A Perfect Traffic Stop

traffic stop

A Perfect Traffic Stop

The title of this post on reddit is “Black man with gun pulled over no one killed”, but traffic stops like this happen thousands of times a day.

I’ve been a fan of reddit for years now. Nearly every single popular video, GIF, or picture that you see on Facebook probably came from reddit. It’s a website that is completely composed of user submitted content. While browsing reddit tonight, I came across a post titled “Black man with gun pulled over no one killed”.

Normally, I don’t click on anything that has to do with police officers on reddit. Especially with a title like that. Reddit is a great place for funny content, memes, and PC gaming. When it comes to police though, they can get a little harsh.

There’s some police hate, but after reading the top comments for this video I was honestly a little surprised.

In the video, the man on the motorcycle is pulled over by officers for changing lanes quickly and speeding a little bit. The man on the motorcycle is open carrying a firearm and the first thing the officer says is “Hey buddy, don’t reach for that gun”. The man on the motorcycle replies with ” Definitely not” and allows the officer to disarm him temporarily while the traffic stop is conducted.

The officer was courteous and respectful, like thousands of officers are every day. The guy on the bike was courteous and listened to the officer, like thousands of people on traffic stops every day. The officer explained that he was worried about man’s safety because people drive like crap, which we all can agree with.

The officers gave him a warning and asked him to stop zig zagging because they don’t want him to wreck. They shake hands, shoot the shit a bit, and go on their separate ways.

Reddit completely surprised me with their comments:

  • Scribler

    Wait for it, soon BLM will say that the motorcyclist isn’t black any more for being polite and not getting shot… Why isn’t this big news? Why isn’t their a huge discussion here? Because this is peace, and peace does not really sell.

  • Gene Splicer

    Ok, Uncle Tom, just sign on the bottom, press hard 3 copies.

    • CFHenderson

      That’s rude!

      • Gene Splicer

        I’m being sarcastic, in that all “real black men” will be calling him either an Uncle Tom or a Coon.

    • Mario Rousan

      It’s better to be Uncle Tom than a nigger.

    • philadavephia

      He’s not a Tom for being cooperative with the officer. He’s a civilized human being. Nothing wrong with cooperation when stopped by a police officer. Mutual respect diffuses these types of encounters.

  • RetiredE8USAF

    Interaction with the police can be 100% survivable by treating him/her like a human being..

  • HoseasHand

    And only a written warning! Polite privilege, who would imagine something like that could happen.