NFL Players Want League To Make November A Month to Protest Police

A small group of current and former NFL players want the league to make November a month to protest police.

A small group of current and former NFL players want the league to make November a month to protest police.

Players Memo To League Blames Police For Death Of Trayvon Martin

Four NFL players submitted a 10-page memo to the league’s top officials asking for “overt league support” and a month of anti-police activism.

The 10-page memo was obtained by Yahoo Sports and was endorsed by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles’ Torrey Smith and former NFL player Anquan Boldin. The memo was sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent.

Bennett has sat during the national anthem during games and raises a fist on the field after making plays in protest of the police.

The memo asks for the league to make the month of November as “activism awareness month” such as the league does with breast cancer.

The memo also blames police for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed in 2012 by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, not the police.

“Since 2016, police have shot over 300 men and women in this country. Some of the names and stories are familiar—Jordan Edwards, Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, but hundreds of others are not,” the memo says.

Alton Sterling was shot by police while trying to draw his gun during a struggle with officers. The officer who shot Jordan Edwards was fired and indicted.

“To be clear, we are asking for your support,” part of the memo reads, according to Yahoo Sports. “We appreciate your acknowledgement on the call regarding the clear distinction between support and permission. For us, support means: bear all or part of the weight of; hold up; give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.

“We need support, collaboration and partnerships to achieve our goal of strengthening the community. There are a variety of ways for you to get involved. Similar to the model we have in place for players to get involved, there are three tiers of engagement based on your comfort level.

“To start, we appreciate your agreement on making this an immediate priority. In your words, from Protest to Progress, we need action.”

Michael Bennett made news when he lied about being racially profiled by Las Vegas Metro PD the night of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. Bennett wrote on Twitter, “Las Vegas police officers singled me out and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

But Las Vegas Metro showed video which proved that officers were responding to a call about an active shooter in a casino and assisted a many black males in getting out of the area.

When officers saw Bennett, he was hiding behind a slot machine. When officers turned toward him, Bennett ran out of the casino and leaped over a four-foot barrier wall into traffic.

He was detained for about 10 minutes while officers determined he was not involved in a shooting. Video shows that Bennett lied about other parts of the encounter. You can see those full details HERE.

In response, Las Vegas Police Protective Association Metro, sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking for an investigation and “appropriate action” to be taken against Bennett. The league has chosen to back Bennett despite his obvious dishonesty.

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Do you think that an anti-police month would destroy the NFL’s already tanking ratings? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

  • Remo_5_0

    NFL….Please, Please, Please support this, So the cops won’t have to protect your stadiums that month, fans will turnoff their TV’s and your league and players will all be out of jobs and broke…..please support this!!

    • william tell

      November should be fan boycott the NFL, and support your local police month. Watch something else. Not a bunch of over paid bigots.

      • TMac

        This entire season has turned into a football boycott for many of us. But I’d support an NFL Support the Police campaign — during November, the players should all be required to replace their pink accessories with blue ones.

        • m a

          … and they should be required to go on police ride alongs in the worst neighborhoods of their respective cities.

          • John810

            As a retired cop I would be the first to tell you that they would be the first to turn on me if I ran into trouble patrolling with them. When it comes to right and wrong the color of skin is the dividing line for the majority of those “people”.

          • Scott Wallace

            It’s not about justice it’s about payback to all white people for the 2% of whites in the ante bellum south (pre-1860) who owned slaves. And that’s what they’re being taught daily. I’m old and only now am I hearing whites begin to use terms like “blacks” and talk about race. For the first time yesterday I DIDN’T WANT and COULDN’T make myself watch Pro Sports. BTW- several white players who wouldn’t go along (eg. Derek Wolfe) were called racists.

          • John810

            Well with some luck this will blow back in their faces, those black players need the support of the fans and whether they like it or not they also need the police, I’m sure their homes are wired for security who calls the police to go and “protect them and their loved ones!”

          • June Meek

            That is their favorite word. And it is also why that word means nothing anymore. I had a black male co worker ask me if I wanted to be black. I replied that I was quite happy being white. And he called me a racist. I do believe that if these ignorant, racist, black NFL players go ahead with their November plans, they will be getting a major back lash. People are sick of that word-racism. They are racists.

          • Now THAT is a brilliant idea. #TwoThumbsUp

          • Peekin-In

            Absolutely but they need to go on the first of the month when welfare benefits are doled out and/or a full moon. If you could be lucky to go on welfare/full moon day…, what an exciting experience for them !! Have them locked in the back of a police car while the officers are out chasing someone and their buddies come to smash up and turn over the police car……..How exciting !!!!!!!!!!

          • m a

            As my kids became adults I had them do ride-alongs with police in the downtown bar district on weekend nights. Nothing quite deglamorizes the whole drinking/clubbing thing like seeing people turning themselves incoherent, obnoxious and vulnerable.

          • Peekin-In

            Excellent !!

          • osteomed

            Your suggestion M S, is the best I’ve heard so far.
            All the protesting NFL players should do just that, ride gunshot in a police car on a hot call in a Ultra dangerous neighborhood.

        • m a

          BTW- I buy the ‘Thin Blue Line’ blend at Black Rifle Coffee Company, which claims to direct the profit on it to Blue Lives Matter and the Fraternal Order of the Police. First time I’ve ever been to this site though…

        • Herma Hudek


        • James Pellinghelli

          The NFL boycott is spreading.
          God Bless America, the flag that represents her and the song that speaks of her.


      • Allen Childs

        Make it a permanent “cott” and shut these anti USA clowns down. Thanks for your great post!!

      • I am already boycotting the NFL as is hundreds of other family members and friends. I hope our nation will get behind our flag and the men/women in uniform that protect our country! I am sick of these multimillionaire whiners that want to do nothing but continue to divide our nation! I hope the NFL goes broke and that they each kiss their million dollar paychecks goodbye!! Maybe then they will understand and appreciate how very blessed they are/were. College football is more exciting to watch anyway!!!

    • John810

      I’m in, I haven’t watched a pro game so far this year. Plenty of “good” college football on Saturday.

      • Linda Andrews

        Hey John810. You’re correct in a way but remember, college is where kids learn this bullshit. You’re watching future a holes running around.

        • John810

          No argument there Linda, but I will continue to enjoy them until when and if they start the same nonsense!

      • Allen Childs

        Same here and this is actually a great change. Get outside more and do stuff now instead of sitting and watching the games and darn commercials. Thanks for your action Brother!

      • Michael Russo

        Same here

    • Allen Childs

      With you 120% and our ranks are growing quickly! Thanks!!

    • RLS

      I’m no longer going to watch the NFL’s overpaid, unappreciative, spoiled brat pack.

      • Doug Jaynes

        Great idea. Take the kids to the park; have a picnic; spend more time with family. I’m guessing you will never look back and say “I wish I would’ve watched that NFL game”.

  • HHOF_81®

    Football is dead as a sport, just a decaying corpse like goodell.

    • LouAnnWatson

      college football is alive, but if the nfl goes belly up, many football athletes will be out of a job upon graduation because their degrees are just decoration

  • Dick Ellis


  • duder1897

    Just give your salary for the month of November to charity. That’ll teach the NFL.

    • Mark Brown

      That would be far more positive then the solution THEY are presenting, But they won’t go for it. They want SOMEONE ELSE to do it.

  • Patrick Caraway

    Is anyone going to do anything about it though? No one will protest games. Officers will continue to be walked on. Someone needs to have a backbone because the police unions are doing a damn thing. Any officer that works that Seahawks games should be ashamed of themselves. Yes they’re sworn to protect and serve everyone, but enough is enough and people need to take a stand

    • AFS1970

      You know, when overtime comes calling personal ethics often hide out of sight. It is a sad fact that few admit to but many will excuse.
      I absolutely get the protect all thing, but let the department order that assignment, don’t do it voluntarily. Turn your backs on players, coaches and owners just like you would certain politicians.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Now if these NFL players were to defend statues and Monuments of DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERATE MURDERERS, Blue Lives Matter would support them.

    • gunslinger97

      Shut up idiot

  • Rick Burris

    are they feeling guilty because they are living the AMERICAN DREAM and making lots of money. In no other country could they make this salary, except in the good old USA.

    • rulegal

      No other country would tolerate their BS.

  • gunslinger97

    Those monkeys have taken too many blows to the head. Anybody that spends their weekends glued to a TV watching football needs a life anyhow.

    • Jonas Blane ll

      I see you have to result to racial insults.Calling black football players monkeys Now where are all the people that accuse me of race baiting and bigotry calling out this language?

      • gunslinger97

        I can’t believe I am doing this, but fair is fair. My apologies Jonas. I was referring to ALL the football players. I do not see them, or actors or singers as gods. I see them as the modern day equivalent of court jesters. Juggle for me, do a back flip. I am no longer amused. Go away. But nice to see how sensitive you are. Now shut up idiot.



  • lonesomedoug

    This really stretches credulity. Don’t know the exact definition of insanity, but these guys are demonstrating something very close to it.

  • wakeup9

    NFL members can voluntarily support “anti-police month” by donating their November paychecks to families who have been proven innocent victims of rogue police officers. Pretty soon the NFL will shoot ITSELF in the foot with this protesting nonsense and there will be hundreds of unemployed, overpaid athletes trying to find jobs. Oooh, maybe they can apply at the police department? Then the inmates can run the asylum they so adamantly oppose. BTW, Treyvon Martin’s unfortunate death was 5 years ago. We need to let the anger go folks.

    • JBo

      Also, Martin’s death wasn’t by a police officer and the shooter was Hispanic.

      • RobinGoodfellow

        Hispanic? He was black! (George Zimmerman had a higher percentage of black lineage than Homer Plessy.)

        • JBo

          Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic (according to his voter registration).

      • Highest common denominator

        *white Hispanic

        • reggie98ud

          Kind of like Bammy was a *white black President?

          • Highest common denominator

            No, he was black. Bi racial, but black.

          • reggie98ud

            That’s the point, you fool.

          • Highest common denominator

            That he was black? I know that is the point, that’s why i said it.

          • reggie98ud

            no, he’s half black, half white but he’d never want anyone to really think about the half white part.

          • Highest common denominator

            Stop it. If you’re half black, you’re black.

          • reggie98ud

            Funny, because Zimmerman was all Hispanic. Thanks for proving your hypocrisy.

          • Highest common denominator

            Zimmerman is white. You do know white and Hispanic aren’t exclusive, right?

