New York Giants Player Has ‘Urination Celebration’ Directed At President Trump – Different Message For Military

Odell Beckham protested President Trump with a 'urination celebration.'

Odell Beckham protested President Trump with a ‘urination celebration.’

Odell Beckham Protests Trump Without Dragging National Anthem Into It

Philadelphia, PA – New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.’s ‘urination celebration’ for a touchdown at Sunday’s game occurred when he acted like a dog and pretended to urinate in the Philadelphia Eagles end zone.

He admitted on Monday, September 25, in a social media post that he intended for the gesture to be for President Trump, in response to remarks he made about NFL players who kneel during the national anthem, according to Fox News.  President Trump called the players “sons of bitches” and said they should be fired.

Beckham was interviewed after Sunday’s game, and when asked why he did what he did, said “I was in the end zone. I scored a touchdown. I’m a dog so I acted like a dog. I don’t know if the rulebook said you can’t hike your leg. (The referee) said I peed on somebody, so I was trying to find the imaginary ghost that I peed on. But I didn’t see him.”

He received a penalty for his “urination celebration” actions by a referee but not for his raised fist salute which occurred after another touchdown.

A. J. Willingham, a writer for CNN, asked in a social media post if perhaps Beckham was referring to the President’s remarks, and mentioned that he had referred to himself as a dog.  Beckham responded that “if u seen that, I have to tip my hat to u for thinkin outside the box. #URRIGHTONPOINT impressed.”

Despite his protest of President Trump, Beckham did not kneel for the national anthem.

In October, 2016, Beckham went out of his way to let the men and women in the military know how he felt about them.  Beckham walked the sidelines at U.S. Bank Stadium and shook the hand of each military member that held the flag during the National Anthem.

“The line was a little long. I didn’t know. I got halfway through it and I had to ask one of them, ‘How many is y’all?’ He said, ‘There’s a lot of us.’ I said, ‘Well, I really appreciate what y’all do,’” Beckham told Sporting News.

Beckham previously ignored NFL League rules and wore 9/11 tribute cleats on the 15 year anniversary, at their game in Dallas.

The Giants lost Sunday’s game 24-27.

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  • kansas

    You play a game that people pay to watch. Keep it up. Take a pretend crap next week.

  • Jean Hill

    Keep digging, Beckham, keep digging.

  • Steffy93


    • mac


  • Rick B

    Boycott NIKE -

  • RobWJr

    All the more reason not to watch. I used to love the game. I haven’t for a while now, so it’s not hard to give up.

    • navy snipe

      I can’t even remember the last time I watched a NFL game, always college for me. After baseball I go hibernate for the winter, except to watch an occasional hockey game..

    • william tell

      I’m surviving without it. It started way before the Kneeling. I got tired of the hotdogs or hood rats, like Beckham and their lack of sportsmanship. It’s a ghetto league now, when Billionaire owners are too afraid of their Black players that they cater to the mob.

      • Theresa McCauley

        Way to tell it Bill,,,your exactly right. After Tomlin pulled the shit where he stepped in front of one of our runners and turned and sneered at the camera, that was it for me. It’s all a dog an pony show and I’ve been saying for about 3 years that the games are called before as to who is to win…..It’s all about putting on a show for $$$$$$$. I’d rather go watch my local high school kids play…

  • Who is John Galt?

    They are protesting the myth/hoax of black victimization. Here are the actual numbers.

    • ZuZu’sPetals

      But, but, but …… those don’t work at all for their cause!

  • NewWest 123

    In defense of Trump aside from the way he speaks, what did he say wrong other than to fire your self absorbed spoiled butts?! And what was your excuse last year? I see you are working so hard to set an example to young people. !

  • NewWest 123

    Just read that Direct TV is refunding NFL game plays if your reason is the Protests. Normally there are no refunds once the subscription has started. It’s working folks!

    • navy snipe

      There are quite a few establishments in my hometown now that are refusing to turn on TV’s to any NFL game at anytime!!

      • Theresa McCauley

        The local moose in my neighborhood is Sunday a Nascar day now……

    • richard scalzo

      DTV has stopped charging for the NFL package years ago when they couldn’t sell it.

  • DSA

    “How many is y’all?” A gentleman and a scholar!

    • navy snipe

      Drafted from college at that!!

  • Steve

    I don’t think a White, Hispanic, or Asian athlete would have a job if he did “The Pee” on President Obama.

