Cops That Stopped Sheboygan Robbery May Have Prevented Ambush on Officers

Sheboygan police officers stopped a robber who was equipped with an arsenal, ready to take down cops.

Sheboygan police officers stopped a robber who was equipped with an arsenal, ready to take down cops.

Cops That Stopped Sheboygan Robbery May Have Prevented Ambush on Officers

Hero Police Officers Brandon Kehoe and Anthony Hamilton are credited with stopping a potential ambush by a heavily armed suspect on July 17th in Sheboygan, WI.  The officers, both from the Sheboygan Police Department, responded to a robbery in progress which ended in the shooting death of the perpetrator at a local bar.

On the night of the shooting, Officer Hamilton, an 8 year officer and U.S. Marine veteran who conducted several tours in Iraq, was investigating an unrelated disturbance call nearby.  Along with him was 11 year veteran Officer Kehoe, a team leader on the department’s Emergency Response Team and a field training officer.

Upon being dispatched to a robbery at the Union Avenue Tap, officers recalled seeing the frightened patrons and bar employees inside with a “pile of money” on the bar, as put by Officer Hamilton.  The suspect, Kevin Higgins, was still concealed inside the bar and was heard on an open 911 line saying “No one has to die tonight”.

The bartender opened the cash register for Higgins, but Higgins only took a few of the larger bills, leading investigators to believe that robbery wasn’t his actual motive.

Moments later, the exit door swung open as Higgins exited the bar where hero Officers Kehoe and Hamilton were waiting.  Higgins pointed his AR-15 rifle at the chest of Officer Hamilton and then both officers opened fire.  Higgins died at the scene.

In total, the camo-wearing offender brought to the crime scene an AR-15 rifle outfitted with a silencer and a scope, a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 semi-automatic rifle, a stun gun, and over 300 rounds of ammunition to complete his mini arsenal.  Although several eye-witness accounts recall Higgins claiming “No one has to die”, it’s clear that was not his intent with the officers.

In an emotional statement made to media outlets, Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe Dececco applauded the officers and hinted at a more devious plan held by Higgins, “I believe this was not about robbing the bar”.  Dececco also stated in a written press release, “There is simply no doubt in my mind that Officers Kehoe and Hamilton ended a deadly threat not only to themselves, but to all responding officers.  Because of their training, experience, dedication and courage, not only did they go home to their families that day, all the responding officers did as well.”

Kevin Higgins was apparently only trying to lure officers to the area with the report of a robbery. Some have suggested that he may have been committing suicide by cop, but people generally don’t pack an arsenal to commit suicide.  The set-up, along with his arsenal, give evidence of a plot to ambush responding officers. Luckily, the hero officers were already in the area and able to surprise Higgins.

These hero officers showed extreme courage in a life and death encounter.  We too, applaud them.  The folks in Sheboygan should sleep a little easier tonight knowing a heavily armed wolf was taken off their streets, thanks to the bravery of two of Wisconsin’s finest.

  • Out of the Fray

    God Bless the Police……They do GOD’S Work………….

  • james barklow

    Cops from that part of the World, from Milwaukee to Manitowoc, shouldn’t under any circumstances be trusted or believed. If Higgins were an innocent man gunned down by the cops in cold blood, this website would still describe the perpetrators as “heroes in blue” (etc.)
    The entire region is in irreversible social, economic, and moral decline and decay.