Philadelphia Eagles Plan To Disrespect Heroes Monday Night

Philadelphia Eagles Plan To Disrespect Heroes

Philadelphia Eagles Plan To Disrespect Heroes Monday Night

Philadelphia Eagles Plan To Disrespect Heroes Monday Night

Members of the Philadelphia Eagles are planning a protest for their Monday Night football game against the Chicago Bears this week. Their top ranked defensive player, safety Malcolm Jenkins, is spearheading the protest.

Jenkins stated that they did not hold a protest last weekend due to it being the anniversary of one of the most horrific tragedies in America; 9/11. “To make sure we didn’t…take away from the families that suffered from 9/11.” Jenkins advised sports radio WIP.

While I commend them for doing so, unlike many of their counterparts such as Colin Kaepernick and the Miami Dolphins, both of which openly disrespected American Heroes on 9/11, the Philadelphia Eagles are inevitably going to be dishonoring those heroes who selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice that day anyway. The national anthem and our flag represent those sacrifices. It does not matter what day the song is played.

Malcolm insists that their protests are unrelated to the flag and the national anthem.  “It has nothing to do with this country or the flag or the anthem.” Really it’s just to continue to push forward the conversation about social injustice. And that’s… a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities and education.”

Again, we hear the term of police brutality, a term brought upon by a series of convoluted stories of justified police uses of force. Well Malcolm, how about the brutality towards police? A hero was just shot at point blank last night 15 times. 8 of those 15 rounds found their target, a black police hero; Sergeant Sylvia Young. She was not the only hero shot in your city, University of Pennsylvania Officer Eddie Miller was shot as well. They were shot by a person who supports your twisted mindset of a false narrative.

So to you Malcolm and the rest of the players in the National Football League that join you in your protest, while you raise your “power fists,” kneel during our anthem, and disrespect those who make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms that permit you to do so, remember Sergeant Sylvia Young, Officer Eddie Miller, and the countless other heroes who have sacrificed for you.

Philalelphia Eagles - Sergeant Sylvia Young

Sergeant Sylvia Young’s cruiser after being shot 15 times.

  • Debbie

    Never watch them anyhow. They need to put their money where there big mouths are!

    • Mary Canary

      Maybe the police should boycott working the Eagle’s games!

      • Daniel J. Kostelec

        It’s a public safety issue. Tens of thousands of people in one spot. No.

  • Tomas Pajaros

    I originally felt that it was their right to protest like jerks, and our right to disapprove. I have re-thought this:

    the NFL dictates what uniform they wear, that they can’t honor police or veterans with writing on their shoes, sweatbands or anything else. The league and their team, are their employer. My employer dictates I can’t be doing political protests during working hours. These players are on working hours, told when to come to the game, suit up in the locker room, when to go out on the filed, when to go in for a play and when to come out, and everything else while they’re on the job for the game. If the spineless PC-jerks running the NFL can dictate the players cannot express their first amendment rights on their uniform, they can sure dictate that the players have to stand for the anthem.

    You get your full 1st amendment rights back when you’re off the job, same as me.

    • Count_Iblis

      Well said, half these players wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for football.

      • phillyguy

        Most likely snuffed out by their own selling drugs on the wrong corner

        • Alias235l

          It is ironic that what you say is more likely true because of the lack of opportunity that people of color are offered. Start with poor education opportunities and out right racism that still exists (come on, I am a white businessman, I see it all the time), and its sports or crime. Don’t you realize this lack of opportunity and the racism that causes it are what they are protesting?

          • Natalie Mailloux

   black colleges lol!!! Segregation at its finest. You’re not fooling anyone.

          • Anthony Ferraro

            how do they all not have the same chances that are given to everybody , they decided thier own path , nobody makes them kill each other ( but no protest about the 1000’s dead from black on black crime , them black lives must not matter ) nobody makes them sell drugs , they can go to school and get jobs the same as everybody else , and as far as them not getting good jobs , they aint looking , because in Philly the city has hiring quota’s , i can be better at a job then the man standing behind me , but if he is black , he would get the job , but thats ok , because its a black over a white , so take your poor me bullshit and forget about it , nobody is buying it anymore

          • YoCONda FRAUDster

            Omg thank you!!! I am so tired of hearing this BS!! If anything black people have MORE opportunities in school and most jobs than white people!!!