  • LEO

    Just stop watching these a-holes and supporting idiots.

  • dan

    NFL no longer exists at my home!

    • Tonya Parnell


  • dasher

    Y’all is 0-3.

  • JBo

    “I’m a dog so I acted like a dog.” Well…no argument there but I’ve never seen a league work so hard to put itself out of business by coming up with new and disgusting things.


    Keep moving…Nothing to see here….Just the animal coming out of the savage negro…..!

  • gunslinger97

    I don’t get it. He shakes the hands of military members and thanks them. He honors and remembers the victims of 9/11. Then he does this. I understand he does not like Trump. I understand people burned Obama in effigy, but I don’t recall any actors/singers/sports stars doing anything like that on national television for Obama. I guess I can halfway like this guy and halfway hate him.

  • Rick

    He is a DOG and Roger Goodell SHOULD BE FIRED. If ” ANY ” player ” Black or White” did that for Obama they would be on indefinite suspension if they were not immediately fired.

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Peacefully protesting black athletes Trump calls SOBs and has ongoing feud with.
    Whites that commit terrorist violence in Charlottesville Trump calls very fine people.
    White Navy Corpsman that mistreats newborn black babies of fellow Navy personnel in a military hospital Trump says nothing about.
    White ex cop that goes close to the WhiteHouse with dozens of guns and lots of ammo Trump says nothing about.

    • Rick

      The FACTS are that this is about ANYONE that disrespects our Veterans, our National Anthem and our Flag. We and I am sure President Trump does not give a damm whether the protestors here are Black, White or Chinese. It is the fact that the DISRESPECT is happening. Freedom of Speech ends at the front door of your job and your speech is limited to what your employer allows. Roger Goodell should have put the hammer down last year on the 49er. who started this shit. The ONLY reason he didn’t is he knew that the player would yell racism and he did not want that battle. Check out what happened to these 2 police officers here in Chicago, Also, President Trump has not said a word that I could find about the black man that killed a white woman and shot 6 other people in Nashville. The Ex Cop was arrested with his weapons and the President most likely never even heard about it. Last night in Chicago 6 black young men and a woman attacked a white man jogging and after stealing everything he had and beating him up pretty good they dumped him in Lake Michigan.

      • Jonas Blane ll

        You speak about disrespect for veterans the flag the national anthem. Yet you leave the person I mentioned who truly did all of these things . The white Navy Corpsman that mistreated the newborn babies of her fellow Navy personnel at a military hospital. This shows that this whole attack on Kaepernick and NFL players is bogus.

        • Rick

          There are ASSHOLES everywhere in ALL RACES. I grew up on the south side of Chicago in Roseland, I was the ONLY WHITE BOY there and had my ass kicked numerous times. My Mom was raised by her father and a woman who was black who married him after my grandmother passed away when my mom was only weeks old. The lady taught her to respect the person for who they are, not what the color of there skin is. She wanted me to learn the same values and I learned that for every time my ass was beaten by a black guy there were 100’s that would be my friend. That 49er, is a self centered asshole who is saying look at poor me. He is very fortunate that he has a skill that has earned him MILLIONS. He needs to get out there and do his good deed’s. Every week I am at funerals for our veterans, both young current KIA’s all the way back to WWII veterans. Have you even been to 1 funeral for a veteran that you did not know? Any player that disrespects Our Veterans, Our Anthem or Our Nation should spend a week at 1 of our many National Cemeteries throughout the country and you will realize that this is not BOGUS… That was a VERY INSULTING COMMENT.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Nice tirade. Yet you only focus on the 49er and black people. The white Navy Corpsman you don’t mention at all.

          • knight2k

            Actually he did, but you are too bigoted to notice.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            He did not. Stop lying.

          • knight2k

            Just because you choose not to read does not make it untrue.

            “There are ASSHOLES everywhere in ALL RACES.”

            This INCLUDES your white asshole corpsman. You are just blinded by your own bigotry.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Yes he said There are assholes everywhere in all races. He then chose to single out the 49er. If he truly meant what he said,he would’ve mentioned the Navy Corpsman in his tirade. Now I know why he did this. However,By making excuses for him you are even more dishonest than Rick.

          • knight2k

            And you are more dishonest in that the corpsman was mistreating babies of ALL races. Didn’t take too much digging to find your lie along with pictures. But you just had to make it about race so you lied that she only did it to black babies. Like I said, you’re a bigot, but now I know you are also a race-baiter.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            All media outlets including Blue Lives Matter showed black babies being mistreated. However,it doesn’t take away from Rick’s bogus All races statement then he proceeds to single out the 49er while not mentioning the Navy Corpsman. The fact that you try to cover for his lie shows you’re just as bogus and dishonest as he is.

