Police Hunt Contract Killer In Assassination Of NYC DOC Officer Alastasia Bryan

NYC DOC Officer Alastasia Bryan was assassinated in a targeted assassination.

NYC DOC Officer Alastasia Bryan was assassinated in a targeted assassination.

Police Hunt Killer Responsible For What Is Believed To Be A Contract Killing Of Alastasia Bryan

Brooklyn, NY – Law enforcement is investigating the assassination of NYC DOC Officer Alastasia Bryan as a contract killing, according to news sources.

Off-duty Corrections Officer Alastasia Bryan, 25, had just gotten into her car and was talking on her phone when a dark Honda pulled alongside her and opened fire into her vehicle. Bryan was hit by multiple bullets and died on scene. She did not carry a firearm, although it would have been unlikely to help due to the ambush nature of this attack.

NY Daily News reports that law enforcement recovered a security video shows the suspect’s vehicle back into a parking spot to lay in wait an hour before Corrections Officer Alastasia  Bryan came outside. Bryan was ambushed and assassinated immediately after getting into her car.

The suspect has still not been located or identified.

Law enforcement officers are probing the possibility of a Rikers Island prisoner putting out a hit on Bryan, but that seems unlikely because she was still in training.

NY Daily News spoke with Alastasia Bryan’s mother, who advised that Bryan’s ex-boyfriend had a history of domestic violence and threats to kill her. The ex-boyfriend was reportedly furious at Bryan over her request for him to return a BMW that she leased for him in his name.

Corrections Officer Alastasia Bryan’s brothers and sisters in blue won’t stop hunting until we find this assassin, and whoever’s behind it. “We have a long way to go on this investigation,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. “We have some very strong leads.”

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