Two Officers Ambushed In Separate Attacks New Year’s Day, Saved By Equipment

Two police officers were ambushed in separate attacks on New Year's Day.

Two police officers were ambushed in separate attacks on New Year’s Day.

Two Ambushed Heroes Saved By Equipment On New Year’s Day

The first day of 2017 brought us two attempted assassinations of police officers. Both were shot from behind, and both were saved by equipment. Unfortunately, not every officer has access to this equipment.

Just a couple of hours into the new year on Sunday morning, Calvert, Texas Police Officer Stephen Magnes was ambushed while on-duty. The Law Enforcement Association of the Brazos Valley put out a statement on Facebook saying that the officer was shot in the back and saved by his bullet proof vest.

Body armor is one of those pieces of equipment that most people would assume are worn by all officers. However, an estimated 12% of officers (source) do not wear body armor. Either the officers’ departments do no issue body armor and the officer is unable to afford their own, the officer foolishly chooses not to wear body armor due to comfort reasons, or the officer spends most of their time in the office and they don’t think they need armor. To make matters worse, ballistic vests keep in heat, and in hot weather they are extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, more than half of the officers shot in the torso in the U.S. are from southern states.

Later on, in Oklahoma City at around 5:30 PM, an unidentified Valley Brook Police Officer stopped a vehicle and made contact with the driver. After making contact with the driver, the officer was walking back to his patrol car when the suspect opened fire on him, striking him in the upper leg. A deputy found the injured officer and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and started performing CPR, which suggests that the Valley Brook officer may have briefly died. An ambulance arrived and transported the officer to the hospital in critical condition.

It appears that the Valley Brook officer’s life was saved by a tourniquet, which are not standard-issue equipment for police officers. Had this hero deputy not had access to a tourniquet, we would likely be mourning the loss of another hero today. One of the goals of Blue Lives Matter is to get these life-saving devices in the hands of every law enforcement officer in the country, which is why we donate a tourniquet to an officer when people become Blue Lives Matter members. We recommend each officer carry at least two tourniquets on them at all times. Our favorite tourniquets are the RATS tourniquets for their ease of application, but CATS tourniquets also work well. If you know an officer who does not carry a tourniquet please get them one, or two.

If you know an officer who is working without this life-saving equipment, please share this with them about how two heroes were just saved by their equipment on the same day. Police officers are getting ambushed at a staggering rate, and officers need every chance they can get to survive.

Do you think that all of this equipment should be mandatory? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.