          • Rick

            Hey Joanie, READ THE STORY AGAIN… It is about DISRESPECT. That loser 49er’ “player” is a loser just like the clown from the giants. No matter how you write it and no matter how many times you write it you are still NOTHING more then a lier. Get over it, the other half cracker is out of office and this 49er half cracker is out of football. By the way, so am I as I have not watched a game since September 1st. ** 2016 **

          • Jonas Blane ll

            At least I can spell correctly. It’s liar not lier. Why the racial slurs?

          • Rick

            Listen Jonie. I spelled it wrong to show what losers you are when you have nothing substantial to back up your claim you use spell check to see if you can find a word misspelled. Get a life.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Why the racial slurs?

          • Rick

            Is he half white ? Is he half black ? No matter how it is said you would do your best to find fault because it does not fit your agenda to change the narrative from a disrespectful piece of $hit to anything else. I’m done with you so get your last two worthless cents in.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Thank you for not answering the question.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Black NFL players peacefully protest. You attack their 1st amendment rights. You say that they’re not entitled to their ways of expression.

            White Bruce Springsteen makes a song that people say is anti troop. You are on Breitbart defending his 1st amendment rights. You don’t attack Bruce Springsteen’s way of expression.

            This is just another reason why I say these attacks on NFL players is bogus and racially motivated.

          • Rusty Blake

            The black bozo started (and maintains) that he is doing this for racist reasons.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Who are you talking about?

          • Rusty Blake

            The black bozo is protesting the flag because he believes that black criminals should be above the law. It’s interesting that he started he “protest” while the buttboy was still in office and no one supported him.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            Once again,Who are you talking about?

          • Rusty Blake

            I’m talking about ck the black bigoted bozo.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            When did CK (the person you call the black bozo)say he believes that black criminals should be above the law?

          • Rusty Blake

            Every time he opens his mouth.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            I’m sure you have a direct quote of CK saying that I believe black criminals should be above the law.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            You should be able to produce a direct quote from CK since you said He believes that black criminals should be above the law. I’m waiting.

          • knight2k

            “Black NFL players peacefully protest. You attack their 1st amendment
            rights. You say that they’re not entitled to their ways of expression.”

            You are the one bringing race into this. NFL players are protesting on private property. They have no “right” to do this. They are *allowed* to do this by the team and the NFL who could terminate it at any time or fire the players immediately. They are employees and as such have no First Amendment protections while at their company’s property. This has been upheld at SCOTUS numerous times. It would be an entirely different issue if they did this off the field on their own time on their own or public property. That is not the case here.

            That you feel you need to inject race where none exists just shows your own bigotry, Learn the law as it is clear you don’t understand either the law or the Constitution.

            As for Bruce, the song itself is speech as are these protests. However, neither he nor the players have a right to protest or sing for that matter on private property without the owner’s permission. Speech itself is protected. Where you are allowed to make that speech can be restricted or denied entirely.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            The fact that you have 3 paragraphs on black athletes compared to 1 paragraph on Bruce Springsteen shows you bring race into your post.

          • Rick

            Well written however Joanie is BLIND. I can understand why you never replied to his garbage after yuor post above.

          • Rick

            Stay on point here. I know it must be hard however this story is not about Navy Corpsman. IF there is even a shread of truth to YOUR story then the MSM will write a story. Until then STFU. End of Story.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            The Navy Corpsman story is totally true. Even Blue Lives Matter covered it. This just shows how dishonest you are.

          • Rick

            Again, stay on point and create a thread that fits your needs if you feel that strongly about it. Do not try to hijack something else.

          • Jonas Blane ll

            You tell me to stay on point,yet you go off point by bringing up the 49er when the article is about Odell Beckham.

  • richard scalzo

    Yes, he is a true role model.

    Odell Beckham Jr. arrested in London for assault. A DWI?????

    They show real class. Any wonder Giant’s fans have started abandoning the team.

  • bigtony8

    This “Blue Lives Matter” site must be run by a liberal. President Trump has backed Police like no other President has ever done. Yet this site still seems to bash Our President. Is “Blue Lives Matter site” turning into Fake News?

  • David Klier

    What class Odell!