged that it would be upsetting to people and they were using that anger against them to raise attention for their “cause.”

Jenkins told reporters, “That’s what makes you guys put these cameras in my face and that’s what keeps this conversation going. So sometimes you’ve got to rock the boat to get a little bit of change, and that’s fine, and obviously you’re seeing more and more guys using that platform to do just that.”

“I know somebody kneeling or doing something is not what’s going to create change. That’s really just drawing attention to it … to push those things to the forefront.”

Malcolm Jenkins has also said, “It’s also to unite the community. I’ve had conversations with the local police department about things that we can do in our communities to bridge those gaps. So this is a multi-level issue that you have to attack in different levels. … It’s not something that’s going to change overnight, but obviously the conversation is the first part.”

Jenkins also elaborated about what be believes his cause is about, “There’s just a lot of things systematically that have been set up in this country since its inception that really … put minorities, especially African Americans, at a disadvantage when you talk about quality of life and actually growing in this country. So we want to continue to keep that conversation going, push it to as many people as we can, obviously while also doing our part in bringing forth change.”

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  • Blade

    No. And I’m done with any NFL broadcast featuring these disrespectful SOBs. The network could…COULD…refuse to televise their shameful stupid display, much like they do with idiot fans who rush the field during the game, denying them their glorious stage. Vikes and Packers didn’t pull that crap Sunday night…I watched. Eagles? Not watching since their display of disrespect was televised.

  • Lillie Farris

    Fire them!!!! This is treason. They need to go to another country where they don’t have to abide by what the country stands for. Oh, thats right, there isn’t one.

  • Jenna

    Really? How can anyone watch the NFL anymore? What a pathetic excuse they are now. And the examples they are leading with this type of behavior. These morons should visit a military funeral where the flag drapes across the coffin during the service, then is folded and presented to the family.


      They would probably use that time to stand up and use a racist salute like during the national anthem

  • Filip

    Just as racist as the salute made popular in Germany during the 30’s and 40’s.

  • Patrick Harding

    Blah, blah, blah, disrespect, blah, blah. Raise your fists to us and I raise this to you. ????????

  • Tim Shugrue

    Unreal. The raised fist is more racist than a confederate flag. No NFL for me thank you very much.

  • DJBr0wn

    Let them have their moment in the sun. My wife and I haven’t watched but one or two minutes of NFL play so far this season. I was a diehard Dolphins fan, my wife an Eagles fan. This has iced it for us. Way too many things to do in the fall or early winter in Florida than to watch football. Tonight we’re watching other programming—passing on the lies of BLM and the continued institutional slavery pedaled by the Democrats on unwitting blacks who buy into this rouse. It is little wonder why African Americans continue to struggle. Their leadership has sold them out for power and votes.

  • Justme

    Although I don’t agree with it, at least they didn’t sit it out.
    These guys, even though they are “playing a game” they are at work. They are getting paid. Their politics should stay off the job.
    I am a female that has worked union construction for 34 years. Believe me it wasn’t always easy but, I was getting paid to get a job done. There is no way in hell if I went off about women’s rights at work my boss/bosses would have tolerated it and, for good reason.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Makes me sad to see our country fall to these levels. I never thought I would see this type of racial divide ever again.

  • mike paulson

    Typical pieces of shit. 99% are.

  • John Olthoff

    Why don’t the BLACK MULTIMILLIONAIRES put their money where their whining mouths are…support and help your community #Hypocrisy

    • munimula

      I often wonder this myself. What are they doing to change the perceived problem instead of just grandstanding about it?

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Totally agree. Sitting takes zero effort. That is what liberals are best at, sitting and blaming others for their problems.

  • tekwrite

    Maybe we should all boycott the Super Bowl. Hitting them in the pocketbook is the only thing the NFL will understand.

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Not just the SB. Boycott all their sponsor and every single game. The only way things will change is to hit them in the pocket book. They could care less about any issue unless dollar signs are attached to them.

    • Ibme Jones

      not just the superbowl–every game —and stop buying anything that advertises the nfl

    • Kelly Keith Dunn

      I’m done for this season at the very least.

  • ldonnan

    You can tell he was certainly one of the disadvantaged ones.

  • Zach O’Neill

    Black nationalism, that’s racist!!!!!!

    We should not be for any form of supremacy. If we are, we are going to do it together as Americans.

