NYPD Officers Pokemon Go Time May Result in Discipline

NYPD Officers Pokemon Go Time May Result in Discipline

NYPD police officers are being told not to catch any Pokemon after some officers were captured on video while they appeared to be playing Pokemon Go. These officers are getting a lot of support from the public, who appreciate the community outreach and interaction that Pokemon Go could provide. However, NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is having none of this “Poke-Man” nonsense; he views it as officers getting paid to play video games rather than fight crime. Is Commissioner Bratton underestimating the threat posed to the public by wild Pokemon? New York Daily News has the video of NYPD Officers Pokemon Go session:

New York Daily News reports:

He can’t tell a Pikachu from a Bulbasaur, but the city’s top cop wants to make sure his officers aren’t wasting their time hunting Pokémon instead of perps.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has launched an investigation into a report that four Queens cops were playing Pokémon Go while on duty.

“We’ll take a look at that as to whether there was inappropriate behavior on their part,” Bratton said after swearing in a group of new recruits at the NYPD Police Academy Thursday.

“That craze is one of the stupidest ones that I’ve seen,” said Bratton, who pronounced the popular franchise “Poke-man.”

“(I) don’t understand it… don’t intend to understand it,” Bratton said. “It has no appeal to me.”

The cops were by the Boardwalk and Beach Ninth St. — one of the game’s PokéStops — but an NYPD spokeswoman said they did not go there to hunt Pokémon.

“They were on a directed patrol after we received several 911 calls about youths throwing rocks at cars,” the spokeswoman said.

Yet in a video taken by Zoli Honig, 27, the cops acted as if they were playing the game — and hunting the elusive digital critters.

What do you think? Should police officers be allowed to play a game that helps them engage the public, or do they need to stick to routine duties?