          • Mark Washington

            Here we go with the black on black crime stuff. 2015 FBI statistics say 86% of black murders are committed by blacks, 83%of white murders are committed by whites. therefore, criminals are victimizing those closest to them. as a black man, I am not concerned with being murdered by another black man because the police will work to find the person who did it. I am concerned about being murdered by a police officer because in less than 1% of the cases does the officer go to trial.there are 20 police departments in the US under consent decree for racial issues, so it is a fact that there is a far as getting good jobs, how can this be done with a poor education? do you want to compare state funding per student district by district vs the philadelphia school district? or perhaps vs baltimore Md. who just last week denied $11m in funding for schools and the mayor asked where this money tree grows but then approved $30m for a new prison. why was the EEOC created? or affirmative action? all because of racism. if you are so naive to think that your experience in america is the same as a person of color, you are approaching delusion.

          • YoCONda FRAUDster

            Wish are you kidding me??? How do black people have poor education opportunities they get to go to whatever school they want to just because they’re black!!! I live in Philadelphia and all the black kids are bussed in from their neighborhoods to the better public schools they get scholarships just for being black they have their owncollegez you know if we had white only colleges there would be riots!! Then on top of all of that theres affirmative action!! Especially with city and government jobs! So that is absolute BS and nothing but an excuse for not wanting to do anything with their lives!!

          • lcz


          • phillyguy

            Its their own fault, every immigrant who comes into this country daily from the third world , without toilets or running water climb right up the economic ladder passing the African American right by. The immigrants know a strong family and hard work will bring prosperity.
            Today while waiting at a red light there was a black woman standing at a bus stop no more than 25yrs old with 5 kids in tow, she was screaming viciously at them, I told my friend the kids don’t a a chanceat life, tthat’s why the are at the bottom of society.

          • Rose Swailes

            If they want to protest then not on our dime…Men and women fought for our FREEDOM and deserves that respect. Most of the racism is coming from THUGS…So these football players are standing up for THUGS…I know there are things that should not have happen but again, most were thugs and should have just listened to the law. 99% of cops are good cops and if it was not for them and you NEEDED help from a COP and no one comes because of all the crap they have to think about before they even react…So you think about this next time you walk down a street and someone jumps out, stabs you and you need a cop to help and that cop never comes….RESPECT, LISTEN WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO.

          • Daniel J. Kostelec

            “If they want to protest then not on our dime…” WHOSE DIME are you talking about? Are you saying that, because you bought team apparel that you are paying their salaries? Okay – you and MILLIONS of other people. Band together then, and tell that to the NFL.

            “Men and women fought for our FREEDOM and deserves that respect.” Yes, and among our freedom is the freedom to protest – spelled out in the Constitution of the United States. If everyone has to stand, it’s no longer a show of respect. If everyone has to remove their hats, it’s no longer a choice. Ask yourself this: if the players in question were white, would you have a problem with it? Look at the wide shot of the photo of the Eagles player’s protest: there’s a white guy in a Cavs shirt on his cell phone. Is he not being disrespectful to the playing of the National Anthem? Shouldn’t he be standing in quiet respect for the flying of the colors?

            “RESPECT, LISTEN WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO.” Like the guy in Oklahoma who was gunned down after his hands were up.

            Examine your own motivations.

          • Rose Swailes

            Listen, you have no idea what color I am, so for you to say…If they were WHITE, right there you are being racist, your assuming I am white…It does not matter what color they are, and yes when we listen to the National Anthem and the Pledge of Legion we should stand still and respect the people that fought for this country…And YOU only pointing out one person in OK., there are others however, like I said most were thugs but to kill them no unless they are shooting a gun right at them. What would you do, would you stand there and let them shoot you or would you pull your gun out and shoot back to protect yourself? You cannot tell me all these black, whites, Hispanic, Native American and all other colors were innocent…There are many others that are shot at from policeman but it only SEEMS one race is making a big issue out of it.

    • tekwrite

      Good point.

    • quickdrop

      You always have your first amendment rights, you might just get fired for them. You’re also forgetting that a desk jockey is much easier to replace and not even a sliver as relevant as a celebrity or pro athlete standing for something. Firing a player for something like this would be a huge fiasco for the NFL and players have picked and chosen their battles over the years. This topic has become a bigger one.

      • Brian Adair

        You claim you always have your first amendment rights, yet there are plenty of restrictions on your 2nd amendment rights,. Not allowed in stadiums and other businesses

        • quickdrop

          I don’t get your point, what does the 2nd amendment have to do with anything in this thread or conversation?

          • Brian Adair

            You said ” You always have your first amendment rights ” I was just using another right where at the work place you lose it. Freedom of speech in the 1st amendment states Congress shall not abridge your right to free speech. No mention that your employer cannot

        • Alias235l

          First amendment rights are also restricted to protect people as well. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater (unless, of course there is one), you can’t make violent threats, etc. No right is completely unrestricted. I know if they allowed guns in sporting events I would never go to one again.