          • reggie98ud

            Yet that doesn’t stop you loony libs from claiming Trump is a racist for cracking down on illegal immigration which is mostly Hispanics. Which is it?

          • Highest common denominator

            That’s not relevant to this conversation, Zimmerman is American.

          • reggie98ud

            If that isn’t relevant, then neither is Zimmerman’s skin color. You libs can’t stand it when your own double standards are used against you.
            Thanks for again pointing out your hypocrisy.

          • Highest common denominator

            Lol, those aren’t equivalent. You’re talking about Zimmerman like he’s an immigrant. He’s not.

            He is white though.

          • reggie98ud

            No, I’m talking about him like he’s Hispanic. The same Hispanic as those illegals you loony libs try to protect by claiming that deporting them is. . . wait for it. . . RACIST!! Can’t have it both ways snowflake, but thanks for playing!!

          • Highest common denominator

            He is hispanic. He’s also American. Are you aware one is ethnicity, the other is nationality, and they can be exclusive? Its weird for me to have to make that distinction to another adult.

          • reggie98ud

            But claiming that “discriminating” against Hispanics is racist works for you? The fact that it has taken this long and you still don’t get the hypocrisy speaks volumes about the public education system in this country.

          • Highest common denominator


          • Highest common denominator

            Hispanic is a race now?

        • JBo

          He refers to himself as Hispanic…just as Obama refers to himself as black.

          • Highest common denominator

            Zimmerman is white. He’s also hispanic, but he’s white.

          • JBo

            His Florida voter ID card has him listed as Hispanic.

          • Highest common denominator

            And southern States regularly count its white Hispanics as white. Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz?

          • JBo

            All I can tell you is that his voter ID card says Hispanic.

          • Highest common denominator

            And i just showed that the Census Bureau considers white Hispanics white in the official census. White isn’t a nationality, it’s a race. You can be white and Hispanic at the same time.

          • JBo

            The Census Bureau has nothing to do with this…the Census Bureau may consider Zimmerman to be white but Zimmerman considers himself to be Hispanic and that’s what his documents show. I guess he could be Asian.

          • Highest common denominator

            Zimmerman’s nationality is hispanic, his race is white. Funny how facts are now irrelevant when they don’t point in your favor.

          • Highest common denominator

            My correction, not just southern states.

            “The Census Bureau indicates that 78 percent of the country is white, suggesting some parity. But here we have to disentangle our terms from the Census Bureau’s. The Bureau differentiates being Hispanic as an ethnicity, not a race, meaning that the number of whites includes a number of white Hispanics. The percent of America that is non-Hispanic and white is only 62 percent, according to the most recent Census numbers.”


          • AngryAmerican215

            He is brown


      I’m not angry…☺.!

  • Dan Snow

    You want to promote activism? Get off your privileged butts and go out in the communities and do something worth while. This does nothing but further divide the nation. You’re shooting your golden goose and then where will you be?

    • Debbie Willette

      Dan Snow, well said!


        Let me be the one to give you your first official up vote…..Congratulations…..☺.!

    • NancyM

      Seriously. Maybe they’re actually doing something useful, but like Kaepernick, it doesn’t appear so. God bless Tim Tebow.

      • Highest common denominator

        Kaepernick has spent his time educating youth. I’d say that’s very useful.

        • Dave M.

          Educating them about what? The Ferguson lie? The Baltimore lie? The Trayvon Martin lie?

          • gunslinger97

            Perfectly said Dave

          • Highest common denominator

            Their rights as Americans, for one.

        • JohnnyL53

          Showing them where to buy cops as pig socks?

          • Jonas Blane ll

            When did Kaepernick do that?

          • Highest common denominator

            No, educating them on their rights as Americans.

          • JohnnyL53

            Maybe he should be educating them on having the common sense to know when certain activity is appropriate. Protesting at your place of work may not be appropriate, whether it is your right or not. It’s also within the right of the customers who pay the salaries (both as attendees at the stadiums) and as part of the TV audience not to agree. I don’t really care what his viewpoint is on anything but if you wear cop as pig socks, state that the police are predators against blacks, and wear a Che t-shirt, I think some of those customers are going to disagree with that statement of your opinion. He is welcome to exercise his rights anywhere he can get away with it. Just don’t think that forces me to have to pay attention or agree.I’ve withdrawn my attention.

          • Highest common denominator

            That hurts the owners more immediately than the players. Players have contracts. Owners need asses in seats to make any kind of money.

            But by all means, continue not to watch. Plenty of black folk are boycotting as well, so the NFL is almost at an impasse.

        • LouAnnWatson


          • Highest common denominator

            Nah, i had it right the first time.

        • NancyM

          Well, that’s good, but this? From Huffpo:
          Colin Kaepernick Just Started A Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp

          • Highest common denominator

            And you’re a victim of propaganda if you think the black panthers started as anything other than a coalition to improve black lives, and eventually spread to help dozen franchises white people in Chicago and Latino people in new york.

            The reason you believe the black panthers are bad is because the FBI, led by J Edgar Hoover, used heavy propaganda to publicly slander and dismantle the black panthers from inside out. All the documents are public domain now.

          • Rachel Brock

            It was the black panthers who killed Malcolm X.

          • Highest common denominator

            Nah, most likely a Muslim infiltrator through the FBI


      In prison…..!

    • Chris Ray

      Selling crack in the ghetto.

    • Kelly Reilly

      back in da hood….that is where they will be

      the stands are filled with white ppl….not Muslims, Indians, Asians or Africans….this was a white mans sport…..not anymore….I cant wait for this to die

      • Highest common denominator

        You’re not good enough at the game, and haven’t been for years.

        • LouAnnWatson

          over 85% of nfl sales are made by white folks…care to prove me wrong?

          • Highest common denominator

            That has nothing to do with white people not being good enough at the game.

        • Mark Brown

          We need some affirmative action in the NFL. Blacks are over represented. They should only make up 13% of the players in the NFL and they make up far more…

          • Highest common denominator

            Affirmative action doesn’t apply to athletics. Nice try though.

    • sadatoni

      Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and Eagles’ Torrey Smith should all be fired immediatly so they can devote their entire efforts toward activism. They should also receive a lifetime ban from ever being on another NFL team since they haven’t the intelligence to comprehend the Trayvon Martin incident.

      • Lynne Mensack

        And why Malcom and Torrey b/c of the fist? Are you from Philly? DO you know that Jeff Lurie supports MJ and TS? Do you also know about Malcom’s foundation and the work that he does and has done for MY city!? Are you aware in his statements as well that he states he is NOT against POLICE but rather the brutality that has occurred with little to no action! I just want to make sure you are clear on your facts before you slander a GOOD MAN and an athlete that backs up his actions. Chris Long then should also be on your list b/c he puts is arm around MJ during the anthem? Pick the battles carefully to win the war! I am in NO WAY a supporter of this RIDICULOUS idea, but being raised in a Mlitary family I DO appreciate the right protest PEACEFULLY. TO ask for this support is just plain stupid and the NFL will not back it!! (Tangent) My response was to you calling out MJ and TS and comparing them to a liar and creep like Michael Bennett! KNOW YOUR SUBJECTS please! #bleedgreen #phillygirl #lovenoth8

        • ohio granny

          Their rights to protest does not negate our rights to boycott them. Why is it so hard for these thugs to understand and admit that every one of those killed by cops was because they REFUSED to comply with the police? That had nothing to do with their skin color but the fact they thought they didn’t need to comply.

          • m a

            A couple of issues- there are bad shoots. A black customer in a Walmart basically gest SWATED by a fellow customer drastically mischaracterizing what he’s doing in the store (simply walking carrying a toy gun he picked up there). Police rush in completely amped up and shoot him immediately, you can google the video. Someone actually put the 911 call of the customer and synched it to the guys action. Absolutely horrible. A guy in a car with his girlfriend shot, he’d informed the officer he was a legal CCW holder. A therapist trying to protect his patient who is sitting in the middle of the street. Therapist is laying on his back- literally laying in the street explaining who he is with his hands in the air not holding a damn thing, yelling that the guy sitting in the street is a patient with mental problems- therapist gets shot by the police.

            Unfortunately, for some reason the BLM folks cite legitimate shoots instead. I have no idea why, it truly puzzles me.

            What BLM folks don’t want to admit though, is that the rate of bad shootings for whites is actually slightly higher than African-Americans if you correct for involvement in crime. And they’re messaging is smearing all the police vice truly focusing on the relatively small number that are a problem.

          • LouAnnWatson

            “A guy in a car with his girlfriend shot, he’d informed the officer he was a legal CCW holder”
            where was that?

          • m a

            Minnesota–you’ve probably heard about it. It’s the one where the girlfriend was in the passenger seat and starts videoing after the shots are fired.

          • Josh Wells

            He did NOT inform the officer he was a CCW holder. Go watch the video. He said he had a gun after he was asked for his license. The officer told him not to take it out. He said I have to and continued doing so rather than stop what he was doing. The officer told him again not to take it out and reached into the car to stop him. He obviously was not complying. That is why he got shot and what the officer went free. Good shoot.

          • rulegal

            Guy got shot for not following orders to not reach into his belt or pocket.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            All of the shootings you say were wrong were justified here because the people shot were black. BLM cited those shoots as well. Once again whenever someone brings up the unjust treatment by white cops towards blacks,we get more whites are shots are cops. However , when someone says most cop killers are white males,we get that’s not true.

          • m a

            Can’t we just all agree as a starting point that excessive force and bad shoots exist and need to be addressed.

            BLM actually formed to address a very narrow issue- excessive force by police against African Americans. Makes sense in that unlike say– all inner city violence which has a lot of uncontrollable issues, it is small enough in scope that it’s feasible. The government does control training, policy and resources that are within their ability to assess and modify. It benefits the police as it shows a good faith effort in responding to an area of concern to the community.
            Unfortunately, the name ‘Black Lives Matter’ leads to criticisms of things well beyond the scope of what they were initially trying to address. The radical fringe elements keep trying to expand it to a condemnation of all police, all whites, all city government, some guy trying to push reparations etc……

          • Jonas Blane ll

            I don’t have a problem with what you said. My issue is how BLM is red meat for people. .However the same people that foam at the mouth when you mention BLM downplay white crime,white cop killers etc. Go to all the articles on Terrance Crutcher. See how they justified an unarmed non crime committing black guy being shot to death. Then look at how excuses were made for drunken white criminal Austin White(who actually attacked cops.crushed a cop car) when I said he should’ve received the same death sentence Crutcher got.

