NFL Ratings Tank, News Media Quickly Tries To Explain It Away…

49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat for the U.S. national anthem to protest police.

49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat for the U.S. national anthem to protest police, now NFL ratings are down. (Flickr/Mike Morbeck)

NFL Ratings Tank, News Media Quickly Tries To Explain It Away The Numbers

When hundreds of thousands of Americans threatened to boycott the NFL after the anti-American actions of their players, many didn’t believe them. It was said that the boycott wouldn’t actually be carried through by people posting on social media. The NFL ratings are in, and they don’t look good for the NFL.

NFL ratings for the biggest Sunday games during the first two weeks were down 12 percent from last year. Last Monday’s game was the lowest-rated NFL Monday Night Football game of all time. Overall, Monday games are down 12%. CBS reports their first game Thursday Night Football ratings were down a whopping 26%.

The obvious explanation for the drop are the indefensible actions of NFL players who disrespect our country and flag to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter.

Those are just a handful of examples. Many more players from many more teams are disrespecting our country and making the national anthem the target of a completely unrelated issue. It’s no surprise that Americans are upset and choosing not to financially support these sports stars by watching their games.

The news media is quick to offer other explanations for the ratings drops. They pointed out that some big-name NFL players weren’t playing on those days. However, that seems like a pretty thin excuse for the massive ratings drop. One plausible explanation for the all-time lowest rated Monday Night Football game was that the presidential debate was on that night, but that only accounts for the single night. It seems that the news media just doesn’t want to believe that so many people won’t stand for this disrespect of our flag and the veterans who fought for it.

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  • Jim Beam

    Dear Mr. Goodell and the media,

    As a past avid NFL Sunday junkie I can tell you that ever since that PO$ in SF disrespected the flag in order to ‘start a conversation’, that we all know is based on proven false narratives, I have been doing other things with my Sundays and NOT watching any games. And you want to know something, I really don’t miss it.

    But I must say that it is OUR fault that he and the other PO$ ‘actors’ are doing what they are doing. Society has put these overpaid athletes on pedestals and put their pictures on cardboard and purchased their autographs essentially making them Gods. And now they have this attitude that they are Gods and their words and actions are to be followed and obeyed.

    So Mr. Goodell allows this ‘Freedom of Speech’ but denies the Dallas Cowboys their freedom to commemorate the officers slain in their city is a total disgrace. The NFL has become political so as Jerry Glanville told a ref when he felt they were not making good calls, “This is N-F-L, which stands for ‘not for long’ when you make them fuckin’ calls.” So Mr. Goodell, listen to Jerry when you make your calls.

    Ex-NFL Fan

    • Chris Christopher

      Since 1983 I haven’t missed a Browns game either on TV or in person. I can no longer say that, as my wife and I have opted to join the boycott on the NFL. I am glad to see the NFL getting hit where it hurts them most, in the wallet, for the blatant disregard for their fan base. Continue to allow such utter disrespect under the guise of “activism” and I will have no choice but to enjoy my Sunday doing things other than watching Roger Goodell’s spoiled brats have their tantrums.

      – New NHL Fan

      Coach John Tortorella told ESPN Tuesday, “If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game.”

      • John J Rouse

        Man, if you’re a Browns fan and haven’t missed a game since 1983 you really are die hard. As a ravens fan, I myself will be joining the boycott. Let’s go Caps!!!!,

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    I was a 49er fan for over 50 years. Never going to watch another game until the NFL does something about this blatant disrespect of our country, military and police. However, the NFL had better do something soon, because I am finding all kinds of interesting things to do on Sunday.

  • Fingers in my booty

    I’m only allowing the LA Rams on in my house. plenty of College football

  • Jim Beam

    This article and especially the picture on The Blaze website is worth checking about how some have reacted to the 49er idiot……

  • tekwrite

    if a baseball player can be suspended without pay for ten games, why cant a black privileged jerk?

  • Paul Hobson

    We won`t spend money or time on an organisation that disrespects the meaning of the Anthem or the Flag!

  • Leigh Hepperly

    I won’t watch another game till this crap stops and a 50k fine for each dumbass that does it.

  • Crabs in a Bucket

    I am boycotting the NFL and their sponsors. Being an ex Dolphins fan feels good, they always suck anyways.

  • Kiven Ratterree

    For a league that already in steep decline, this was a suicide pact. I have been a most rabid ran my entire adult life. This BS was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And at this point it does not matter whether the protests quietly go away or not. The fact is, politics killed baseball for me in 1993 and I never went back. Politics has killed football for me in 2016. Sports used to be my escape, but that just wouldn’t do nowadays so they can carry on without my undying love.

  • kd

    Is there a list of sponsors to contact?

  • Fred Blanchard

    Cancelled NFL Ticket after 6 years. Blue Lives Matter

  • laughing tyger

    We can’t escape the new national pass time: Nagging. Nagging in various forms, including, but not limited to: private nagging, public nagging, lecture based nagging, coffee cup based nagging, t-shirt based nagging, and of course the nfl’s performance based nagging.

    It’s on TV, social media, regular media, in schools & universities, professional sports, hollywood, restaurants, on the freeways …

    All over the damn place.

    It’s all about the hockey now….

  • MoreCommonSenseThanYou

    That’s what being a p*ssy gets you. If you have one of these team jerseys you should place it on your front lawn, put dog poop on it, photograph it and spread it all over social media.

  • sammy

    Maybe we should start a football league for the police and send our money to them instead.

  • Jj Flex

    Remember when the NFL used to be about football?

  • Steve

    I’ve stopped watching altogether. It was tough but over the past two weeks i’ve gotten used to it. Its funny how old habits can be overcome. I’ve been going to the gym more and working on my writing. It wasn’t so bad but i really got a kick out of handing back some of the attitude to the ignorant athletes who insult the country that gives them the freedom to make all that money.

  • Michelle Teller

    The NFL says:
    “All Lives Don’t Matter”