People’s Power Assembly Protesters Show Up At Vaughn Prison To Support Sgt Floyd’s Killers

The People's Power Assembly protest group showed up at the prison where Sergeant Steven Floyd was murdered.

The People’s Power Assembly protest group showed up at the prison where Sergeant Steven Floyd was murdered.

#VaughnRebellion Protesters, People’s Power Assembly, Show Up At Prison

Smyrna, Delaware – Protesters with People’s Power assembly showed up at the John T. Vaughn Correctional Center to voice support for the prisoners who rioted and murdered Sergeant Steven Floyd.

The protest group, People’s Power Assembly, started planning the protest as soon as it was announced the prisoners had rioted and taken hostages. Several inmates, some with sharp weapons, had taken four DOC Officers and other inmates hostage on Wednesday morning.  The standoff lasted for about almost 20 hours. Sgt. Steven Floyd was found unresponsive about 5:06 AM when Delaware State Police breached C Building at the John T. Vaughn Correctional Center; he was later pronounced dead.

The reason that the prisoners gave for the attack was that they were concerned that Donald Trump would make prison conditions worse.

Despite the weak excuse for rioting, the People’s Power Assembly said, “We demand an independent community investigation of the prison conditions and the attack on the prisoners!”

That’s right, they are calling the riot and murder of Sergeant Floyd an attack on prisoners.

“The only way that we feel we we’re going to get the truth is not through the police press conference at 10:30 but through an independent commission composed of community members that can really investigate what’s happened here,” Sharon Black with People’s power Assembly told The News Journal. The group is demanding “full amnesty” for all of those behind bars.

Counter-protesters were also on scene. One anonymous counter-protester said, “This nonsense of abolish the police, abolish prisons, that comes only from a perspective of an individual that has never had to deal with the kind of people that are incarcerated behind that fence line.”

This group must be going out of their way to be as outrageous as possible. It’s hard to believe that anybody is so stupid as to honestly demand amnesty for rapists and murderers, some of whom murdered a corrections sergeant.

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