          • m a

            I can only speak for myself. I wish it weren’t so easy to divide people into factions. So many times folks are attacking/defending a faction vice looking at the actual individual case. Hence, picking your examples carefully– folks attack the weak examples vice looking at and acknowledging the strong ones.

            I saw someone in Ferguson being interviewed, and his objection was more about all the minor laws and fines and how the enforcement looked more like revenue generation than safety. Same in NYC, a guy gets killed over selling loosies, really? Really need a law that selling a couple of loose cigarettes is a crime? Ultimately, every law is another possible use of force because if someone doesn’t comply, it comes down to that.

            I’d resent living in that environment, under constant threat of every interaction with police coming down to some nanny state BS fine-me-again thing… Kind of like the low-income African-American dads trying to pay child support that’s beyond their means. How? Miss a payment, fees, penalties, jail– further behind, more fees…

            Don’t know if you saw this,

            It gives me hope, the BLM spokesman was articulating what I think the BLM is really about and it’s how the message needs to get across. I also think all incidents of excessive force need to be looked at because, maybe it isn’t racism, maybe that assumption is invalid. We have to know the real cause to fix a very real problem.

          • Frankie Starr

            The child support system is against all dads trying to do the right thing, it has nothing to with color. My friend is working two jobs to pay his child support and his basic bills and is still barely making it and he’s white.

          • Mark Brown

            However the same people that foam at the mouth when you mention BLM downplay white crime,white cop killers etc.
            Not really. The difference is how the two are portrayed in the public eye. White on white, black on black and black on white murders are so often ignored. White on black murders are news and white cop on black shootings are front page news with a week of follow ups and analysis. White cop on white shootings is ignored. Black cop on black shooting is considered white cop on black shooting it seems.
            BLM has a huge problem of picking clear thugs as their mascots which doesn’t help them at all. It paints them as supporting criminals. The violence that seems to follow their protests makes them look like thugs and looters themselves. Maybe that’s why they’re protesting cops so much, they’re trying to protect themselves and their families from the cops during their own criminal activities. At least that’s how it appears.
            All these NFL players are doing, is pissing off a large portion of their customers. That’s just damned stupid to do. Any owner would be within their rights to fire such an employee. These players are damned stupid to protest the system that made them rich. Maybe if they feel so strongly then they need to funnel much of their millions of dollars in pay back into the black community? That would have a far more positive effect than the BS they’re pulling now.
            It will be a long time before I watch another football game let alone buy a ticket for one.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Black on white crime is just as over hyped as White on black crime. White crime is downplayed as opposed to black crime. You also ignored how people here made excuses for a white cop attacker Austin White who wasn’t killed,yet totally justified a black non cop attacker Terrance Crutcher who was killed.

          • Not Sure

            What about the 80,000 murders committed every decade by AA? Not the po po, not the racist white guy but actual African Americans? Where is BLM? You realize that’s more people killed than recent wars combined.

            The problem I have with all this is that activists pretend like cops are strolling down the street looking for black kids. That’s a flat out lie.

          • Scott Wallace

            We need to start protesting this.

          • Scott Wallace

            Yes and GIVEN that an arrest is in progress whites are far MORE likely to be shot and KILLED by police.

          • doctorivy

            There are bad shoots? SO WHAT? Are we to disrespect our flag and national anthem until there is zero injustice? Because that will never happen. Listen, I lost both my parents because the Marine Corps poisoned our water supply. Then they covered it up. I had relatives on both sides of my family moved to internment camps. We lost our businesses and property. So boo hoo for your bad shoots and Michael Bennett being treated badly at fights most people will never be able to afford to attend. I love this country and stand for my flag. If the mollycoddled multimillionaires of the NFL disagree I invite them to leave.

          • Lynne Mensack

            No disagreement on your first statement!!! If I agree they can protest then I wholeheartedly agree that fans can boycott just as equally!

          • Law-n-Disorder

            Now don’t be muddying up the water with the facts….

        • LouAnnWatson

          “with little to know action!” nice

          • Lynne Mensack

            My typo is fixed. Sorry to the spelling police. Hope that’s better 🙂 Trust that I am not the only one in this feed that had a typo but so glad your caught it!

        • danimal09752

          Police brutality with little to no action? You mean like the Michael Brown thing? Local and state police investigated. Said he didn’t do it….but sent it to the grand jury any way. They then said he didn’t do it. Then the Department of Justice investigated. Said Officer Wilson was in the right based on all of the evidence. So THREE independent investigations. THREE. And what was the result? The black community STILL wasn’t willing to listen and was STILL pissed off more wasn’t done. And you bitch that others don’t know what they are talking about? How about the cops in Baltimore. Investigated by TWO different agencies. And found in the right. Black community rioted anyway. So proof be damned eh?

          • Mark Brown

            And we still are living with the “Hands up don’t shoot” lie that the MSM perpetrated for months.

        • Not Sure

          1st Amendment rights stop at the door of a private entity. This is a private sport and they are under contract.

          What about the literally thousands killed every year by AA? Where are the protests for all the kids killed by random stray bullets in AA communities? Not once (as in never) have I seen a BLMer protest or even speak up against the nightly murders throughout America by AA.

      • Not Sure

        I would not be paying $80+ for a ticket to watch an Athlete protest. I’d demand a refund.

        • Rachel Brock


      • Jerry Ashe

        Yes just the orange TURD in the wh as done anything with while in his life.

        • Rachel Brock


        • Mark Brown

          “Yes just the orange TURD in the wh as done anything with while in his life”
          Nice way to demonstrate to the world that you’re an idiot…

  • Johnny Bradshaw

    Please do NFL

  • Aj Pappas

    Support this and your stadiums will burn. Get off your piles of money and fix this problem.

  • william tell

    It’s time for people to boycott these Black, racist, cry babies. If they want to be social activists resign or retire from the NFL, and get a real job without the million dollar pay check. People and advertisers are paying to watch football not a bunch of spoiled thugs bad mouthing police. Want to protest do it off the field and on their own time. Protest all the Black on Black gun murders. Wont see that cause they cant blame it on Whites or the police.


      And that goes for tha negros, too…..!

  • Gary Brabbs

    I hereby nominate December through October National Boycott the NFL months

    • reggie98ud

      Don’t forget January.

  • Heidi Forrest

    so instead of saluting service members like every year. You would rather protest police. In which not all police are bad. Some situations that are being brought up about police is not all present. As a veteran I have stopped watching football. I never especially liked certain teams but certain players. Even some of the players i respect are now being a disgrace. This sport is going down hill. Just like America is for the hate. people need to wake up.

    • Highest common denominator

      Of course not all police are bad. But enough of them are.

      • Dave M.

        “Enough of them are.” That sounds made up. What is your source for that assertion?

        • Highest common denominator

          Watching this website and others like it.

      • jo

        But enough of them ARE NOT! And none of the NFL players beat (or murder) their wives, cheat on them, take or abuse illegal drugs…? Does that mean that we should hold the rest of the players responsible for the actions of a few? One of them violates the law and the rest of them will lose their wholly undeserved salaries for the rest of the year? Sounds good to me.

        • Highest common denominator

          Are you saying that by holding all responsible for a few, we should do that to the cops as well? I’m not understanding your argument.

  • Larry Danik

    Well there’s four players who NEED TO HAND OVER THEIR RESIGNATIONS!!!!!

  • hmbval

    Time to have a nationwide boycott of these idiots.If they couldn’t play football, they wouldn’t be qualified to do anything. They were all taught in college that they were better than anyone else and now they actually think the world actually cares what they think. Losers!!!!!!!!


      Actually if they couldn’t play footsball, they would probably all be in prison….!

    • Mark Brown

      It would be great to see the fans in the stands unload on them with all their hotdogs and sodas when they kneel. They would get to play the game all covered in ketchup and mustard and sugar – maybe a little sauerkraut. If we get lucky a few rotten tomatoes or eggs. Maybe then they will get the hit we’re not pleased with their attitude.

  • Pat Hylton Teegarden

    I think for that month NO police should do anything with or work at their football events. No directing traffic or no security officers on duty. Let the police have that month off.

    • Highest common denominator

      Police aren’t there for the players, they’re there for the spectators.

      • reggie98ud

        Funny, I always see these thugs surrounded by cops while they are on the field. What do you think will happen to these thugs when they sit for the anthem and the cops aren’t there to stop the rightfully pissed fans?

        • Highest common denominator

          The fans won’t do shit. If they haven’t done anything by now, they wont.

          • reggie98ud

            That’d because the cops protect these overpaid, racist, thugs. Once that stops there’s nothing to stop the fans.

          • Highest common denominator

            So the fans will come out of the stands and fight the players? And not one cop will aid? That’s the story you’re going with?


            Oh and they’re not overpaid, racist, or thugs. Nice try though.

          • Jackson

            Why shouldn’t they come out of the stands during the anthem…if the players are allowed to do whatever they want during the anthem, why not the people that pay to be there to watch them play football (not make political statements during the anthem). Why can’t the players wear an armband, a symbol on their helmet, a special uniform like the pink breast cancer awareness shoes/gloves, make their statement after a TD instead of some stupid showboating dance/choreographing childish act, etc.? If your response is because of some fine/penalty that will be issued, how serious can they actually be about this cause because even the stiffest fine/penalty that could be issued is chump change compared to their salaries.

        • Highest common denominator

          And if someone not standing for a song upsets someone to violence, that person should be checked for mental illness or emotional weakness.

      • gunslinger97

        Especially at Raiders games!

  • Lynn McCain

    I would love to have a free November of NFL games. The fans are ready for a break so many empty seats out there. Lots of stuff to watch like college football that is much better than the NFL, all the players are not pussied up on their employers dine. You are ignorant to think without fans you just dirt bags that wished you still played college ball!

  • dogfFather

    Thursday Nite Football, SF Whiners stadium prior to kickoff says it all!

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone

    I wonder what would happen if some non-black-dominated sports organization (the National Hockey League?) decided to protest the fact that 6.5% of the population was committing damn near half the murders and that 90% of their victims were each other….

    • Tim Davies

      13% of Population
      63% of the Murders commited in USA, of which over 4000 were Black on Black.
      Most of serious crimes are commited by this 13% of population.

