No, This Video Doesn’t Show The Kidnapped Girl, Kayla Berg

This video features actors and does not feature Kayla Berg.

This video features actors and does not feature Kayla Berg.

No, This Video Doesn’t Show The Kidnapped Girl, Kayla Berg

Antigo, Wisconsin – Social media detectives uncovered what many people believed to be a clue in a 7-year-old missing person cold case. A Youtube video was posted in 2009 which has recently surfaced and gone viral.

The macabre video bears striking similarities to a 2009 missing person case in Antigo, Wisconsin. Fifteen-year-old Kayla Berg disappeared after being dropped off  at a residence in Wausau, Wisconsin in August of 2009. Nobody has seen her since. The video surfaced in October of that year but did not gain popularity and attention until this past weekend, when it went viral and attracted police scrutiny.

The video is titled, ” Hi Walter! I got a new gf!” The video has since been removed from Youtube but is still floating around the internet in various locations. In the video, a dark-haired man, wearing glasses and a dark shirt can be seen talking happily about a new girl he met. “I was at the mall today, and guess what happened? I met this wonderful girl,” said the man. He continues to describe a wonderful day where the two went shopping and they visited a jewelry store. The video appears to document the beginning moments of love until the last few seconds of the video. He puts the camera down, approaches a door, and opens it to reveal a young girl with her hands bound and screaming for help.

There were similar characteristics in the video to the missing female. Her voice, her size, and clothing are all similar. Kayla’s mother has been informed and Fox News reports that she has seen the video.

After a thorough investigation, Antigo Police Department was able to determine that the video featured actors and did not feature Kayla Berg. In a statement, the police department said:

The Antigo Police Department has been investigating the Hi Walter, its Patrick, I have a new girlfriend video that was on The Antigo Police with the help of another law enforcement agency has been able to identify that this video is 100% fake and was a video that was produced to be placed on The Antigo Police Department has identified the video producer/camera man, actor and actress in the video. THIS VIDEO HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE DISAPPEARANCE OF KAYLA BERG.

Thank you to everyone for their assistance in this investigation

The circumstances of her disappearance are strange and police have hit one dead end after another. Allegedly, Kevin Kielcheski drove the girl to one of her friend’s houses and dropped her off. Turns out that home was actually condemned. No charges were ever brought against him.

If anybody has any actual information about the disappearance of Kayla Berg, please contact the Antigo Police Department.

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