Wayne State University Officer Collin Rose’s Killer Still On The Loose, New Evidence Released To Help ID Suspect

Wayne State University Police Officer Collin Rose was murdered by a gunshot to the head on Tuesday night. He succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday.

Wayne State University Police Officer Collin Rose was murdered by a gunshot to the head on Tuesday night November 29, 2016. He succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday November 30, 2016.

Detroit, MI – The reward offered for information related to the  murder of Wayne State University Police Officer Collin Rose has been increased to $82,000.

According to Click on Detroit, the reward is for information leading to an arrest and prosecution of the suspect involved in Officer Rose’s murder.  In a statement, Detroit Police said that on November 22, 2016 at around 6:30 PM, WSU Officer Collin Rose, age 29, had stopped a suspicious man who was riding a blue mountain bike. The incident occurred on Lincoln Street near Selden Street.

Officer Rose had been investigating a rash of recent car break-ins in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood when he stopped the suspect.  He informed dispatchers that he was making contact with the suspicious man, then tried to detain him. The suspect suddenly pulled out a gun and shot Officer Rose in the head. Officer Rose died on November 23, 2016.  The suspect has never been identified or caught.

Police had briefly held a suspect in the case, but after an investigation charges were dropped.

WSU Officer Rose was a Michigan native and a graduate of Ferris State University.  He was engaged to be married when he was killed. Officer Rose had served with the Wayne State University Police Department for five and one-half years and was a K9 Officer.  He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant after his death.

Detroit Police released new evidence on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, which consisted of photos of a flashlight and a mountain bike that were found at the scene.  They are asking for the public’s help in identifying Officer Rose’s killer.

Officer Collin Rose's killer's flashlight.

Officer Collin Rose’s killer’s flashlight.

Officer Collin Rose's killer's bicycle.

Officer Collin Rose’s killer’s bicycle.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit Police at 1-800-ATF-GUNS, 1-312-965-2323, or 1-800-SPEAKUP.

We urge anyone with information to call 911 or the above telephone numbers.