      They are more likely to attack a LEO before, during & after the Officers shift.

      False Narrative is based just on percentage of
      Whites 63% vs Blacks 13%
      that have been killed by
      Law Enforcement in a year that’s not proportionant to the percentage of population.

      Conveniently ommiting the fact that Blacks disproportionately commit more crime.

      • Highest common denominator

        Cite your sources. Your numbers sound made up.

        • Dave M.

          They do sound made up don’t they? But alas, they are not. Look just above your post for the FBI source.

          • Highest common denominator

            There’s no FBI post around mine. Are you making your numbers up?

        • robertam

          Check out for Chicago crime statistics. Very enlightening. Great detailed stats on the shootings in Chicago.

          • Highest common denominator

            How would a website about Chicago prove your national statistics?

            Cite your work.

          • robertam

            I didn’t say it proved national statistics. I offered it up for information regarding Chicago.

            Check out the FBI’s web site if you are curious about national statistics. I assume you are interested in that data since you are responding in this thread. It isn’t hard to find the stats if you are curious. Plus, are you really going to take “Tim Davies” word for it without looking it up or reading his source? Unless of course, you are just a troll….

          • Highest common denominator

            So your comment is irrelevant to my original response, then.

          • robertam

            Yup, troll.

  • NancyM

    I wish they would just kick those guys out, shut up already about the protests and let us watch football. I’d hate to have to give up football since there’s nothing else on TV to watch.

    • Highest common denominator

      Then you should get onboard with the protests or find something else you like to watch. This isn’t ending anytime soon.

      • AngryAmerican215

        “Then you should get onboard with the protests”. How about I decide what I want to get on board with and you can do the same? You don’t get to tell anyone what to do. I stopped watching football, even my favorite teams, since the players have made it clear they don’t respect our country or their fans. Protesting anything on work time would get me fired from my job.

        • Highest common denominator

          Get a different job if it bothers you then.

          And you’re saying you have a choice, so do the players. They exercised theirs.

          • AngryAmerican215

            It doesn’t bother me in the least. I know that my personal life should NOT intrude on my employer’s time. Yes, they have a choice and they made it, and now I’m making mine. I was replying to YOUR comment telling other people what to do. And now I’m done commenting to you.

          • Highest common denominator

            Oh, you mean when i suggested a couple of choices to you crybabies?


  • BlueMtMom WA

    This attitude and the behavior of these players is doing nothing but destroying the game and making fools out of these teams. Time for the owners and the NFL itself to grow a pair and kick these snot-nosed brats out of the league! IF they cannot abide by the laws of the USA and the customs of this country then they shouldn’t be paid outrageous sums of money for playing a damned sport in this country! Time for these racist cop-haters to get the boot!

    • Highest common denominator

      Somehow you think football would be more exciting if your black star players were kicked out.


  • gcollie1

    It’s already working, don’t watch or attend games. The ratings continue to plummet the stadiums are half empty. The owners are pissed at Goodell because he does nothing yet expects the owners to renew his contract and give him a multi-million dollar raise. This could have and should have been squashed at the onset but the NFL commissioner seems to lack a backbone. Put a no exception clause in every contract that states if you in anyway attempt to use the NFL stage to promote or support non football or political activity your contract will be null and void and your employment will be terminated. If you make political gestures or actions within the confines of the field or stadium which do not meet with the approval of the NFL and it’s owners, you will be immediately escorted of the premises and be suspended without pay until a grievance committee will hear your case at the end of the season. Or if the commissioner and the owners really don’t care to address these UN-American overpaid pre-madonnas continue down your current path and see the total demise of a once great American pastime. Mr. Goodell you have the ball as they say and I don’t think you can punt your way out of this mess. I wish you luck, choose wisely or loose it all.

    Thanks for listening,
    A former fan Gary Collier

    • Highest common denominator

      None of that will work. The players are finally realizing the power they have over the owners and the commissioner. I’m loving it.

      • reggie98ud

        They have no power, that’s the point. The owners still sign the paycheck and won’t be able to do that when all of the white fans (likely close to 90% of NFL fans) stop going to the games or watching them on TV. No money, no job and these thugs will end up in prison where they belong.

        • Highest common denominator

          Sorry, that’s not how this is going to work. The ability of owners to not make money will be the driving force of how this goes. NFL players are finally taking steps from NBA players on how to control their league.

          The players hold the power, and the owners know it.

          • reggie98ud

            The owners hold the checkbook, and therefore the power. If you think anything else, you are a fool.

          • Highest common denominator

            Oh you mean like in the NBA, where the players have the power to fire owners?

            Don’t they write their checks as well? The NFL players are just trying to have that same influential power that the NBA players do. And there’s really nothing stopping them from achieving that.

          • reggie98ud

            Thankfully, the NFL isn’t quite as overrun with thugs and ghetto trash the way the NBA is. There’s a reason their numbers have been down for the last 20 years.

          • Highest common denominator

            The NBA has spiked the past few years. Where do you get your information?

          • Jackson

            Overall, or in a few cities here and there, or do you mean with the people in China that have decided to idolize “king” jimmy (it’s hilarious that his tag is king when he’s never been fit to shine most NBA legends’ shoes).

          • Jackson

            I guess I’ve missed where the players “fired an NBA owner”…and can’t find it with any search online. Maybe you mean the owners that stepped down (and sold teams for insane amounts of money…oh, the pain of leaving losers for profit hahaha) to avoid declining numbers and still getting to make the statements of facts about a majority of the league’s players (albeit stereotypical in some cases, truth in others, but if the shoe fits) that so offended those they were made about.

      • Jackson

        If they’re just realizing the power they have (and have had since the last big player’s association agreement), then they are exactly the morons we think they are. Only they would protest exactly the people they would call when they are in trouble. Keep poking the bear/crying wolf and who will help them in their time of need? Certainly not the fans they’ve snubbed and hopefully not the police they’re sh_tting all over.

  • Chris Ray

    If they do this I am boycotting the NFL forever.

  • Ron

    Until the NFL cracks down on these idiots with a no tolerance stance for their actions during the playing of the National Anthem, this crap will just continue unabated and the NFL will see their ratings continue down into the toilet.

  • RobinGoodfellow

    How about a month for just football?

  • Jim Hitchcock

    You’ve got to be kidding me! If it wasn’t for JJ Watt I’d give up on the NFL. I’m sure the $37M+ he’s raised will go to a real cause in support of the victims saved by the police during Irma.

  • Vindicatus

    That’s a lot of players with massive mortgages, 5 luxury vehicles and 8 kids from six women who want to become high school football assistant coaches.

    Knock yourselves out, bros.

  • billsv

    Talk about self destructive behavior. I cannot believe on a secret ballot there would be anywhere near a plurality of players supporting this. Goodell should put his foot down. Maybe it is time to replace Goodell with Condalezza Rice. I think she would like that position.

    • maddaddyssa

      This certainly isn’t Pete Rozelle’s NFL anymore. At least the dust ups between him and Joe Namath were entertaining.

  • ursa5000

    “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye….Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye..”

    I’ll never will watch another NFL game, and I’ll never spend another dime on NFL swag.

    Drop dead, NFL.

  • Kelly Reilly

    do it….no one is paying attention to them

    they CULTURALLY APPROPRIATED a white mans sport….mostly WHITE PEOPLE fill the stands and pay their checks….we are going to watch this sport die and they can all go back to the hood where they belong

    • Highest common denominator

      Cultural appropriation connotes borrowing from another culture and not doing as well as them. I wouldn’t say black folk appropriated football. We definitely dominate it though.

      • Haremesc

        you are correct….niggahs dont borrow…they steal

        you were designed to run from the tigers and lions in the jungles and now you just run from them on the football field

        designed for running, not designed common sense…pushed forward in school for athletic ability, not IQ…RUN FOREST RUN!!

        whenever blacks enter into anything they DESTROY neighborhoods or industry

        true to form…this sport will die like the neighborhoods you move into

        I know football agents..they know they will soon be looking for work because of the behavior of black men.

        Just like whites know when blacks move into the neighborhood, crime goes up property value goes down and white flight occurs

        indeed you dominate in destroying
        this is why the ratings are down and ppl are not watching

        white ppl pay and fill the stands…not blacks or Asians or Muslims or Indians or Mexicans….white ppl go to watch the monkeys play

        and we can just as easily turn our backs on the darkened sport…no need to watch cancer running amoke and bitching


          Very accurate and spot on statement….!

        • Highest common denominator

          First off, you don’t know football agents.

          Second off, this sounds like the typical scared white guy rant. Do you have a sister or ex that is with a black guy now? Who hurt you?

    • gunslinger97

      Cultural appropriation is such a wimpy phrase. No one can do anything that some other person has done? Good God


    Since 2016, police have shot over 300 men and women in this country….

    Also, since 2016, thuggies “of color” have shot and murdered over 11,700 men in this country, all with stolen handguns, and that’s only calculated from large cities, not every town and city from coast to coast. It is only September.

    • Highest common denominator

      That sounds made up.

      • Farm Life

        Try google clown, 500 dead and counting in Chicago alone this year.

        • Deny

          513 MURDERED in Chicago as of today–9/22/17

        • Highest common denominator

          But you said in the country, not Chicago. Did you make up the national number?

          • Jackson

            Do your own research troll

          • Highest common denominator

            So I’m wrong because your statement and your data don’t match. Alright.

      • Jackson

        Which part the “over 300” or the “over 11,700”? The “over 300” sounds high to me too HCD. Considering the number killed in black-on-black crimes just in Chicago alone during O’s administration, “over 11,700” is painting things in a good light….over 15,000 is more likely.

  • Steve_o

    Hoo boy, this should be interesting…

  • emersonushc13

    The Treyvon thing was an anti-gay hate crime against a Mexican American. Trey’s idiot friend told him George was going to rape him so the ‘lil thug doubled back and jumped the neighborhood watch member.

  • Farm Life

    Memo to the low IQ sub human morons, the street thug Martin was killed in self defense by a registered Hispanic Democrat and was not a policeman.

  • Bandit

    Well I’d hope they wouldn’t but they will – then they will get what they deserve

    Then the seats will empty and the SJWs will harangue the empty seats as racist leading to more and more of them

  • william

    Idiots gone wild. Don’t have to listen. Don’t have to watch. Don’t have to buy.

