Murdered Hero’s Identity Released – Clint Corvinus

clint corvinus

POS on the left. Hero on the right. (Alamogordo PD)

Albuquerque, NM – The name of the officer and details of the incident have been released.

Officer Clint Corvinus started his day off intending to protect and serve his community, instead he was gunned down by a wanted felon. Officer Clint Corvinus was patrolling with a trainee when they came across Joseph Moreno, a man who was wanted on 3 separate warrants.

clint corvinus

Officer Clint Corvinus of the Alamogordo Police Department

A short foot chase took place before Corvinus and Moreno exchanged gunfire and both were killed. Clint Corvinus was a 4 year veteran of the Alamogordo Police Department. He leaves behind a girlfriend and 8 year old daughter.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez released this statement today:

I am again so very saddened to see that yet another courageous law enforcement officer has been killed in the line of duty. The violence against our police officers has to end, and we must do everything we can to stand up for those who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us.

The dirtbag that killed Officer Corvinus had a lengthy criminal history and had been in and out of jail for the past 15 years.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of Officer Clint Corvinus. Till Valhalla brother.


  • NewWest 123

    And with the Regime releasing more of these sub human cockroaches, it’s only going to get worse.
    RIP Sir and Thankyou for your service. Prayers to his family and all that knew him ????

    • Quentin Henley

      Thank you

  • Tacticalterry

    RIP brother

  • Discusted

    and bozo the clown just pardoned 111 harden criminals…hope one of them goes and visits kil-a-liar/bozo!!

    • me

      Give it a Rest Bozo #1…the “criminals” he commuted their sentences..NOT PARDONED..STOP SPEWING YOU FUCKING JERK OFF!! These people were arrested on marijuana charges!! You ALL WANT that shit legalized and YOU cry everytime someone gets busted for transporting that shit!! Make up your fucking minds damn idiotsaplenty! Just STFU ALREADY!!

      • Rocky54

        You sir are an ignorant fool. Do some research on your own, if you are smart enough. Only some of people were arrested on marijuana charges, other were arrested for selling cocaine and other assorted illegal drugs.

        • onebigelf

          And a number of them also were convicted on firearms violations to go with the drug charges.

      • TheCowboys1957 .

        Hes a BOZO and a POS commie

      • JseeC

        Of the 111 sentences recently commuted by Obama, only 2 were in prison solely for marijuana. One of the them was in a halfway house under supervised release (for trafficking in marijuana) when he conspired to traffic in another 100 kilos of grass, so he’s actually serving a prior sentence plus the new charges. The second was convicted of trafficking in over a ton and a half of grass. That’s it, the only 2. So you’re wrong. All of the rest, 109, had charges relating to coke, meth while some had additional firerms charges.
        It’s called Google, if you are unclear on how this works.

  • Denis C. Flaherty


  • Gio

    We should take an Island in the pacific and turn it into a prison… send dirt bags there to rot.

  • Michael Whitley

    Are We The People going to sit by and watch Obama walk away with his Separation Money and Salary from the Presidential Pay, If he leaves Office, and what about these Senators, Representatives, and Justices. We will just let them all retire with us taking care of them for the rest of their lives. They are all crooks, and liars. They all have forgotten who they work for, they have committed Treason on numerous occasions. Treason, that is the highest crime that can be committed against us and our Country. They have brought our sworn enemy to our very soil to kill us. These are the same enemy that had been banned from the US before. These people are making money from all this.
    ISIS was created, Armed and Trained by the US (without our knowledge), what for you may ask? It was a money making scheme, because the stronger ISIS got, the more weapons that could be sold to other Countries in that area, so Hillary and Obama could make Money, and it still continues. Ladies and Gentlemen, and Fellow Patriots. We may never know the truth of just how deep this corruption goes. Do these people deserve to be taken care of? No! They deserve incarceration or Death by Hanging on the Whitehouse Lawn to set an example for future Generation of Governments. (This is what happens to those who become corrupted in our Government)
    Our Government has been taken over by these Corrupt and Treasonist elected, and appointed Officials. This Government is not what our Government is supposed to represent. Everyone wants to complain about it but seem to be afraid to take action to stop it. It is our right to add, alter, and or abolish our Government when it becomes corrupt to this end. Not only is it our right, but it is our DUTY to take action.
    Every aspect of our Constitutional, and Provisional means to curve this type of activity has become part of the Corruption, and we cannot rely on them to do their duties. All we can hope for is that our Military Men and Women remember the Oath they took, and stand with us against this enemy. It may end in a Revolution, but that will be the Obama Administration’s call, and it will show more of their persistence to continue the corruption.
    A lot of you think that all we have to do is vote Trump into office, and he will straighten it all out. I wish it were that simple. That would be the best case scenario. How long have we been voting People in and out of Offices, to find that the changes we expect are not the changes we get. Then you have to think and realize that Trump is only one man and that is the President, who holds very little Power according to the Constitution. Are we going to let him set aside the Constitution to accomplish what needs to be done. Don’t get me wrong, I am voting for Trump, but I believe that he needs all the help we can give him. He needs an all new Congress, Justices, and Appointed Officials to turn things around.
    Our method to actually helping is in this Declaration

    • chrish

      Trump will, at best, be able to delay further carnage for 4 to 8 years depending on his ability to get elected and re-elected. Just like Reagan. The trouble is NOT so much Obama and these do nothing lifer Congressmen/women as much as it is the people that keep electing them into office.

      Until it becomes cool to be independent and self sufficient again, like it was during the days of the Revolution, we are doomed to keep making the same mistakes.

      • Michael Whitley

        What if Obama does what he says, and doesn’t let Trump take Office, then Declares Martial Law as he has stated. Our Government is in worse shape than you think, and Corrupt. If we stop them now, we can help Trump by making it easier on him. This will not Stop the Election, just ensure that there is no foul play between now and then.

  • nickelfrog

    Hell for the moron perp.
    What a shame that another officer has been lost.

  • Sir Charles

    you all will tongues shortly, kuz it was one of “your own” that shot that officer Moreno didnt even have a gun, why you think its beinh kept so hush and they just barely saying there was another officer ? Because she shot him and killed him and moreno FYI . I love how people are quick to talk shit and not know anything. Let see if they blast it just as much saying he is innocent as they did trying to make him look guikty.

  • Morgan

    So why don’t L.E. just target this piece of scum (just look at that crazy tattoo of all things) as a mad dog and shoot him dead on the spot? It amazes me why our Liberal Justus system thinks its better to house and feed these monsters? There is NO rehabilitation to a criminal that is in and out of jail for 15 years so wake the FU!

  • Iene Castro

    May GOD bless this world!!!! were living in a world that the law is the muders the liers the gang of evil!!!! Clint was murder buy his own friends that he worked with!!!! They the cops also killed Joseph Moreno because there part of the lluminati law!!! Blue lives do matter but don’t were ur shirts and hold up my name buy the flag because we were doing evil and I died and I want u to know that I begged God for my life change my friends do right u don’t want to b burning in hell when u die!!!! Eaten is only here to kill and destroy please repent and do good fallow the true GOD because Jesus Christ is coming soon!!!!! Leave the rightness along u already took from them when u know what the truth is!!!! Blue lives b saved all lives b saved don’t fallow evil !!!! Joseph Moreno and Clint cervines r brothers in The Lords Kindam and Joseph moreno forgives me for my part in my evil doings know my grainy partner shot me and the devil and God took us we went to hell for 3 days and know the good LORD took us home please I beg u all to b kind caring and love one another like Jesus loved us!!!!!