Hero NYPD Officer Aml Elsokary And Son Attacked For Being Muslim

Hero NYPD Officer Aml Elsokary was targeted in a hate crime for her religion.

Hero NYPD Officer Aml Elsokary was targeted in a hate crime for her religion.

Hero NYPD Officer Aml Elsokary And Son Attacked For Being Muslim

New York – Decorated New York City Police Officer Aml Elsokary and her 16-year-old son were harassed and assaulted Saturday evening in a cowardly attack because of their Muslim faith.

The New York Daily News reported that the NYPD officer was off-duty and unarmed when she dropped her son off on the corner of Ridge Blvd. and 67th Street in Bayridge around 6 PM. When the officer returned to her son after parking her car, she found an individual later identified as Christopher Nelson shoving her son and yelling at him. As she approached, Nelson allegedly said to her, “(expletive) ISIS. I will cut your throat. Go back to your country!”.

Officer Elsokary, a New York native who proudly wears her hijab while working in the 90th Precinct, never identified herself as a police officer and after the attack, Nelson fled from the scene. Officer Elsokary’s brothers and sisters in blue worked quickly and tirelessly to apprehend Nelson, 36 from Brooklyn.

According to CBS2, police arrested Nelson on Sunday night and charged him with menacing as a hate crime and aggravated assault in the second degree. He was being held at the 68th Precinct late Sunday. A security video led to a tip that Nelson lived in the area in which the attack took place, and was often seen walking his dog there.

Officer Elsokary, who joined the NYPD shortly after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, had been in the headlines before- hailed as hero. The New York Post reported that on April 10th, 2014 while on patrol, Officer Elsokary along with NYPD Sergeant Adrian Harris arrived at the scene of a fire in an apartment building. Arriving before the fire department, the two began knocking on doors of the tenement to alert residents. At one point, nearly overcome by smoke, Officer Elsokary heard a baby crying from behind a door. Using her jacket to turn the hot door knob, she grabbed the terrified child and then scooped up an elderly man on the way out of the burning building.

After the harrowing rescue, both hero officers were rushed to a nearby hospital and were treated for smoke inhalation. “I’m very proud of the female cop for saving my baby girl,” Felipe Arroyo told the New York Post the day Officer Elsokary saved his daughter’s life. She was recognized by the mayor and commissioner for her bravery that day.

We have yet to learn the background of the coward who allegedly harassed and assaulted a 16-year-old boy and his hero mother because of their religious belief, but we know his motivation. We as police officers experience it every day. It’s a motivation based on a twisted and small-minded belief that a person should be judged by the color of their skin, the religious scarf they wear on their head, or the police uniform and badge in which they wear as they protect all citizens equally.

They’re the same people who can’t see past the uniform to realize that the men and women who wear it represent every color, religion and sexual orientation. We’re a slice of society – part of the fabric of the communities in which we serve. But regardless of our backgrounds, when we’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder dealing with the dangers of society, the only color that matters to us is blue.

We stand behind hero NYPD Officer Aml Elsokary who proudly and courageously wears the blue.

Please spread the word that you support all of our police heroes, and hate crimes like this will not be tolerated in our society.