    • SteelerBabe13

      Exactly. As you pointed out, the NFL is an employer, I want to add it’s NOT the Federal Government, therefore the players are not owed any protection under the First Amendment. That’s the point of the First Amendment, not the RIGHT to express, but protection from prosecution (punishment) by the Government for freely expressing yourself. I think this First Amendment protection issue is lost on this issue because everyone is focused on freedom of speech. SO sick of this issue.

    • vamike999

      agree 100%

  • Jack Reilly

    Just more B U L L S H I T, from idiotic football players…..DISRESPECT for everything American, what a bunch of crybabies……and BTW….RICH athletes…..ya feel me, hahahaha…..yea, right they’re really oppressed.

  • Jack Reilly

    The NFL front office is a bunch of PUSSIES for allowing this to continue…….football is done…period.

    • Count_Iblis

      No, it’s obvious what demographic they are catering to. It started with the disgraceful half time show last year and has been going downhill ever since.

      • phillyguy

        It started 8yrs ago, Obama and holder/lynch split the country in two, they did more damage to the U.S. than anyone in 50yrs.

        • William Cervini

          You are a full of shit racist.

          • phillyguy

            And you are a jack ass half a woman.

          • William Cervini

            And you are the other half.

  • Ball Buster®

    Football? Doesn’t matter anymore, useless sport played by useless people.

    • tekwrite

      At least colleges play for the competition. Millionaire sissies not so much.

      • quickdrop

        College players compete so strongly to make it into that future cash machine

      • phillyguy

        Are you kidding me, big time collages throw in cars, whores , clothes, rolex watches, money and the like.
        When larry Johnson left UNLV, he was interviewed on ESPN, they asked him what is the difference between collage and the NBA, he said a pay cut.

      • Lori Czarnecki LaPearl

        Someone I know plays college football and last weekend a lot of the spectators refused to stand.

  • concernedguest1

    This has become one of the most divisive, disrespectful movements. If you have to continue to say it’s not disrespectful, then chances are …. it is. Let’s figure out a way to address the issues without further dividing the country. What a shame.

    • Linda Woods Alexander

      Hatred is dividing the country…and it’s been exacerbated by this election cycle.

  • Dan Antonelli

    It’s not their job to get into the political side of this. It’s their job to play f***ING football. I agree with everything they stand for and their reasoning behind their movement, but they are doing it during their working hours which wouldn’t be allowed without consequences in any other business. Maybe they should make their stand/ kneel when aren’t playing football and instead go to the media during their free time to make their announcements.

  • Amscot


    • Dan Antonelli

      I mean yeah I’ll still support them as football players. But I won’t support their choices of when and where they make their stand. Like I said they get paid for football not politics or media. I plan on rooting for the Eagles all the way. I just wish they would do this shit on their own time.

    • Pablo makes fun of mental midg

      I didn’t realize Kaepernick played for the Eagles.
      Oh, and your caps lock is on.

  • tekwrite

    The result of black privilege.

  • duder1897

    Throw them out of the league and ban them for life.

  • Soldier

    If they go through with this I want Doug Pederson fired and I’m done being an Eagles fan. I been one since I was a kid but I don’t want this Leftist Politics crap in the Sport I love.

    • phillyguy

      Let them start a league in Zimbabwe and see where that gets them.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    What truly amazes me is they are disrespecting the very people who gave them the right to act like rich spoiled brats and those who protect their lives every day, by putting their lives on the line.

  • Joe Black

    You kneel tomorrow u are dead to me. Jeff Lurie grow balls and cut everyone of them. Its their right to kneel and your right to release them.

  • Normando

    No way Pederson is doing this without the tacit approval of Jeffrey Lurie. He’s ALWAYS been pretty much Left-leaving!

    • Linda Woods Alexander

      Has nothing to do with the “left”!! It has everything to do with respect for this country. There are as many liberals outraged by this blatant disrespect, as there are conservatives. The “right” has treated this President of the last 8 years, and First Lady the least respectful in all of history. Respect…or lack, thereof…is not a purely partisan issue.

  • Paul Hobson

    Then they need to change their name to the Philadelphia chicken hawks they don`t deserve the name eagles!

  • Dave Heston

    I’m a big fan of the NFL, but I ‘m done watching them and their cowardly commissioner. Didn’t watch today, won’t watch tomorrow, and I’m personally boycotting NFL sponsors, the list of which can be found on the web. Join me and pass it on. Please. Let’s hit them in the wallet where it hurts the most.

    • Linda Woods Alexander

      We’re gonna stop watching every team that allows their players to disrespect this country!!

