NFL Won’t Allow Dallas Cowboys To Wear Decal Supporting Police

Dallas Cowboys wore the Arm in Arm decal on their helmets during training camp. The NFL told them to remove the decal before preseason.

Dallas Cowboys wore the Arm in Arm decal on their helmets during training camp. The NFL told them to remove the decal before preseason.

NFL Won’t Allow Dallas Cowboys To Wear Decal Supporting Police

The Dallas Cowboys have been wearing the Arm in Arm decal on their helmets during training camp. The team just announced that they will need to remove the decals when they start the preseason schedule. The decal is a violation of NFL uniform policy and they won’t allow it.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, spoke on the issue. “That decision doesn’t take away from our emphasis on unity,” owner Jerry Jones said. “I’m proud of our team, proud of our team leadership, Jason Witten particularly, for really instigating and putting that together.”

“We made the statement and we’re proud of it, but we certainly respect and abide by the wishes of the NFL.”

The training camp was opened up with the players, coaches, police, and family members of slain officers, all walking arm-in-arm. The Cowboys wanted to communicate a message of unity after the Dallas Black Lives Matter Terrorist attack.

The Dallas Cowboys’ helmets in the training camp have since displayed an inoffensive Arm in Arm decal to communicate that message of unity.

On Wednesday afternoon, the NFL advised the Cowboys that they would have to remove the decals prior to the start of the preseason.

“Our goal all along was to show support to the victim’s families, the Dallas Police Department and to try to unite our community,” said Witten, according to The Dallas Morning News. “I understand the NFL has uniform rules and guidelines they have to follow, but that still doesn’t mean we aren’t going to support and honor our community and stand arm in arm with them now and in the future. The decal not being on the helmet is not going to stop that.”

The NFL is notorious for not allowing exceptions to their strict uniform policy. While only the extreme Black Lives Matter activists would be offended by the message of unity, that’s enough for the NFL to say no.

The NFL has been embroiled in scandals with Black Lives Matter before. In 2014, St. Louis Rams players came onto the field making the “hands-up don’t shoot” gesture. Also, the Super Bowl halftime show this year featured Beyonce, who had dancers come out wearing Black Panther outfits.

The difference here for the NFL is that the Arm in Arm sticker affects the uniform, which is a no-go.

“We certainly understand the position the league takes on this but it won’t diminish our support for that concept of unity and supporting our police force and what they do to make our lives better on a daily basis,” head coach Jason Garrett said. “You know, that Arm in Arm image is something we really believe in.

“We talk a lot about unity and having each other’s backs and certainly they (police department) embody that. Even though we won’t have decals on our helmets, our support for them and what they do for our communities to make our lives better won’t diminish.”

SOURCE: The Dallas Morning News

  • Jerome

    I commend the Cowboys for the support they have given and for the way they have done it.
    No violence, no protests, no bashing… Just a simple show of support for those men and women who risk their lives every day to try and keep us safe.
    And kudos to them for taking the NFL ruling for what it is and not making it into something it isn’t. I am sure that the Cowboys will find some way to show their support that is within the NFL guidelines.

  • IronMike

    I had no love for the Cowboys, but now I do.

    And here’s a suggestion: temporary tattoos on the players’ arms. That might work, yes?

  • damadtech

    Never was a fan of the Cowboys but I have great respect for their efforts on this! The NFL is a conference of idiots and the reason I no longer support anything to do with the NFL that knowingly puts money in their pockets at any level.

  • TyroneCobb

    that jew Roger Goodell is anti police. He lets a bunch of nigger thugs play in his league but has a problem with a police sticker, I will never spend a dime on the NFL

  • Rona Allen

    Everyone knew the answer would be “No”….No BLM ….No Police Unity…”Fair”, absolutely no issue with that decision …kinda remind you of “Separate but Equal”

  • Franko USA

    Good news, KAEPERNICK CAN SIT THROUGH ANTHEM freedom of speech said the NFL

    SO put on those decals FREEDOM OF SPEECH….

  • Tom Kopaskie

    Well now it’s time to organize a campaign to attack Goodell’s office until they cave. Like maybe telling the NFL they no longer get police and have to hire security…
    Use the BLM methods against the BLM allies.