Baton Rouge Officer Sues Black Lives Matter

A Baton Rouge officer is suing Black Lives Matter for the serious injuries sustained from their rioting.

A Baton Rouge officer is suing Black Lives Matter for the serious injuries sustained from their rioting.

Baton Rouge Officer Sues Black Lives Matter

An unnamed Baton Rouge police officer is suing Black Lives Matter along with one of its leaders and prominent conspirators, Deray McKesson, for an incident that took place during a July 9 riot in which McKesson was reportedly directing.

The law suit states that during the riot, the officer was struck in the face by a “rock like substance” causing injury to his jaw, brain and loss of teeth.

It is accused that Deray Mckesson “incited the violence” during the course of his involvement with Black Lives Matter and their protest. The suit goes on to describe McKesson’s roll, stating that he “was in charge of the protests and he was seen and heard giving orders throughout the day and night of the protests,” it says. “The protest turned into a riot.”

Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino told Fox News that it may be difficult to prove that Black Lives Matter was responsible for the injury. “Black Lives Matter is just a social movement. It’s not an entity. I don’t know how it could be liable,” Ciolino said.

However, the law suit itself offers a more compelling and factually based argument, that Black Lives Matter is more than a “social movement”. The suit describes Black Lives Matter as a “national unincorporated association” with Deray Mckesson as a “managing member”. This description is more in line with what it is: a politically-based entity backed by millions of dollars in donations from various financial sources, whose primary purpose is to create division and contempt for the men and women in law enforcement.

The officer suing is identified only as “John Doe”. Fox News reports that a separate court filing mentioned the July 7 murder of five Dallas police officers and the July 17 shooting that killed three police officers in Baton Rouge as the reason the officers identity was not revealed. Filing anonymously is a prudent decision for the officer and an unfortunate sign of our time, considering the increasing danger that officers face and the violence against police that the Black Lives Matter rhetoric has created.

The riot in which the officer was injured took place as a result of the police involved shooting of Alton Sterling, the Baton Rouge man who was shot and killed while attempting to kill police officers.

Do you think that the officers injured as a result of the rioting and violence caused Black Lives Matter should have the ability to sue this multi-million dollar political organization? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

  • Jack Reilly

    The BLaMers have a war chest of MILLIONS, due to all the Liberal Socialists (Soros, Ford Motor Company Trust, Ben and Jerry’s, etc. etc. etc.) contributing to it, they should be able to cover all costs for the trail and monies recovered by this Proud American Police Officer….make em pay, Brother….make em Pay…..Win MILLIONS for Blue Lives Matter.

  • bws001

    BLM is a terrorist organization..

  • David Payne

    BLM wouldn’t exist if so many black people hadn’t been shot in disproportionate numbers by police officers.

    • Kristen Loomis

      Statistically your statement doesn’t work.

      BLM also wouldn’t exist, at least not in the same capacity, if people would put more stock in personal responsibility instead of playing the victim card.

    • Quarath

      Except they are not. They only places more black people are shot are where there are more black people comitting crimes. The national news only tells about the ones they want to exploit. They don’t tell about all the whites that do stupid stuff and the same thing happens to.

    • talkingtostrangers

      If black lives mattered, they would be protesting EVERY TIME a black person is killed- not just when cops are involved.

      • Highest common denominator

        Theres a stark difference between citizen on citizen crime, and state on citizen crime. Two related, but mostly separate, issues. There are other organizations that are dealing with black on black crime. BLM is concentrated on state on citizen crime.

    • cirrob

      It’s like your Internet doesn’t work…. yet, here you are.

    • CA2010

      Facts/statistics are, obviously, not your strong suite. But I’m not surprised – its uninformed folks, such as yourself, that is part of the problem. The inability to look, subjectively, at a situation and apply critical thinking skills to come to a conclusion is no longer applicable in today’s liberal landscape.

  • Pamelita243

    Has the BLM instituted any service based organizations to help black youth? Have they formed any mentoring programs? Do they fund any educational, health, or social agencies that serve the black community? Helped elderly blacks trapped in dangerous neighborhoods? Victim resources? Legal aid? Teen pregnancy assistance? BLM isn’t actually helping anyone, are they? So what the h*ll are they doing with all the millions they are collecting? Who is getting rich from these riots/protests/marches? Who will benefit from funding an organization that makes ridiculous demands (segregation, restitution, freedom from laws other races must obey)?They just seem to be advocating hate and inciting violence and destroying communities where other blacks live (in fear). Follow the money!

    • Jim Beam

      Perfectly said! BLMer’s just talk the talk and offer NO programs or solutions or ideas of their own to address their ’cause’, but then again, what kind of a program can you put forth to address a ’cause’ that is based on false narratives?

  • Quarath

    I think they are an entity and should be held financially and criminally responsible for all the havoc caused by their “protests”.

    • Highest common denominator

      Great thst you think that. That doesn’t make them an entity though.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    GOOD!!! BLaMers leader’s like this POS need to be held accountable for their BS.

  • Bluewarrior1975

    Sue the hell out of terrorist BLM

  • Ross Read

    As a retired state Trooper who was injured because of the gross negligence of a motorist, I would REALLY LOVE to see this officer win this law suit.
    Luckily, it’s in LA where they have that option. IN Arizona, this suit would go NOWHERE because of the “firefighter rule”.
    Even though this much abused rule has been found unconstitutional, judges in AZ still allow insurance companies to abuse it.
    I guess the insurance companies money means more to AZ judoes than article 2 of the AZ constitution and amendments 6, 9, and 14 of the US constitution.

  • old school

    They are a criminal enterprise, how about a RICO case? Plenty of predicates.