Off-Duty NYPD Cop Shoots, Kills Man Attacking Him

Delron Dempsey Black Lives Matter

Delron Dempsey: Latest Black Lives Matter example of a poor black man who was killed by police over something as small as violently beating an innocent man in the head. When will the injustice end?

Violent thugs in New York must be used to their victims being unarmed. When 37-year-old Delron Dempsey got upset in a road rage incident and started pummeling the other driver in the head, he got the last surprise of his life when Dempsey’s victim turned out to be an armed off-duty NYPD police officer.

NBC 4 New York reports:

A man was shot and killed by an off-duty NYPD officer early Monday morning during a traffic dispute in Brooklyn, police said.

The off-duty cop shot 37-year-old Delron Dempsey after Dempsey allegedly got out of his car and began punching the officer in the head during the dispute around midnight in East New York, according to police. But family members disagreed with the NYPD’s account, saying Dempsey was shot “on impulse” and was defending his brother.

Police said they received a call of an officer in need of assistance shortly after midnight on Sunday. The off-duty officer was driving his 2002 Nissan Altima east on Atlantic Avenue when he got involved in the dispute with Dempsey.

The two men stopped their cars at a red light at Bradford Street when Dempsey got out of his 2016 Kia EX and went up to the officer, who was still seated in his vehicle. Police say Dempsey then punched the officer repeatedly in his head through the car window.

The officer fired his weapon an unknown number of times during the assault, police said, and Dempsey was shot. He died at the scene.

The officer was taken to Jamaica Medical Center with contusions to his head. He is expected to recover.

Dempsey’s relatives were at the scene of the shooting Monday morning and they later said that they have hired an attorney.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says his office is “actively reviewing the case.”

Ali Dempsey said his brother lives in Jersey City but grew up in East New York. He said Delron was visiting his girlfriend, their newborn baby and her two teenagers.

He said witnesses said the officer shot “on impulse.” He also defended his brother, saying that he left his car because he didn’t want to argue in front of his family.

“The only reason he got out of the car was because the family was in the car. He was concerned. He wanted to question the guy, like, what’s your angle?” Dempsey said. “And that was his angle… he killed him.”

Law enforcement sources told NBC 4 New York that the officer was assigned to the 79th Precinct and was a three-year veteran of the force. He had no prior disciplinary proceedings.

Dempsey had 19 prior arrests, the sources said.

This poor suspect victim. All Dempsey wanted to do was talk to the police officer, and then suddenly the officer repeatedly and violently used his face to attack Dempsey’s fists. While Dempsey was still trying to recover from this assault, the officer said, “Why not just use my gun instead of my face?” and the mean police officer shot Dempsey.

That’s about the thinnest story I’ve ever heard. I guess you have to try to make up something when you want a payday over your deceased relative’s fatally stupid actions.

  • Mark H

    I’m glad the officer was okay but what if he hadn’t been a police officer? The average citizen isn’t afforded the right to defend themselves in that state. That is why I even as a retired police officer I will never go there again.

  • Jimmy

    I’m surprised his picture wasn’t in a cap and gown.. Only problem I have is I if I have a CCP I should have the right to do the same shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Outtahereasap

      You do.

  • Kay mandia

    Good! Another POS bites the dust! I guess his family will want millions for his loss! RIGHT???? Good for the cop!!!!

  • Just Wondering

    Quick question… why couldn’t the PO just drive away while being punched in the head? Just a thought here, not saying what he did was wrong. I’m just pointing out that instead of shooting the idiot who was punching him, he could have just stepped on his accelerator & driven away, no?

    • Anonymous

      Because they are not trained to retreat in the face of danger. This is not how you defear evil.

    • Lindsey

      I don’t know, but it may have something to do with them both being stopped at a red light… in New York City. Do a google image search of “new york city traffic” and it may paint a better picture. Perhaps there wasn’t a whole lot of maneuverability and the officer *couldn’t* just step on his accelerator and drive away -likely the reason the dead guy chose that location to assault the officer.

    • Lonya Smith

      If he would of just driven away while getting hit the p.o. could have ran over somebody or got into an accident.

    • Michael

      Maybe there was a stopped car in front and behind him (red light + traffic).

    • XLEO

      Depending on the severity of the attack he may not have been able to operate a vehicle. If the officer felt that his life was in danger, immediate danger, then he needed to use the force necessary to protect himself. In situations like this you just can’t second guess the circumstances. The facts of the case will surface after a thorough investigation.

    • Gabiru Perneta

      It could very likely to be because there was traffic and instead of killing the aggressor he could also very likely be killed on a crash or even kill a whole family of innocent people…

    • Tacticalterry

      Because it’s not his job to run away.

    • Outtahereasap

      You cannot drive away at a red light without risking other lives…plus he may not have been able to see well after the punches to properly drive.

  • Alex

    I guessed his skin color before I clicked on the article. BLM is getting predictable.

  • El Jefe

    Why couldn’t this thug have just stayed in his car? Why couldn’t he have just argued with the cop? He got what he got. I’ll bet one of his 19 arrests was for gambling. He lost.