Officer Down: Chicago PD Officer K9 Bob Devastatingly Dies

Officer K9 Bob was honored Wednesday.

Officer K9 Bob was honored Wednesday.

Officer K9 Bob Laid To Rest, Wednesday

Chicago, IL – Chicago Police Officer K9 Bob died on Wednesday, after saying her goodbyes to her handler, CPD Officer Michael Walter, and other CPD Officers.  She was seven-years-old and died from brain cancer.

According to news sources, Chicago PD Officer K9 Bob was Officer Michael Walter’s first K9 and was assigned to the Explosion Detection K9 Unit.  He began training with K9 Bob when she was two-years-old.  She searched the airport and mass transit for over four years in her service to the City of Chicago.

Officer Walter said that K9 Bob was diagnosed over a year ago with a brain tumor and that the veterinarians gave her little time to live.  In an emotional interview with K9 Bob before she died, Chicago PD Officer Walter said “it’s time. She’s not there anymore and it has taken its toll. It’s time for her to pass over that rainbow bridge and move on. It’s tough, it’s very tough to say goodbye to this wonderful dog, but I just know it’s time in my heart and I think she does too.”

Chicago PD Officer K9 Bob was a black Labrador retriever, and was given the name ‘Bob’ when she was being trained in Texas.  About a year ago, K9 Bob began to lose her eyesight and was having trouble finding things.  She was examined by a veterinarian when the brain tumor was discovered.  Officer K9 Bob retired from the CPD as her health deteriorated.

According to veterinarian Don Staunton, dogs that are diagnosed with this type of tumor usually survive for three to six months.  He said that K9 Bob showed real courage in living for over a year since the initial diagnosis.

Officers of the Chicago Police Department held a procession on Wednesday to honor K9 Bob. CPD Officers lined the streets from the 7000 block of West Summerdale to Niles Animal Hospital, while other K9 handlers gathered at the veterinary clinic, saluting K9 Bob and Officer Walter.

Our thoughts are with K9 Bob’s handler, Chicago Police Officer Walter, and her blue family.  Godspeed, CPD K9 Bob, we will take it from here.  Thank you for your service.

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