Officer Dorman Leaves Hospital After Being Shot 7 Times

Folcroft, PA – This hero, Officer Dorman, was shot 7 times while approaching a group of subjects suspected of smoking marijuana (the supposed non-violent drug). In just three days this young man endured so much and is already being released from the hospital. We could not be more proud of how far he has come.

CBS Pittsburgh reports:

Folcroft Officer Christopher Dorman has endured at least two surgeries since being shot Friday in the face, leg and groin. He was nonetheless able to walk from a wheelchair to a waiting car in a U.S. flag-themed shirt and hat.

More than 80 members of law enforcement were on hand to cheer Dorman as he left the hospital. Dozens of police cruisers with flashing lights then escorted him to the Folcroft fire station, where he was welcomed by a crowd of community members.

“I’d like to say thank you to everybody for being there for me and my family and my fellow brothers in blue through this,” Dorman said. “Everybody’s support means a lot. I appreciate it.”

After an hourslong manhunt after the shooting, authorities charged Donte Island with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

After an hourslong manhunt after the shooting, authorities charged Donte Island with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Federal authorities had sought Island for nearly a year on parole violations. They say he regularly tested positive for marijuana use. A judge signed a warrant for his arrest in September, but parole officials said they could not find Island at either address he had given, including the Folcroft apartment where he was arrested Friday.

Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal John Patrignani declined to say Monday what efforts had been made to find and arrest Island, citing the ongoing probe of the Dorman shooting. Island had served about nine years in prison following a 2003 gun case.

“I find it appalling that human beings can do this to each other,” said George Dorman Jr., Christopher’s father, following his son’s release.

Dorman said he had been visiting his son the morning of the shooting, when the officer was not initially scheduled to work. Christopher Dorman planned to work a few hours and then grab coffee for the pair.

The officer still has several more surgeries ahead of him, his father said Monday, but he “woke up joking” after his first round – a sure sign he was himself.

“He’ll turn his bad situation into something good,” the elder Dorman said. “There is no doubt in my mind (he will return to police work).”

We’ll just go ahead and say it, Officer Dorman is a Bad Ass. He’s a fighter, he never gave up, he refused to be brought down. Well done Sir, now let’s hope we actually see justice brought to the scum who shot this officer.