Six Notre Dame Football Players Arrested; One Viciously Attacked Cop, Ripped Off His Gun Belt

Notre Dame football player, Devin Butler, viciously attacked a cop.

Notre Dame football player, Devin Butler, viciously attacked a cop.

Six Notre Dame Football Players Arrested; One Viciously Attacked Cop, Ripped Off His Gun Belt

South Bend, Indiana – A Notre Dame football player viciously attacked a South Bend police officer on Saturday, and he even pulled off the officer’s duty belt before being subdued.

Police were responding to a fight outside of a bar on Saturday when they located two women fighting. Notre Dame cornerback Devin Butler shoved one of the women and he was ordered by officers to back away. Butler then pushed the officers and the launched a full assault on one of them.

Devin Butler tackled an officer, punched him in the sides and stomach, and pulled off his duty belt. Officers on scene were able to use a taser to disable Butler long enough to get him under control.

St. Joseph County Prosecutor Kenneth P. Cotter said that while Devin Butler could possibly face charges of resisting law enforcement and battery to a police officer. Chicago Sun-Times reports that Cotter is seeking additional time from the court to investigate this case to “determine whether formal charges are appropriate.”

Apparently tackling a law enforcement officer, repeatedly striking him, and ripping off his gun belt may not meet charging standards for the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office.

Maybe it’s OK because Butler apologized on his way to the jail because, “he had been incredibly emotional and intoxicated.” Or maybe it’s just because Butler is a football player and college student.

Butler’s arrest comes just one day after Indiana State Police arrested five of his teammates during a traffic stop. A trooper stopped a car for speeding, 35 miles south of South Bend. The trooper smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, and after a subsequent search of the vehicle, the trooper located marijuana and a firearm.

The five occupants of the vehicle were arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of an unlicensed firearm. The suspects were identified as cornerback Ashton White, starting safety Max Redfield, wide receiver Kevin Stepherson Jr., linebacker Te’von Coney, and runningback Dexter Williams,

Notre Dame spokesman Paul Browne told Chicago Sun-Times that “any student arrested on a felony charge also faces dismissal from the university.”

  • IronmanDC

    Charge, prosecute, convict, and imprison!

    • Man, That’s just mean

      if they do it fast Obama will just release them anyways.

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      Fondle, suck, penetrate, and creme! Wait… did I not play the game right?

  • Michael Cockerell

    Do prisons have football teams?

    • Daniel Weger

      They will when these fools are prosecuted.

    • Driverdadof4

      Haven’t you seen “The Longest Yard”? Lol.

    • PM C

      Sure they do !!
      And, Depending on the amount of time that they are given….They might start off being Tight Ends, But eventually, they’ll be Wide Receivers.
      Those decisions will be made in the showers !

  • AAA

    At my college black football players beat a Marine to death at a bar, they were not even prosecuted.
    Same bar and players tried it on off duty ???? and got shot.

  • Bruce Baxter

    College thugs just gearing up for their NFL days!

  • Here Ya Go

    These thugs are a disgrace to Notre Dame … I guess he took “The Fighting Irish” literally. Except I’m not sure that he was Irish …

  • CarolinaCries

    If they are “star” players and not back-ups, someone will “make it go away” for all of them. If they do, then Notre Dame head coach should be fired. Act like hoodlums and still be treated like royalty because they are good at football.

    • Jake from Lansing

      So far that is not the case. The only starter in this bunch, Max Redfield, got kicked off the team as a result of this incident.

  • Lynn B

    So what exactly is there to “determine whether formal charges are appropriate.” > St. Joseph County Prosecutor Kenneth P. Cotter this person ATTACKED an Officer of the Law, the same laws YOU are suppose to uphold ~ so what are you afraid of ?? Are you an Alumnist of ND? Are you being paid off ? or are you just AFRAID that the Idiots from BLM will show up and Destroy your town too ??

  • TM

    What do you expect from atheist ghetto scum being brought into a Catholic University under Affirmative Action, solely because they know how to run with a stolen object in their hands? Running is part of the black culture, as is assaulting police officers and smoking dope.

    The scumbag should have been shot for disarming the officer, then that pansy prosecutor might not have to strain his crisco-filled brain over whether attacking and disarming a police officer is a crime!

  • Man, That’s just mean

    Prosecutor waiting for a large check.

  • Christian Cherniss

    Unacceptable behavior from an Irish Student bring down the ban hammer.

  • Philip Palmer

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Dale Kettring
  • TyroneCobb

    tasered? they should have shot that monkey.

  • Susan Cadwell

    Hopefully there’s video… it seems like there’s more and more cameras around bars these days… that should clear up any questions – answer such a pathetic question at that!!!

  • Highlandsparrow

    Well, I know I am shocked.. ::rolls eyes::

  • ButtercupKelley

    Charge them, try them, convict them, and hopefully, Notre Dame will ban them from their programs. They made their bed, now it’s time to lie in it. They will at least serve as a good example to their teammates…. of what NOT to do….

  • Ein Vogel-frei

    Pulling over black athletes for driving stoned—that’s just racist man.

  • Wanda Ash Castleberry

    “Investigate if charges are appropriate.” Sounds more like see how much the school is willing to pay to keep their player! If they don’t he will continue to do such things because he is “above the law”.