  • tjtriangle

    I’m already boycotting the NFL and if this flies, I will NEVER watch another NFL game! You people at the NFL need to start supporting your FANS. Afterall, we are the ones who support your ability to play a GAME!

    • STAN24

      Watch via antenna, so the cable companies can’t report your viewing back to the league

  • Bill Francis

    I think this is a great idea. These idiots would cause the demise of the NFL, not necessarily a bad thing. The league has many good people, however it also has a great many violent criminals and very bad guys PLUS they are Anti-America. Don’t forget the owners who are also stealing because they demand that the taxpayers build their place of business. Even worse these same fools are about the worst role models for the kids where now even 8 year olds are not standing for the anthem. We need more people to flip burgers and here they are. Let’s just close the league up.

  • William Fuzi

    I guess the NFL players are joining with ANTIFA who is calling for a Civil war starting on November 4th. ANTIFA plans on starting by attacking police, and first responders. That’s probably why! NFL players are trying to justify ANTIFA’s killing of police beforehand. Why did the NFL pick November, and not October? Because November is already been planned.

  • Crowne Builders

    Boycott the NFL what I’m doing

  • Jonas Blane ll

    I don’t see Black Americans defending these statues or resorting to violence, the way whites(especially GOP conservative whites )resort to violence and defend statues of DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERATE MURDERS.

    • gunslinger97

      Shut up idiot

  • Do you even Occult

    These morons can do whatever they want. I don’t even watch Television PROGRAMMING anymore. But it would be nice to see television viewership drop even lower.

  • smokeybandit

    Sure. And the police and other first responders can simply refuse to work the games.

    If these clowns wanted to do some good, they’d go into the inner cities and try to stop their brethren from killing each other every night.

  • Skipper50

    I may even start watching soccer, lord help me.

  • Mike-in-Keller

    The anti-American players want an anti-police month?

    Seems like a good time to find something else to do. Perhaps I could wash my hair [I’m bald]. Or watch the grass grow. Or …. just about anything would be a better use of my time than watching the NFL.

    It is my sincere hope that no first-responder do anything to assist the NFL, during their anti-police month. No traffic control, no assistance at the games, no assistance to the teams as they transit from one place to another.

    One thing I will do is to send notes the my local police department, telling them that I support them, which I do.

  • Deserttrek

    the nfl has NEVER been a friend of the public, the fan, the taxpayer or the country as a whole
    the are a politically correct organization that has long supported left wing causes and threaten the taxpayers over laws, their greed for taxpayer dollars, and corrupting public officials
    29 of 31 stadiums of taxpayer funded with minimal return on investment
    all of the security of the stupid bowl is taxpayer funded via the patriot act
    several teams charged and the military paid for “appreciation days”
    watch them on line or tv and you are stuffing ad venue in the pockets of the media

    watching or supporting the nfl is like standing on a limb while you saw it off
    turn them off, get fresh air

  • smokeybandit

    And you know what’s missing from their entire memo? The words “mother,” “father,” and “parents.”

    Their plan just simply wants to let young criminals commit more crimes.

  • Phil Cameron

    The sun can not set fast enough on the NFL.

  • Deny

    Do you think that an anti-police month would destroy the NFL’s already tanking ratings?

    Yes. If they plan to have fans from December on they’d better not do this.

  • Gypsy Boots

    Ratings are tanking because ideologues took away football as a refuge from political tantrums where Americans could transcend their political differences–and the players want MORE politicization?

    • smokeybandit

      You bring up a good point. Sports is an oasis away from stresses of home, work, and most certainly the news.

      These guys want to bring politics into sports? Well they’ll see their sport fizzle to nothing.

  • Joyce Semenuk

      Here’s to # 1 first up vote…..Cool post..☺.!

  • Not2pc4U

    FUCH YOU, 4 ignorant Racist Idiots. You want to see the collapse of a business, you go right ahead, I will support the Police before I watch or attend another NFL game, key word “GAME”. Thank you Men and Women in Blue!

  • Linda

    If the NFL caves in to this I will quit watching pro football. We can get as much excitement watching our local high school games for a $5.00 admission fee and not have to deal with this kind of crap.

  • JohnnyL53

    I am hoping that even if the NFL tells these guys to go squat, that ESPN goes all in on this with full network support. Put Michael Smith and Jemele Hill front and center at all times.

  • m a

    If the police or so awful, then I’m assuming the NFL players will insist they no longer be present at the stadiums assisting in security and crowd control?
    I would propose if the NFL does this that the police stand-down from all NFL events.

    • smokeybandit

      Or at their practices. Or in escorting team buses from place to place.

  • LouAnnWatson

    the nba is next

  • Steven Pitts

    So does that mean that the police who provide security for all the football games dont have to show up and these players can provide their own security

  • BCD

    Instead, everyone plan to boycott the NFL this November.

  • robertam

    NFL = not for long which is about how long my TV will be on in November, tuned to NFL games.

  • OregonGirl10

    I am a HUGE football fan. I will NOT be watching NFL the month of November if this is what is going to happen. This is such a stupid idea!!! NFL has become so disheartening, between the National Anthem issue and now this. Pretty soon, there won’t be anyone watching football. If a player can’t stand for the National Anthem, they should be playing football in another country.

  • Carol Dakan

    The NFL honors Breast Cancer and Veterans because there is no black or white line! It affects ALL. If the NFL does this, I will never watch another professional game!

  • Joseph Cole Jr

    F these millionaire a-holes

  • Lynn

    NFL this would be a VERY BAD IDEA to agree with.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Are you a GOP Conservative?

  • Obviously these pampered-yet-oppressed players need an economics lesson. If you piss off enough fans, they won’t buy tickets, they won’t watch on tv, and they won’t buy the products sponsoring NFL games. Therefore, your grossly over-inflated check will not be issued to your ungrateful ass.

  • Highest common denominator

    Your argument makes no sense. See, my argument was because police are responsible for serving and protecting, they should be held to a higher standard. No one said anything about black folk being thugs, or whites being drug-addled school shooting pedophiles.

  • Highest common denominator

    What website is this from? I can’t find a tag.

  • Dale McNamee

    Don’t buy any NFL league and player paraphernalia, nor NFL licensed products as well as not watching, listening to, or attending games… Hit them where they hurt… their wallets !

    Remind the NFL, team owners, and the over-paid morons playing racial victims, that THEY NEED US…WE DON’T NEED THEM !

    Time to break the addiction to sports !

  • Herma Hudek

    If you be without sin. Sure. But otherwise no..

  • Herma Hudek

    We should boycott anyone who endangers children. The NFL NBA and NCAA are threatening to boycott Texas and North Carolina if they don’t get their way and make us let men in women restrooms……..Our loved ones are important …………You should have boycotted NFL etc on behalf of your loved ones safety. There is much sex trafficking and kidnapping children to sell for sex. Don’t you care? Stop ignoring this….You players should be telling the CEO’s of these organizations about that…….

  • imopinionated

    Take all the wages for the NFL during the month of November and donate the salaries to your local police station. They could really use the money!!

  • hail the queen

    Funny. A 10 page memo? These clowns have nothing else in the world to do but spend it writing a long letter that imposes their arrogant ego mania heads to attempt to stop law and order. Fire them. Their ideas have no place in the NFL.

    • Highest common denominator

      There’s nothing unlawful about protesting the National Anthem. What are you talking about?

  • Eldrick Wo

    why are these players goose hunting,they a’int gonna be happy when they kill it

  • Rentboy

    Why don’t blacks listen to white people: everything is fine. Calm down, silly black people. Rights are for whites!

  • Peekin-In

    So very sick of BLM, kneeling for the flag by some entitled, self serving, couldn’t give a damn for others feelings kind of people. We really, really have had it..

  • Stephen Winstead

    I will support good cops, I have friends who are great cops. the bad apples should be purged from the ranks and kicked off the force !

  • DebS

    I thought they were paid millions to play football not protest. If they want to protest let them do it on their own time. They certainly aren’t paid for their smarts because they have none.

  • snap2it

    It’s awfully clear that we need more diversity in NFL football. The blacks seem to want to tear down any progress we as a nation have built. Screw them.

  • Robert Floyd

    I’m a retired LEO, after 46 years of service. I retired from Baltimore PD & Tarrant Co. Sheriff’s Dept. I think that players kneeling & protesting police is despicable. I’m not going to watch another game this year.

  • Dan Spyers

    I hope this will seal the deal on NO MORE NFL. If this Trash is allowed to continue its disrespect of this country. I would hope people would not watch it. F. These players and all they stand for. My opinion. Sorry.

  • Joanie Bartelson

    screw them

  • Michael Daniel

    From the looks of it they don’t need the police there on Sundays, no fans to protect. Are these guys just plain stupid?

  • Ann

    NFL players should request the NFL to observe a month of Anti-Domestic Violence, or Anti-Gang violence. That would help the “community”. No? Hmmm.

  • Tony Beckham

    This is the height of stupidity! If the league supports this I for one will discontinue watching a sport that has made going to games out of the reach of all but the richest fans. They can kiss my ass! I will not support an organization that backs this kind of insanity!

  • ZuZu’sPetals

    “Since 2016, police have shot over 300 men and women in this country”. Name one victim who was simply going about his business! Name one that wasn’t doing something that produced a defensive stance for police. (Odd that they specifically blame police for the shooting of Treyvon Martin).

    • Highest common denominator

      Charles Kinsey. Tamir Rice.

  • Rufrogi Jo

    Ha! Tv only gets turned for friends,city & squares! Work it out amongst yourselves! Truth shall prevail 🙂

  • TLB48156

    Owners need to show these players who sign their paycheck who is in charge. I say fire them for violating their contracts and the league needs to stand up and show they will not tolerate these actions. The NFL should have a NO protest policy. Violate it and your no longer in the NFL. Ratings are already low, your reaction will determine how many more fans you lose.

    • Highest common denominator

      Nothing they’re doing violates contract.

  • ifly2nh

    This is supposed to be entertainment, a way to get away from the craziness of the real world. I don’t pay big dollars to watch protests or to watch overpaid players insult the America that gave them the opportunity to live better than the majority of people watching them play. It’s time the NFL realizes this fact and get it back under control. Black Lives Matter only seems to care about creating chaos and supporting violence against police officers. When will they turn their attention to help fixing the extremely high black crime rate and black on black violence. That’s where they can make a difference if they are truly interested in making a difference in this world.

