Officer Tommy Norman Told He Can No Longer Post Community Outreach To Social Media On-Duty

Officer Tommy Norman has become friends with the children in the community.

Officer Tommy Norman has become friends with the children in the community.

Officer Tommy Norman No Longer Allowed To Post To Social Media On-Duty

North Little Rock, AR – North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman cherishes his interaction with the community that he serves, and often posted videos of those times.

Due to Officery Tommy Norman’s extensive work at building community relations and social media posts, he has become internet-famous for his amazing community outreach, with videos of him being shared millions of times.

Now he has been told by his agency that he can no longer post those videos while he is on duty even though these videos supported his mission, helped others see him in a different light as a police officer, and brought joy to many who watched them.

Officer Norman posted a video on Wednesday, June 28, stating that he can no longer post ‘photos or videos on his social media pages while wearing his badge’, according to THV11.  He said “There’s a policy in effect at the police department that prohibits you from posting on-duty that is now going to be enforced.”

He said that he’s not happy with the decision, but he said that he will respect it.

A recent incident where Officer Norman helped a pregnant, homeless woman, and her baby, while he was on-duty, received an ‘outpouring’ of support from the community.  The woman was a domestic violence survivor, and Officer Norman said that he had to help her.

He also said that he was ‘amazed’ by the people who responded to the video, and “wanted to make a difference to change this family’s life.”

If officer Norman had not been able to post that video online, then nobody would have known that she needed help.

At the end of his last video, Officer Norman said, “Don’t give up on me, I was born to do this.”

There was no comment from the Little Rock Police Department.

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