      • Dave Heston

        Good for you! I hate giving up my Pepsi and Budweiser, lol, but I’m doing it. And all the others.

  • Bliz Canada

    How is that being disrespectful? America is disrespectful! I will never stand for americas anthem

    • SteelerBabe13

      Would it bother you if people didn’t stand for the anthem of your country? Curious about the protocol…

    • Linda Woods Alexander

      Then you should probably get the hell OUT of America. Makes me sick to death that people like you trash immigrants that love this country and the opportunities we all have here…and you trash it. No one is forcing you to stay….SO GO!!!

      • William P Boyd

        You leave. If you don’t like a system YOU DON’T RUN YOU FIX IT

    • YoCONda FRAUDster

      good stay in Canada you don’t deserve to live in America!!

  • Lori Johnson

    then maybe colleges need to stop handing out full scholarships to anyone and they need to earn there own money to go to college,maybe all the NFL players need to spend a week doing what all our service men do on a daily basis

  • joe 35

    The Philly Fans will erupt in protest over this stunt

    • Pablo makes fun of mental midg

      No we won’t. We don’t care if a couple of dopes don’t stand for a song.

  • Jerrypacemaker

    I hate the Eagles and the entire NFL for not stopping this disrespect for our flag anthem and country. I hope the league goes bankrupt.

    • Alias235l

      Says the old white man that never has to worry about the police shooting him as he is reaching for his registration in the glove compartment during a traffic stop.

      • YoCONda FRAUDster

        oh please how about all the police officers that have to worry about getting shot by all these “poor oppressed black people” just for doing their job! But that’s ok right?

  • Tersha Preston

    This is my newest favorite quote. I think what they plan to do is disrespectful to both our current and former military, police, firefighters, first responders, EMTs, and other public servants.

  • Hal Slusher


  • Cyndi Current

    Time to boycott the NFL people! Stop letting these idiots disrespect our country!

  • Namenlos

    Or, just saying, we could stop getting offended by symbolism and focus that outrage on things that actually matter. 22 per day. Kaepernick’s antics hurt no one. Congress’s inaction, on the other hand, is tantamount to over a score of negligent homicides per day. Priorities.

    • Protus Mose

      I’ll bite. Congress’s inaction in what way?

      • Namenlos

        In their failure to pass needed VA reform. The level of reform needed in the VA is above the president’s head. It will take an act of Congress to apply the level of repair needed. The 2014 law was a nightmare, and none of the other bills got passed for one stupid reason or another. Meanwhile, the issue is being used as a propaganda piece on both sides of the aisle to smear the other.

  • Patricia Baxter Small

    Hey Malcom of our NFL EAGLES, news flash -if you want a conversation about social injustice, it ISNT’t happening because you sit your butt down or take a knee -the only conversation that’s happening IS about YOU sitting your butt down or taking a knee! If you want a conversation use your presence to start a real one – in a community or on a radio or tv station, with your other NFL players , leaders , first responders , and others from both sides of the issue. If it really isn’t about the flag or National anthem then don’t disrespect it.

    • Alias235l

      Actually, I heard a lot of conversation since this started about the topic of blacks being unjustly shot by police. Isn’t that the topic they are protesting?

  • FrankSorick

    I pray everyone who has the nerve to sit out the national anthem has to be carried off the field after the Bears ensue those disrespectful asshats can’t stand!

    • Alias235l

      You don’t think there are a lot of Bears players that won’t be agreeing with them? Being a white guy, I suppose, like me, you never consider your life at risk for simply getting stopped for a traffic violation. Ask a black friend, if you have any, what they think about that. Mine have a lot more worries about the process than I ever thought about.

      • FrankSorick

        Not only do I have many black friends and family, I also know that more whites are killed by police than blacks, so should we as “white people” fear all cops? No! Cops don’t get up and think “let’s kill someone today”! Wake up

        • Chris Howell

          More white people get killed by cops because of simple math. There are 198,000,000 white people in America and 37,000,000 black people in America. Twice as many white people die from the hands of police as black people. So for simple math we can say 10,000 white people die every year from police force so 5000 black people do.
          So that’s.0051% of the white population and .014% of the black populations. I get both of those seem like insignificant numbers but that is 2.75 times more of the black population by percentage that dies from police for than the white population. So, you can’t say more whites and really think it is that simple.

          • Alias235l

            Thank you Chris for the statistics. Kind of shows the issue in a nutshell.

