NYFD EMT Steven Sampson Reports Fake Hate Crime

Steven Sampson made up a story about being robbed.

Steven Sampson made up a story about being robbed.

Steven Sampson Files False Hater Crime Report

New York City – Steven Sampson, an EMT for the Fire Department of New York, reported that he was assaulted and robbed on Christmas Day in the Bronx.  And after an investigation, it was determined that he fabricated the entire story.

As reported by NY Post, Sampson said that he was off-duty early on Christmas morning, and on his way to a Christmas party.  He said that he stopped in the Bronx on Bolton and Randall Avenues around 2:00 AM to rearrange his gifts when he said he heard someone yell “cracker.”  Sampson said that he was then attacked by “four thugs.”  He said that he put up a fight, placed one man in an arm bar and punched another man as the other two men grabbed presents out of his car.

Sampson said that he had $3,000 in Christmas gifts in his car for his family, including liquor, toys, electronics, and other items.  After the alleged assault and robbery, Sampson drove himself to Jacobi Medical Center, where he received seven stitches for a laceration to his arm.  In an interview with a news source, he described an “epic battle with four men wearing ski masks,” and pointed to the stitches on his shoulder.

NYPD immediately began an investigation after the incident was reported and canvassed the area.  No evidence was found that could support Sampson’s report.  According to police sources, “He gave so many different accounts of what happened, he’s no longer credible.”  His story simply fell apart, and he recanted when faced with the contradictions. On Wednesday, Sampson was charged with Making a False Statement and Falsely Reporting an Incident.

Police said that Sampson was “definitely stabbed” but it is unclear how he sustained the injury.  He is a veteran of 9/11. Sampson has declined to comment but his wife has stated that he was robbed and he was stabbed.

This incident is one of several recently involving reports of hate crimes that were false.  It is unjustifiable and offensive when this occurs and we hope justice is served in this case and the others.

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