Obama Plans to Disgrace Fallen Dallas Police Officers

President Obama plans to disgrace fallen Dallas police officers

President Obama plans to disgrace fallen Dallas police officers

President Obama plans to disgrace fallen Dallas police officers

President Obama plans to disgrace fallen Dallas police officers and their families at their memorial service Tuesday. Apparently, the president feels that a memorial service for fallen heroes is the appropriate time to push a false and ignorant political agenda. For the president to feel that it would be acceptable to speak about justifiable shootings of criminals, at a memorial service for five Dallas police officers, is appalling. These heroes died at a Black Lives Matter protest, trying to protect the same misguided people who wrongfully and consistently label police officers as murderers and racists. The tragic events that occurred in Dallas can most certainly be linked to the false narrative that is being so widely spread by the media and the president.

The Washington Times Reports:

President Obama plans to address the shooting deaths of minorities by police as well as attacks on officers at a memorial service Tuesday for the five Dallas police officers killed in an ambush by a black sniper.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that Mr. Obama “recognizes that it’s not just people in Dallaswho are grieving.”

“It’s people all across the country who are concerned about the violence that so many Americans have witnessed in the last week or so,” Mr. Earnest said. “This is violence that we’ve been witnessing not just in the last week, but far too often over the last several years. And I think many Americans are troubled by it.”

Mr. Obama will speak at the interfaith service in Dallas for the officers killed Thursday night during a Black Lives Matter protest. The gunman, Micah X. Johnson, told police he wanted to kill white officers, although the president has said it’s hard to know his true motives.

The president is renewing his focus on racial disparities in the criminal justice system and police practices in minority communities after cutting short a trip to Europe in the wake of the slayings of the officers in Dallas.

The fact that Obama plans to disgrace fallen Dallas police officers is nothing shy of disgraceful. President Obama has repeatedly and blindly supported organizations such as Black Lives Matter, despite the countless lies that they spread. The president’s ignorant and misinformed speech about police shootings several days ago is the very same lies which most surely contributed to the death of these Dallas police officers. Does the president really need to disgrace these fallen police officers and their families by showing up to their memorial service and trying to push this nonsensical agenda?

  • Scott Freeman

    Take the high road my friend. You are becoming as sensationalist as the Black Lives Matter idiots. I support your cause as a 13-year veteran police officer, but if you write with such emotion and condemn the President before he even speaks you will alienate a portion of your audience while inciting others to heightened levels of hatred. Please tone it down. I don’t want to hate anyone, and if Blue Lives Matter gets to the point where I’m constantly at odds with the message I’ll have to stop following. Your messages are usually spot on, but the manner in which you write is, well, akin to the BS being shat out from the other side. Let the President speak before you condemn him. I mean, the White House gets blasted when they don’t comment, when they do comment, and when he decides to cut a trip short to personally make a trip to Dallas. I think it’s the right thing to do, and blasting him for it only paints you as an overreactionary, sensationalist media source. Take the high road. Please.

    • Mr Police Officer

      Well, it does seem that they got this one right.

      • Aaron Wilkins

        Obama is a piece of shit ! and your a dumb ass. Piss on BLM! Alton Sterling was a low life turd

  • Katarina

    Scott Freeman, he did hijack that memorial service. I don’t know how those families sat through his crap. I couldn’t have done it. They were grieving and deserving of comfort, not a political speech speaking on how Castile and the other were unjustly killed. The investigation isn’t over yet. And if it were, the memorial of those officers was NO place to be spouting off about them and bringing up his gun agenda. It was selfish and disgusting, and I have no further respect for the man who is suppose to be leading our nation. He is a divider. He is vile.