Assassination Plot Uncovered Targeting Eight Specific Police Officers In Pecos Valley Drug Task Force

The Pecos Valley Drug Task Force members were targeted for assassination.

The Pecos Valley Drug Task Force members were targeted for assassination.

Pecos Valley Drug Task Force Targeted By Assassins

Eddy County, NM –  A plot has been uncovered to assassinate eight Officers who work with the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force in Eddy County, New Mexico.

According to Current-Argus, the plot involved officers and deputies with the Carlsbad Police Department, Artesia Police Department and the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office,  all part of the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force.  The plot was discovered on January 31 during a joint investigation conducted by the Carlsbad Police Department and the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office.

Suspects planned to use firearms and explosives to harm the targeted Officers.  The plan was already in progress when it was discovered, although no officers had yet been hurt.  Information from the investigation revealed that the suspects had planned to hire others to carry out their plans.

Several people have been arrested and more arrests are expected.  The suspects who have already been arrested had specific information about the targeted officers, including home addresses and vehicle types.  Their arrests were for Possession of Drugs and involvement in the plot.  More than a dozen fugitives with outstanding warrants were also arrested.  The names of the suspects who have been arrested are not being released due to the ongoing investigation.

Two suspects are actively still being sought: Robert T. Matta, 43, of Carlsbad and Michael W. Grantham, 35, of Artesia. Anyone with information on their location is asked to call 911 or 575-887-5194.

In a press release, Eddy County Sheriff Mark Cage said “As professional law enforcement officers, unfortunately, we all know that violence can visit us at any time.”  He also said that “we take plots such as the one we have been dealing with for the past week very seriously.”  Additional patrols have been assigned to each targeted Officer’s residence and the Officers themselves have been asked to be extra-cautious.

Commander James McCormick of the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force said that the officers were targeted for revenge.  He said that this is the fourth time that plots of these types have been stopped since he started working for the task force in 1990.

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  • Brian

    Heard about this…
    Unfortunately this is a trend in southeast New Mexico with the drug cartel.
    This isn’t the first and I am sure won’t be the last attempt. 🙁
    Stay safe officers…..

  • David Marshall

    they should be executed

  • Carolyn Dolloff

    Life without possibility of parole.

  • Gene Reif

    Death penalty! Or Life without parole! Or, SHOT! 🙁

  • Mary Shearing

    Yes, LIFE without the possibility of parole.

  • Allen Dee Fisher

    I for one do not want to have to pay to feed and house them till they die of natural causes. They should be treated to getting another hole in the head.

  • MildBill

    Well, I’d say whatever course is taken, it should be stern enough to make others think twice before entering into that zone. . . . If you are old enough and devious enough to plan out the demise of someone you don’t even know, then you are mature enough to suffer the consequences. . . . So, to be fair I would say LIFE with the possibility of parole for good behavior IN 100 YEARS ! . . . Is that wrong ?

  • DEE

    I believe that any killing of a police officer or there family member should come with death penalty

  • Daniel Birdman Moxley

    To put a hit out on an officer should be a mandatory death sentence instead of wasting taxpayer dollars housing these worthless scumbags that want to murder another human beings let alone a peace officer, it frustrates me that the police DO NOT get the respect they deserve And unfortunately nowadays prison isn’t even punishment. I see inmates get treated better than your everyday citizen, even better than the officers that put our lives on the line everyday. Prison isn’t what prison should be. It’s pretty much daycare with better food than what the homeless get at shelters, better that what our kids get at school and they STILL complain about it. Even the schooling they get is better than our public school system. They get free college whereas my kid gets $35,000 bill for it.. And yes they complain about that too and to top it off, the healthcare they receive is ridiculously better than the public receives. We send them to orthopedics, optometry, physical therapy, they get excellent mental health care and here in California we passed a bill that they get free sex changes including breast implants which are paid by the state and all of it’s taxpayers because they won a lawsuit about having to pay a $5 copay for it.. Oh yeah ,this is supposed to be their punishment. It disgusts me to see murders and our ever increasing pedophile inmate population get all this free healthcare/schooling when a huge amount of the public cannot afford these services for themselves and their families …

  • sue

    If it would have happened it would be on the national news, but nothing happened so the media’s not interested.

  • Jeri M. Burns

    Those with prior knowledge who don’t report to police should be considered complicit and procecuted and sentenced as those who’ve planned and proceeded. No quarter given.

  • Frank

    These animals will never fit into our society! The death penalty should be the only punishment available to them. And not death penalty a la USA. It should be the death penaly a la North Korea. Convicted today and shot tomorrow and not a tax burden to feed and house that scum for the next 10 years!!!

  • Carol Ann Breaux Sims

    Never forget the one who had the power to stop this carnage, but he said NOTHING.

  • Rhonda Garcia

    They need to do away with this life n prison thing I mean theses people just get sent there without getting out and we have to pay for it I for one think it should b the death penalty why should they get 3pmeals and a cot for life and we pay for it that money could go to something better