  • Daddio927

    So tired of hearing about “institutional racism” from black men who make millions of dollars to play sports. They live in a nation that affords minorities more opportunities for success that any other nation on the planet. The civil rights movement is over. YOU WON! There are so many laws on the books now to protect minorities from institutional racism that it’s unbelievable. Does injustice still exist? Sure it does. Does racism still exist? Absolutely… and it always will. Welcome to planet earth. Now, put on your big boy panties and stop blaming everyone else for your cultural failures. You have the right to pursue success in America, but it’s not guaranteed. Clean up your neighborhoods, teach your children to respect authority, value education and take responsibility for their own lives and you’ll be amazed at how they will be respected by others.

    • hardresetamericadotcom

      I always ask these types to show me a law currently on the books that is racist in intent. Usually shuts them right up.

      The problem is they are allowed to spew all these buzzwords without ever being made to show evidence of what they are complaining about.

  • Brad Fish

    Done with the NFL

  • Majah

    The Flag is what Unites Americans! Your disrespect just causes more division! Using the Black Panther salute isn’t helping “the cause” at all it just makes people more angry. You use your position where you earn millions of dollars from all races to further an agenda by disrespecting our Flag using a racist salute? #worthless

  • Kevin Baker

    I’ll stand with anyone that is protesting real racial injustice, or any credible injustice towards anyone, but this is neither. It is not right and they are employees of a company that will only punish the wrongdoing when it affects their wallets. No more Philadelphia Eagles for me. I will not be part of it, for any team, including the team in my City. Boycott any team that allows this and it will stop real fast.

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Unfortunately I “was” a 49er fan and feel bad that the team I used to love is ground zero for this BLM BS false narrative. If the NFL does not step in soon, it may be the fall of the NFL among those who respect LEO’s and the flag. Losing money is the only thing that will make the NFL step in and make changes. I do not care if they protest, but do it on their time and not their employer’s time and money.

  • KWB

    Thing Is, who really cares what these overpriced, overpaid spoiled brats think anyhow; their job is to play football NOT be causing hate and discontent around our country. Our real heroes are the military and Law enforcement veterans who risk their life for we the American People.

  • implorable Randell

    i would fire every one of these stupid ass atheletes and make sure they never play nfl football again. protest on your own damn time asswipes you have 8 months a year to show your stupidity. fuck all of you i dont want to see it in the four months i like to watch football. we the true Americans pay your multimillion dollar a year contracts. take 25% of your millions of dollars a year and go into the ghettos of your neighborhood and see what kind of a difference you can make. those thugs will take your money and laugh at how stupid you are. each one of you put a million dollars into the high school that you attended, and make a difference there. instead you waste a million dollars on covering your body with tattoos , gold teeth and a hundred pounds of gold chains around your neck. quit being stupid in my country that i fought for and act like an American. yall are making me sick. dumbasses.

  • Wow – three clowns out of the entire team. If they are so eager to draw attention to themselves during the anthem, I can tell them where they can put their fists during the next protest!

  • Jerry Poe

    Watching fly fishing and duck hunting on the sports channel. As well as western Outdoors! They can stand on their heads……makes no differance to Me! There isn’t anybody out there that’s had a harder time then me growing up. You make your own damned Choices! Your own damned future. How much effort are you willing to put into it!

  • Fuck YOu

    This whole website is a f**king joke. Police abuse their power and claim to be victims. What an infantile mindset. Further, these players are expressing their absolute right of the First Amendment. No government agency nor Congress shall step in the way of ones’ freedom to protest. Read a book!

    • Larry Horton

      Let me guess, you’re another whiney ass black who thinks he’s been mistreated…cry me a river. Better yet, go shoot some of your homies loser. You people seem to be pretty good at killing eachother and bitching…we all aint buying your bullshit anymore.

    • Rocky Smith

      This libtard is triggered

    • Larry Bradley

      you are a fucking joke. If these assholes gave a shit about their brothers and sisters they would be in the inner city helping form groups to talk to the young about education, hard work, looking toward the future and what they have the opportunity to become in this country. Instead they do nothing but divide this country with their rhetoric. So I say fuck you, and fuck them.