  • Dean

    What a cowardly little dirt bag this clown Michael Bennett is. Hiding behind a slot machine and then lying to stir up trouble. This guy is no athlete,he is a race baiter. Seahawks should let the cowardly punk go. So these multi-millionaires want the league to support them “especially financially” in their misguided quest to dishonor cops? Not only are they cowardly punks, they are extortionists and liars. I can’t wait until their contracts come up for renewal and the team can’t afford to pay them their expected millions because the teams and the leagues will be going under.

  • ti

    I support law enforcement. Who you going to call in an emergency?

    • Highest common denominator

      The cops. Hopefully the good ones.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    We’re not the ones using violence to defend statues of murderers. White people are. Black people aren’t on a crusade to defend statues of murderers . White people are.

    • Jackson

      So, you’d be fine if the statue was removed or would that be the “white man” taking away black history…pretty sure that is the point he is trying to make.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        Wouldn’t bother me. Again black people aren’t defending and resorting to violence on behalf of statues and Monuments of DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERATE MURDERERS. Whites are. Jackson,are you a GOP Conservative?

        • Jackson

          Nope. I vote for who I think will do the best job, and unfortunately these days that means I “waste” my vote because I tend to vote independent (with the exception of Clinton ’92 and Trump ’16 because those were years I just couldn’t accept my vote being “wasted” on Bush Sr. and the anti-Christ Hillary). If more people would vote policy instead of party, we probably wouldn’t be in the sad state of affairs that have been brought about since mid-90s and exacerbated by the last eight years.

  • enochmubarak

    This is a piss poor protest because it has no structure. no organization, no
    one to take the credit, no one to take the blame, You guys have no one
    to take them on in the boardroom. You guys have no one in the halls of
    power nor on the playing field and so far no one has stepped forward
    with the courage to step up and say …. I am the leader.

    The boots on the ground … don’t have a clue about who is in charge. All I
    have heard throughout this “protest” from the boots on the ground is
    …. …. “F@#k this, f#@k that and if you ain’t wit it f#@k you”.. but won’t tell Kap to
    … f##k the NFL, let’s go home.

    The plan should be Kap we got you and not Kap we support you. The plan
    should be offering him a job. The plan should be protesting ourselves
    that all we have to negotiate with and defend with is our illiteracy,
    our wilful ignorance, our feelings, our stupid impulsive reactions, our
    adolescence behavior and adult arrested development …… GRADE F.

    • Highest common denominator

      From your profile pic to your words, you’re a full clown.

  • Highest common denominator

    What I’m asking is who compiled the data. That’s important too.

  • Highest common denominator

    Not at all.

  • Dan Topp

    Anyone who has respect for all of the heroes who gave their lives so these morons can disrespect the flag,should stop supporting the NFL. I did,and e mail any sponsors I can.

  • Tony Yost

    they should be fired.This POS PIECE OF SHIT holding his fist high in the air is what the Black Panthers do(Means BLACK POWER..A extreme racist Muslim group that want to kill every man women and child..Lets turn the tables..If this was a white man up there holding his hand up high to salute Hitler..They would say White Power. This would not be aloud…WHO IS WITH ME GETTING THESE ASSHOLES FIRED??????????????????/

  • spike

    Sounds like a real loser to me. Hope they have all really managed their money well, there are a huge number of wives/girl friends who would love to have football on TV discontinued!!! I’m not one of those, but I am not lending support to any such ill thought out nonsense!!!

  • Steve Smith

    “Since 2016, police have shot over 300 men and women in this country.”
    How many men and women in chicago alone have been killed? Yet you only focus on police shootings? Nice way to show only people killed by police matter.

    • June Meek

      They don’t care about the blacks killing blacks. Chicago is a great example. These NFL players wouldn’t have the balls to go there and try to do anything. It is easier to pick on cops. The guns in the Chicago hoods won’t care who they shoot. If it happens to be one of these NFL fools, the thug shooter won’t care. He learned how to be how he is by the nasty rap he was listening to. There is no love or peace in that stuff.

  • danimal09752

    Yeah go ahead and give them their month of protest. I stopped watching last year, due to Kaepernick and his B.S. I stopped watching. Realized I didn’t miss the NFL at all. So whatever. LOL

  • libateriana

    Yeah, way to announce to the world that stadium games are NOT police protected! Geesh, you’d be a fool to go to a game now!

  • Obi Sean

    These ENTERTAINERS need to check their privilege.

  • Americal1970

    If an NFL game is played in Britain or Mexico the national anthem of the host country is also played. Would the NFL front office defend disrespecting those anthems?


    People off the block will be bumping this song for the month of November to protest the police… Click the link to hear 😉

  • jimmy vickers

    Let them try it and we’ll see what happens. Team owners need to grow a pair and control these overpaid idiots who seem to just want to spread hate.


    The first order of business in November “Police Brutality” month will be to discuss the desecration of the United States of America flag by the pig police union. We will discuss how disrespectful it is to color the US American flag black & blue, the same color people look like after getting brutalized & murdered by the pig police. We will also discuss the different types of pigs in the ranks by playing this song 😉

    • June Meek

      You have a lot of hate in you. And hate attracts hate. Need to remember that. The universe gives back to you exactly what you send out. Need to let all of it go. The only person you are hurting is yourself.


    The second order of business in November’s “Police Brutality” month will be to demand a presidential pardon for Assata Shakur and listen to this song by Tupac Shakur, in Cuba under his alias Kasinova that Don 😉

  • osteomed

    I certainly hope that if the NFL were stupid enough to interact and anti-police protest month, they would tank and do so severely!!!
    It’s obvious under the circumstances especially, that Rodger Goodell has no power as the commissioner of the NFL or has no will to do his job therefore, they should both tank severely, Goodellany and the organization he’s the commissioner of, the NFL.

  • Justin D Horn

    Can you say pathetic much? How about these poor, downtrodden souls simply play the damn game that were hired for millions to do and leave politics out of it?
    They have more than ample amount of time when not on the field to voice their opinions, protest or put their money where their mouths are and do something to help the ‘actual’ people repressed by poverty etc.

    All these millionaire celebrity crybabies could actually make a difference on low income communities by creating businesses there and granting them work opportunities instead of welfare. Not enough of them do so.
    These ‘professional’ NFL players represent their cities and team they are paid very well to play at. As a commercial construction Forman working throughout Seattle in my day… how long do you think it would take my company to fire me if opted to pull that kind of shite on a job site? Exactly long enough to walk to the job shack and take a call from corporate telling me to get stepping, I’m fired.

    • Highest common denominator

      you realize the NFL disrespects the flag more than Kaepernick or any other player, right?

      • Cheri van

        There you go again, crying. Why not start rising your children correctly. Why not stop black killing blacks. That’s a good place to start. A study was done in Chicago, a 1,000 Mothers in 2009 were asked after deliver who the father was. Out of the 1,000 Mothers 350 either didn’t know or would not say who the father was. Why? Are they looking to collect welfare? Now it’s almost 2018 and those kids will be 9 years old. Who going to be their father figures? NO one, where will they turn, gangs. Will mommy give a $h*+? As long as the government pays woman to have children the vicious circle won’t end. Protest that.

        • Highest common denominator

          That is being addressed by many groups. I suppose you don’t believe people can be capable of thinking more than one thing at a time is bad, huh?

  • Vic vapor

    football players with no regard… booo
    LEO, we’re with ya…. Yay.!!

  • Mike Schmidt

    NFL players seem to forget that without the American people…. there is no money to pay the players and to maintain the needed venues for football. See ya NFL…. can’t say its been good since you allow highly paid players to disrespect the flag that I served to protect!

    • Highest common denominator

      I also served, and I’m fine with their demonstrations. We fought to allow Americans to make their own decisions, whether we like them or not.

  • Mari Dickson Jung

    Where in hell would we be without a police force? Be assured there’s already a decline in football fans; many empty seats in stadiums. Blacks racism has made me into a white racist. Previously, I never gave color a thought.

    • Highest common denominator

      nah, you’ve always been a racist. people fighting for issues that don’t effect you just brought it out.

  • lokiswife

    Dear NFL Players:
    Instead of making a fool of yourself by disrespecting the flag of the country that has given you more chances to make a good life for yourself than any other country, why don’t you use your fame and influence with young black men to tell them to stay in school, stay away from gangs and focus on their futures….
    You did it – many of you came from unfortunate circumstances to rise above it by hard work and focusing on your goals. You tell them how you did it, that it wasn’t easy but now you can look back and realize that it was worth it. Don’t continue the divisiveness and hatred that some people in this country are using for their benefit, we are all Americans and need to look beyond color of one’s skin – look to their character instead. There are good people and bad people in all colors.
    They want revenge for the past? Tell them to study hard, learn marketable skills and be the top contender for jobs they are competing for. Show “Whitey” that you can do it – be the best and the brightest, the top man. Show them how far you can go…and do it with class! You won’t be sorry when you look back over your life in later years.

  • Tom Pullins

    Anthony Hernandez, NFL star shot and killed a man (actually a couple) but we will just go with the conviction. Is that every NFL players fault…Protest the NFL, they are killing people. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but what is the difference?

  • Pepe Le Pew

    Hey, National Felons League: This is what it’s about. All you do is toss a ball around and play a game. This is what REAL heroes do:

  • retsgt63

    These over paid otherwise unemployable jackasses are so interested in taking a knee? How about taking a knee in a Chicago church on a Sunday morning next to a family who just lost a child in a shooting by a future NFL player

  • Hugh Hammer

    If I protested at work I would be fired……….And I should be fired for screwing off at work! What makes them so friggin special

  • Rex

    Screw the NFL, we can do without them, we cannot do without our men and women in BLUE. We need law and order, we no longer need cheap entertainment that supports players who disrespect the military, local law enforcement, and this great country!

  • shinden58

    I would have to read the 10 page memo before I comment rather than jump to conclusions based on this one article. How do I know the memo even exists.

  • USAisfailing

    Not only should the NFL tank for this stunt, but the NFL sponsors like Pepsi need to feel the burn. I’m done buying any products who support the NFL unless they pull sponsorship NOW>

    • Jackson

      I am currently looking for a list of all NFL sponsors because I agree that not only should the NFL suffer, but so should the companies that support them (and thus, their policies/beliefs/etc.)

    • Jackson

      Here is an “official” list from the player’s association:

  • jgcat

    shut the NFL down and fire all the black lives that seem to think they matter. who do they think they control here? they are over paid and need to go back to the getto, from which they came.

