Paralyzed Hero Santos Cortez Continues To Help The Public After On-Duty Injury

Paralyzed Hero Santos Cortez

Paralyzed Hero Santos Cortez Continues To Help The Public After On-Duty Injury

Indianapolis, IN.–Hero Officer Santos Cortez was paralyzed on duty in 2012 after his squad car was hit by a drunk driver who was running from the police.  Being in a wheelchair has not stopped Santos from representing all that our law enforcement officers are made of and this Christmas season, Santos and his fellow IMPD officers have once again shown Indianapolis how great their police officers are.

Santos has been a warrior, fighting for recovery after a tragic strike in his patrol car from a drunk driver in June of 2012.  Police believe that Santos’s patrol vehicle was intentionally stuck by a man running from the police.  Santos was responding to a hit and run on the city’s west side when the man running struck his car, forcing him into oncoming traffic where he hit a pick-up truck.  “I probably should have died the day of my accident. But I was fortunate to stay strong enough and healthy enough to fight through it.”  Santos was paralyzed after the accident and has been in a wheelchair ever since.  Although he has faced extreme physical challenges, Santos has continued to be a champion for law enforcement and has maintained a valiant spirit during such a difficult season.  If there is one thing that was not lost in the accident, it is his servant heart.

When Santos learned of an Indianapolis woman in need of a wheelchair from fellow Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officers, who were trying to raise support for her, he didn’t hesitate to offer help.  Ashley, a greeter at the North Lafayette Road Wal-Mart often sat at the front of the store in a wheelchair held together by duct tape and sitting on flat tires.  Sergeant Wilson and Officer Reichle reached out to the community via social media in hopes of raising resources for Ashley.  When Santos heard of the need, he offered her his extra wheelchair.  Even through his injury, Santos has continued to take an active roll in representing IMPD to the community.

On Thursday, December 8th, officers delivered the wheelchair to Ashley while she was working at the Indianapolis Wal-Mart.  She was overcome with emotion at the generosity shown by the officers.

You can follow Hero Cortez on the road to recovery