        • Alias235l

          Frank, you know that proportionally that is not true. Funny, next weekend I will be at the game against the Steelers with a black friend that happens to also be a Philadelphia policeman. I am a staunch supporter of Blue Lives Matter and believe by in large that Police deserve as much protection and respect as possible. I also realize that a disproportionate number of unarmed blacks (you do know what disproportionate means don’t you?) get killed by police compared to unarmed whites. It is a fact, easy to prove. So I am all for having the discussion how this could be reduced and brought down to being proportionate (zero for both would be nice). I would have certainly gone about this a different way but you can’t argue with CK’s approach as far as effectiveness goes, people are indeed talking about it. The country has come a long, long way, but many of us think it still has a way to go. Things don’t get changed unless people talk about it. This, if you are white and middle or better class, is easy to ignore, it doesn’t effect you. Finding a non-violent way to get the topic out there is the right thing to do, as it is a wrong. I ask, what better way to do it that would have gotten you to talk about it? I am open to suggestions, or did you just want to ignore it and the discussion makes you uncomfortable?

          • FrankSorick

            Have anyone of these famous people go on the view, GMA, Today, Etc. as long as it’s not disrespecting our nation I’m good, but to do it during the national anthem is just wrong, sorry! I guess we were raised differently, but I was raised to respect the national anthem and to never disrespect our nation!

  • Pablo makes fun of mental midg

    Funny that all the people who whine the most about political correctness, are all kinds of butt hurt because a few ball players are doing something politically incorrect.

  • Martin Woodward

    I was a faithful nfl fan for more than 50 years. I have watched over the years as players get fined for ridiculous shit like wearing the wrong shoes or headbands that say rozelle on them. But let players disrespect our flag and the nfl does nothing?? I have not qatched one minute of professional football all year. I will probably never watch it again. If i go to someones house who is watching it i will leave. If i go to a bar where they are watching it i will keave and never go back. If you truly want to voice your opinion to what i do and hit them in thier wallet. Because by watching you are condoning thier behavior. You cant say one thing and behave differently. Thats called hypocrisy.

  • Anthony Digiglio
  • Anthony Digiglio

    sign the petition below .

  • Steve Riley

    Where is the owner on this? This has NOTHING to do with the First Amendment as a previous knowledgeable poster mentioned. “Congress shall pass no law…” So Jeff, tell this scumbag Jenkins and the rest of them they don’t play if they go through with this garbage.

  • Kurt Miller

    There will be no more social injustice when hell freezes over or until judgment day, whichever comes first.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Time to watch football on Saturdays instead….I am pretty much done with pro athletes until the races are more equally represented in them and the leagues get control over this type of thing

  • Ron Hussey

    Not watching the game, and not supporting any NFL game or network that broadcast the game, until the NFL gets their anti American morons under control. Many men and women gave their lives for our country and freedom, so mental morons that disrespect them, can be the morons they are. I support their freedom to be a moron, but I don’t have to support them or their employers financially.

  • Jerry Sharp

    You’re not a hero just because you’re a cop. You’re a hero when you do something heroic. No wonder cops are shooting and killing people with impunity, they’ve let this hero crap go to their heads and think they can do whatever they want.

  • Jon Dunbar

    “These rabble-rousers need to learn to respect the flag of the government that we’re stockpiling arms against.”
    – self-described “Patriots” and other assorted RWNJ’s

  • Jon Dunbar

    “..The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first creates a feeling of responsibility; but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war…”
    – Sydney J. Harris

  • Jon Dunbar

    Ever notice how Conservatives will BOO a black man who doesn’t stand for the flag (Kaepernick), and at the same time they also BOO a black man who does stand for the flag (Obama)?
    Maybe the flag isn’t the reason they’re booing…

  • disqus_dGZxBjnnY3

    how about the 1100 people police murdered in 2015 get some respect! More than EVERY first world nation combined! USA police state! Terror is the way of the government….ruled by fear

  • Lisa Askwit

    I blame the Owners of the Teams, as well as the Coaches. They are the “Bosses” of “The Companies”. In most jobs, if you pulled this kind of Crap, you’d have your Ass Handed to you with a “Pink Slip”! I’m DONE with ALL of the “Anti-American-Illuminati Propaganda” that is being SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS, EVERYWHERE WE TURN!!! God SAVE America, PLEASE!!!

  • Dave Daker

    Is it possible for us to quit referring to any government employee who wears a uniform as a hero? It seems to water down the term. I like the mailman but he is not a hero to my knowledge. Please don’t cite workplace danger as a determining factor in the hero’s that you choose to worship. construction workers and garbage men have a much more dangerous job statistically than law enforcement. Stop the hyperbole please!

  • Ed of Ct.

    Boycott the NFL and their televised games for the next few weeks and STOP buying NFL team items from the Eagles, SF 49ers and Seahawks etc. That may put some economic pull into the arrogant NFL players to say the least.