  • Not Sure

    Only in America would athletes paid millions of dollars just to run around, tell the people on the actual front lines dealing with the BS that they’re not doing their job correctly. If they want to be the advocate they claim to be, why not give up the salaries and join the police force.

    Where are these brain damaged athletes (fact) when it comes to the nightly murders? Never a word from them about the kids killed by random stray bullets throughout America or the 15 to 1 homicide rate of AA.

  • Donnie Fleming

    I no longer support the NFL in anyway.

  • Scott Wallace

    Start protesting violence and get national media everytime there is urban violence or an NFL player is arrested. Get owners to only hire players without a criminal record. All Pro sports.

  • davidlaing

    What are these people thinking? Without police, we would be a lawless society. Is that what we really want?Any society that sees its police as the enemy is no society at all. Police enforce the law, and laws are the rules that we live by. As with any other institution, the police can have some bad actors. These need to be set straight, but they are no excuse for throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Nick Mastrovito

    Haven’t seen a football game this season yet and November isn’t looking any better. If the NFL gave a crap, they would be do something more productive than let their overpriced sissies take a knee or hold up their left fist. I mean, if they dance in the endzone, they get penalized for excessive celebration or if a player isn’t wearing a sponsor’s logo on their equipment/uniform, they are penalized but this is okay???? Let’s stand with the NFL players who know how to show proper respect like Steeler Villanueva and others.

  • Horace Gresham

    I had little respect for these overpaid babies before this; I have no respect for them now. Everyone should stop going to the games, stop watching it on TV, and stop purchasing anything from the NFL.

  • Stella

    The NFL has no business geting involved in politics or protests. They are there to play ball as they get paid millions of dollars. Okay, I agree, the police do not need to protect the stadiums. The players are big, bad and ugly and can take care of any thing they start or is started in the stadiums. If I was the police, I would stop also of being available. They have gotten to be a disgrace to the sport field. Most are not educated as we have all learnt over the years. Send them all to the east or North Korea and let them do their disgrace of the countries. so tired of it being on any news station.

  • Bond Summers

    Thank you Dear Police! Keep things legit.

  • Allen Childs

    My family and me are finished with the NFL. This employer lets this anti American stuff be used by “employees” so we have simply decided to not buy their product. Actually it’s rather nice to not be watching and now more doing in our lives. Allen, Palatka, FL

  • Denise Weber

    Now NFL want Paid to Protest? Give me a Break! Such BS..All Lives Matter,not All Cops are Bad Cops,not all NFL Players are Racist…many of them are,that’s why they Hold Fists Up Now,to Pledge Allegience to Black Empowerment,instead of Hand over Heart showing Support for the Country and men that Died for their Ungrateful selves !!!

  • Deplorable Devil dog

    I am submitting a request to the NFL that every player who disrespects our nation, our people and or our flag be fired immediately!

    These immature, overpaid petulant children need to learn the hard lessons of life! It is not them that made this nation great….but it is the American greatness that enabled them to earn such outrageous salaries…for playing a game!

    They hate our nation….then GET OUT and don’t come back!

  • doctorivy

    I was a Steelers fan for longer than anyone on the roster has been alive. My mother was nuked twice by this country, and my entire family was poisoned by the US government in Camp Lejeune, N.C., which the government covered up and for which they have taken no meaningful responsibility. And I would never consider not standing for, and placing my right hand over my heart during, the national anthem of my country. Make no mistake: the USA is the greatest nation this world has ever seen, and was founded by visionary men who cherished freedom above all else. None of us are here against our will, and I suggest if you find living here so distasteful that you insist on exercising your freedom by disrespecting our national symbols that you simply leave.

    • doctorivy

      I’m exercising my freedom by no longer watching, attending, or listening to any NFL games. It breaks my heart that the NFL, which used to promote nothing more subversive than life insurance, car batteries, beer, and shaving products has turned into a mouthpiece for enemies of traditional American values.

  • Mike Bozart

    If A-B pulls their beer ads, this league of spoiled brats is done.

  • AK_Griz

    I will never pay to see those despicable bums.
    They are the scum of the earth.

  • JoeS

    The owners, Commissioner and sponsors are all a bunch of cowards for not supporting out country flag, soldiers and first responders. They are all afraid to criticize the football players. They say that our President disrespected the NFL and players. The fact is the players disrespected our flag, soldiers, and first responders. They have their priorities mixed up. Football is a game sport while our first responders and soldiers play in the real world that is very dangerous – all for the right for these football players to protest from their million dollar so called “Job’s”Every one of these spoiled brats and the Commissioner should be fired. They are all easily replaced and no one will miss them. Their lack of respect for our country and the men and women who dedicate their life to protect us while these thugs sit on their as- and knee in protest of our great country. They are pathetic. Any team that allows this type of disrespect should be boycotted and so should their sponsors.

    • Highest common denominator

      You should be more mad at the NFL for flying the flag horizontally. That’s an actual flag etiquette violation.

  • Luz A Verdejo

    Does anti-police month would destroy the NFL’s already tanking ratings? Don’t know. This is for the fan to decide. But it’s funny that Michael Bennett who endorsed the memo was the one lying of his arrest by the Vegas police. When the nation makes standing for the flag to honor all Americans who died for this nation, then not standing is a dishonor for all Americans that gave their live for this nation, white, black, brown, red or yellow. Is all Americans, not only blacks.
    The NFL should just stand against all who dishonest the flag. If you don’t care, they you should not play and get pay millions of dollars for it. Simple as that.
    You want to protest against the issue of Police killing black people, than make your protest something different. Write to your congressman or elected officials. Organize a concert to express your concerns about this issue. Black lives matter! But also all lives matter!. You can ask the NFL officials that after the flag salute to have a minute of silence for the black kill by police. But never dishonor all those who gave their live for the freedom you enjoy.

    • Highest common denominator

      So you’re basically saying you want it to be compulsory that everyone stands for the flag.

      You do realize the irony in forcing people to stand for a symbol of freedom, right?

      • Jackson

        Granted, the English is not the best in her post, but pretty sure the word “compulsory” never came up. “Not standing is a dishonor” is in there, and that is true (and why so many people are disappointed by these childish “protests”). They have shown their support for breast cancer for years by wearing pink gloves, shoes, and other uniform additions….and that is for the whole game, not just the anthem. Everything about this “protest” goes leaps and bounds to show how little they actually care.

        • Highest common denominator

          Where exactly is it written that not standing is a dishonor?

          What is written, in the US Flag Code, is that the flag should not be flown laying down, horizontally. Yet, before every game the flag is waved horizontally over the field.

          Why are all these people upset at someone kneeling when standing is a suggestion, but not upset when flag code states the flag shouldn’t be flown horizontally?

          I think it’s because you don’t know what you’re talking about and are relying on feelings to guide your actions.

          • Jackson

            So you need it written down that standing for the anthem disrespects those that fought and gave their lives so you can have the freedom to ask such questions? Are you missing the use of your legs or wheelchair-bound in some manner? If the answer is no, then you should stand for the anthem. We used to be taught to stand for the anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, but maybe you’re too young to have been taught that.

          • Highest common denominator

            Alright, let’s go with it being disrespectful.

            There are plenty of veterans, me included, that realize what we fight for is the ability to choose. To stand or to sit based on your personal beliefs. What you’re saying is you’d take away that freedom of choice in order for you to feel better. That is pretty Un-American.

            And if disrespect is your main concern, why haven’t you said anything about the NFL flying the flag horizontally over the field? That is expressly forbidden in the Flag Code, yet they do it before every game. Shouldn’t you be mad at that?

          • Jackson

            “Flying the flag horizontally”? Pretty sure they’re holding it, not “flying it”. So by your measure of “flying it”, how would you suggest flags be held when they are folded after being taken down, when they are retired due to aging/wear, when they are draped over the caskets of the fallen, when they are folded to be presented to those the fallen have left behind? Did you ever take part in such a ceremony as a veteran? Did you ask your superiors how they could ask you to “fly the flag horizontally” during those procedures? If memory serves me correctly, I believe we were required to hold it parallel to the grounder…not unlike they do at the start of most games.

          • Highest common denominator

            First, once a flag is being retired, it’s no longer considered flying. Also:

            “The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.”

            Further, the only people mandated to salute the flag are military personnel in uniform. Everyone else “should” face the flag, and “may” render the civilian salute of hand over your heart.

            “Those in uniform give the appropriate formal salute.”

            “When the flag passes in a procession, or when it is hoisted or lowered, all should face the flag and salute.”

          • Jackson

            Looking at this response and your next one, we must be looking at two similar but different codes. I do not see a section entitled “Parading and Saluting the Flag”. I’m pulling from the U.S. Code Title 4 – The Flag and Seal, Seat of Government, and the States from

            Also from the same U.S. Code Title 36 – Patriotic and National Observances, Ceremonies, and Organizations; Section 301 – National Anthem:
            (a) DESIGNATION.—The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.
            (b) CONDUCT DURING PLAYING.—During a rendition of the national anthem—
            (1) when the flag is displayed—
            (A) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note;
            (B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and
            (C) all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and

            (2) when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.

            And, just so there’s no nitpicking of the details, the anthem section was amended in 2008 in this manner:

            2008—Subsec. (b)(1)(A) to (C). Pub. L. 110–417 added subpars. (A) to (C) and struck out former subpars. (A) to (C) which read as follows:
            “(A) all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart;
            “(B) men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold the headdress at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and
            “(C) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note; and”

          • Highest common denominator

            exactly what i was looking at, the site i saw it on just had it mapped out in words instead of sections.

            Still, nothing in there directs civilians to do anything as far as the flag is concerned. they suggest, but no directing unless you’re in uniform.

            and the NFL still violates multiple times a week by displaying the flag horizontally.

          • Jackson

            I have searched the entire code and do not see your “horizontal display” issue. As far as the original issue of standing for the anthem, how much more clear can it be stated than “all present/persons not in uniform should stand covering their heart with right hand while the anthem plays” (facing flag if present, facing music if not)? I even provided the link and the title was 36 and the section was 301….and just so there’s no confusion, the uniforms in question would be military uniforms not team uniforms. So, that would be standing, not kneeling, not sitting on a bench, and ideally with hand over heart not arm in arm (but maybe they can’t remember right from left, so we should start with baby steps of getting them on their feet).