  • NewWest 123

    Only the ticket and merchandise buyers can stop these self righteous, spoiled and disrespectful morons! This is Not part of the First Amendment although the radical nut jobs love to use it and rewrite it when it fits their narrative. What’s his face who heads the NFL should be canned along with the boneheads who no Zero about History and the Constitution! You do have a right to your disrespectful spew on your own time. Fans pay your sorry A– . May Karma pay a visit to all of you that pull this crap…
    How about you head your cash filled a— into these districts and teach kids and families that they too have the opportunities awarded to everyone. How about starting some sports events and donating some of that cash we give you to help make it better. The George Soros, Louis Farrakhan BLM isn’t going to help… So quit stoking the fire and do what’s right…
    To the fans, stop accepting this crap!

  • Georgia Peach

    Inmates running the Asylum now.

  • Martha Meals

    I think these people are overpaid morons. I’m sick of all these celebrity types trying to stand for something when the majority have few morals themselves.
    Sit down a

  • Mark Lane Sr

    They are their feet “standing” in respect! No problems here. I still remember our Olympic Champions in this same stance years ago. You stand for the National Anthem as a sign of respect for the Nation YOU represent.

  • Isabel santos

    Sorry I’m from the Uk so what do I know lol.
    Could someone tell me why the black American people call themselves African Americans when they haven’t even set foot in Africa their ancestors might be from there but you show them a map of the world and they can’t even tell you where it is.
    They keep going on about slavery maybe they should go to Africa and see how the true Africans live under black rule that is what you call unfairness and slavery they don’t know how easy they have it.
    They should wake up and look to the future and put the past behind them I’m not saying they should forget but stop blaming the whites for what our ancestors did.
    As for these idiots who kneel when the Anthem is being sung they should go live in Africa see how free they would be there to do as they want and have freedom of speech.
    As for what they are doing to your policemen and women it’s very sad and I can’t understand how a president can let that be happening .
    They should definitely go to Africa see how they deal with criminals.
    It’s an eye opener.

    • Ibme Jones


    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      SPOT ON!!!!

  • budfudlacker

    These dolts have no idea what real “social injustice” is. Anybody backing this garbage could be dropped in nearly any other country on earth and in a few weeks they’d be begging to be given back the opportunites they had in the US.

    Get off your a$$, quit pointing fingers and wanting someone to hold your hand through life. You think life dealing people bad hands is exclusive to minorities? What a small-minded and entitled way to think.


    Nothing like using the sign of a racist organization to prove how racist this whole crap is. These garbage players should all be fired. If the NFL were to do something like fine these trouble makers this wouldn’t be an issue. These are the things creating a greater racial divide rather than trying to bring people together

  • ♥Nancy♥

    LeBron’s foundation is giving $41M to send 1,100 kids to college. He should be getting the publicity and social shares, not these guys.

  • Glen Saunders

    Exactly what is your cause? Cause you don’t get enough attention at home? Cause you’re an overpaid moron? Cause you think you’re going to bring about change by disrespecting the memories of the men and women that gave you the right to stand there in the first place? Maybe you should stop killing each other for awhile and realize you’re your own worst enemy. That would be a righteous cause….

  • PittsburghDem

    would the NFL tolerate players waving ISIS or Confederate flags ?

  • Ron Hussey

    I didn’t watch the game and will not watch any NFL game, until they get the anti American morons under control. Social injustice = Clueless imbeciles, a product of the liberal uneducation system, wallowing in sorrow, doing zero to make things better, for themselves, following the party that keeps them that way, and expecting others to do something for them. That seems to be social injustice in the US. Because BLM is a lie, not happening, more white men have been shot by police every year.

  • ogun

    and it continues to spread…hot damn

  • Cyndi

    So stupid!

  • daleh33

    I really wish the police would stop giving escorts to these teams that support the killing of police. Make these buses stop at red lights and deal with the traffic that us regular people have to deal with. These guys don’t support what the police do or go thru on a daily basis, but rather support the BLM who has an agenda of shooting at police instead. It’s time to let these guys know that they can’t have the best of both worlds. They get protection but also would love to see them get shot at the same time.

  • Ray G.

    It’s about the “15 min”…Occupy , Black Panthers, etc…#BLiesM will have theirs too…Until there is REAL communication between law enforcement agencies and our communities NOTHING will get done.

  • Ibme Jones

    people at the games should demand their money back–we do not pay these prices to be insulted by a bunch of overpaid
    thugs-using this sport as a medium to push their dribble down the throats of law abiding citizenry-and make a mockery of the
    people that gave their lives to keep this country free and give these morons the opportunity to become the millionaires and
    destructive cancer that they are