          • Highest common denominator

            what part of “should” is hard for you to understand? That denotes choice, not command. the players are not uniformed, so the SUGGESTION that they stand is an option.

            and Section 8 (Respect for Flag) Item C reads “The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.”

            So according to Flag Code, the NFL disrespects the flag every time they stretch it flat across the field. It’s pretty, but it’s wrong. Same goes with Budweiser, Coca Cola, and a myriad of different companies plastering the American Flag over their product. Conversely, according to the flag code, nothing that the players have done has disrespected the flag, no matter how much you don’t like it.

            Protest the NFL carrying the flag wrong, since your drawls are in a bunch over “disrespect” of the flag.

          • Jackson

            The part where you’re confusing “should” with “may”. Example: you “should” breathe because your brain is apparently suffering from oxygen deprivation, but you “may” skip your next dose of medicinal whatever because it’s severely hampering your ability to make me think you’ve actually thought any of this out.

          • Highest common denominator

            nope. the word you’re looking for is “shall.” “Shall” is a direction. “Should” is a suggestion. Feel free to ask anyone that has worn a uniform about that significant difference.

            Besides, “may” is also used in the flag code as a suggestion. Again, not a direction.

          • Jackson

            Well then, using your own description (not definition) of the word “should” look again at your “horizontal” carrying section…pretty big use of “should” there, kind of shoots down your whole “be mad about how they hold (or are they carrying, or is it parading) the flag”. You need to decide what you’re debating. Is it standing, is it horizontal holding/carrying/parading, is it descriptions of words? You are the epitome of a troll (or liberal) because every time someone shoots you down (with actual references and links) you change topics.

          • Highest common denominator

            I take it from this conversation that you were never in the military. there are a few key phrases that let you know exactly how to read this.

            “carried” doesn’t mean carried in your hand. shown, paraded, displayed is the meaning of carried here. it doesn’t mean carry a flag in your hand “aloft and free.”

            The phrases “should NEVER”, and then “But ALWAYS” are your operating phrases.

            Please try to justify what “but always” means, other than its actual meaning.

          • Jackson

            You would be wrong, which is exactly how you would be treated in the military if you opted to act opposite a “should” statement. Granted it would generally not be a court martial offense (cannot think of a court martial offense using “should” terminology), but depending on your superior’s idea of a fitting punishment it could make you wish for discharge. Which brings us back to your view of “should” being optional…everything is optional if you’re willing to accept the consequences, and like I said punishment (nothing overly despicable, but enough additional duties generally followed that made you opt to as you “should”) was always instituted to make you do as you “should”. In the spirit of your optional view of “should”, “should NEVER” is just as optional. See how the hole keeps getting deeper…you can’t have it both ways, either “should” is optional, or it isn’t. The “but always” is pretty ironclad, however, where would you suggest a 300 feet by 150 feet flag be hoisted aloft? Can’t hang it off the side of a building because that could be construed as draping it over the building by your strict use of the Code’s terminology and pretty sure no one is going to provide you with an over fifteen story flagpole. So, we’re pretty much stuck with how it is displayed before games as it has been since 1984 (and that was at half the size of the ones you’re whining about that gained prominence after 9/11)….and the rippling effect added by those holding/carrying/parading/insert word of choice here is done to give the appearance of it being “aloft and free” in lieu of a flagpole that is more than 150 feet in length (because it would have to be right or the flag would be draping over something or dragging the ground).

            So, back to the standing for the national anthem (which three days later is still unaddressed by you)…from the exact same U.S. Code that produced your version of the Flag Code, are we still going off your use of “should” as optional? For “should” to be so “optional”, the Code went to some pretty specific lengths in covering those in uniform, those not in uniform, aliens/those from other countries, those with headdresses, etc.

          • Highest common denominator

            Oh, and my references come from the section of the flag code under “Parading and Saluting the Flag.” the pregame ritual is most definitely parading the flag.

            So again, why are you not upset at the NFL parading the flag horizontally?

  • Harold Levin

    It will take several years to determine the economic impact of this confrontation. Fans will stop buying tickets and concessions and NFL products. However, many persons have already paid for season tickets or paid for individual game tickets. You will see the impact of this economic variable next year when the new season starts. Many players are on multi-year contracts so they won’t see the impact until their contracts expire. The persons that will be mostly affected are new players, players whose contracts expire or players with only one year contracts. Sponsors will have to evaluate the impact on the TV viewing audience. This could get very ugly.

  • Daniel Jones

    Lets make November “Bite the Hand That Feeds You” month.

  • Scott Kight

    They are, in my opinion, a bunch of overpaid, entitled, idiots. Unfortunately, we can pass all the laws we want in our country, but we just can’t pass a law against being stupid. As for me, I am not going to watch NFL football until they get over themselves. I can always find something else to do on my Sunday afternoons.

  • cvconover

    Respect the players right to protest, whatever they wish to protest, but I have tuned the NFL out. Don’t want/need political statements in my entertainment. I can’t demand it but I vote with my wallet and attention.

    But how about the league, the owners, the players and the fans address domestic abuse first.

  • Marc O’Neal

    Go ahead! Protest the police all you want! Guess what? Nothing will change with the police neither. The thugs like Alton Sterling, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner all have the same thing in common, they caused their own demise. As long as you fight, argue, try to take a gun, assault, run and many other unlawful things to cops, you might get blown away for it if it comes to that. These cops do not have time to figure out your intentions when these things happen, they can only go by your reactions. In the end, cops have every right to go home each night to their families. You want to protest something, protest black on black murders. For every one cop that kills a black person, 50 or more get smoked by another black person that same week all over this country. In my little ole city alone we had 10 murders in one week recently. Of course, they all happened in the hood part of town that you will not find a white person within 20 miles of.

  • Bill

    All I have to say to these privileged protesters is for them to imagine what it would be like without the police out there putting their lives at risk for all of our safety’s sake. Life is much worse in other countries. And even if you have a dislike for the police that is no excuse to disrespect the U S Flag. People died defending that for your freedom.

  • Michael Collins

    I have no interest in supporting a mob of overpaid, privileged blacks players

  • anth1225

    Yeah do it and see what happens. Real stupid. Shows the characters of the players involved

  • E. Grace

    Then how about all Law Enforcement take the month of November off from working in the Stadiums…

  • ancienthoosier

    If they do this it will be another kiss of death to the league that has grown too important in their own eyes. I’d rather watch NCAA football anyway. Maybe Rugby and Soccer will begin to rise .

  • LM

    Never have the owners misread their fan base so badly. This will turn out exactly as it did for Missouri. Pandering to the left will kill your business.

  • Georgia Girl

    November is the month to protest the NFL….just think of everything else you can get done!!! No NFL merchandise for Christmas this year folks. They are now anti-American. I’m done!

  • Sandra Sarich

    The NFL is dead. We are the only country that this sport was big in but it will never be the same. What they protest on their on private time is their business but the rest of us wanted to watch the game and not think about politics and those ignorant whiners ruined it. My family will not be watching any NFL games not even the super bowl!!! Maybe we can join the rest of the world with real football aka soccer!!! THE NFL IS DEAD We love our country and what it stands for including our LEOs and all of our military!!

  • Windee

    It is a shame that a group of very well paid athletes feel the need to protest against the very people that allow them to proceed safely through games and within communities. One thing they seem to feel won’t touch them is unemployment.
    As these people complain about the police shooting these “victims”, we have a large number of officers that didn’t fire their weapon and are now no longer here to protect and serve. If someone puts themselves into a situation that involves a police officer being called, and they appear as a threat to the officer or another human being, they should be prepared for whatever the outcome – even death.
    I commend every officer that goes out there each day and will continue to give them my respect and support. As for the protesting athletes, I have no respect for any of you. Respect is earned and regardless of how you play ball, it is how you treat others and how you speak to and of others, that will ultimately be a deciding factor as to the respect you will be given.
    The police officers and our military chose careers that serve others; you chose to entertain. I choose to honor and respect those that serve for the good our communities and our country!

  • ♥ Stewart French ♥

    What about all the innocent animals the police kill everyday? Is the nfl going to have a month for them? Animals Lives Matter

  • James Pellinghelli

    It us about time that all good people of good conscience rebuke this publicity seeking stunt.

    When did we decude to have the least educated population of our society who play a game for a living which pays outrageous salaries can act as if their opinions matter.

    Shame on all tbose involved in this ridiculous behavior.

    If the NFL Really mattered, ut would not be so easy for me to change the channel when I see this nonsense.

    Remember, no NFL player kneeling has any value in our society. Now, I would not miss them if the game were not on tv.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Heather Hayer’s family would disagree with you.

  • pencowgirl

    The owners should be ashamed. From the start Kapernick and his socks sent a message. The commissioner should have ended it.

  • Leslie Ware


  • Dan Caruso

    Just catch the damn ball and shut up about police violence. That is what your paid to do. It’s not your job to police the police.

  • John Luke

    I’m not watching NFL or ESPN. It’s like watching msnbc. I’ll go to a high school game before I waste time to see overpaid disrespectful players. Roger goodell went to the supreme court over underinflated football’s ! But has allowed disgraceful acts towards the flag and anthem ! The owners ,Kraft,Jones, etc should have remedied this. Protest whatever you want on your own time ,not mine. If it’s all about First Amendment rights then I am going to exercise My First Amendment right on Sunday and go fishing.

  • June Meek

    They are pathetic. Trayvon Martin? How long ago did that happen? And Zimmerman was found not guilty and he was not a cop. Brown was shot by a cop because Brown had just robbed a jewelry store, attacked the cop and tried getting that cops gun to shoot the cop. I am so sick and tired of this BS. I hope the NFL goes out of business. Screw these privileged, multi millionaire prima donnas. What are they doing about all of the black on black murders in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter? Nothing. F them. And I am not even a sports fan. At least they have not gotten any of my money or time.

  • cr0ak

    I would love to order that T-Shirt. But I have two problems with it. First, the main message is on the BACK of the shirt. Why? Second, it says “I don’t kneel” (below a flag). I’d prefer it to say “I kneel only when I pray”.

    Oh, and third – it only comes in the men’s shirt – nothing for ladies. (I hate wearing baggy T-shirts!)

  • cetaami

    The protests are not anti-police. They are anti-police brutality. Stop distorting the facts. You can support police and still be against brutality. Most cops are exemplary. Bad cops taint the rest of the force.

  • Marygay Rollins Cowan

    isn’t a fist in the air what the black panthers do????