NAACP: Black Police Officers No Longer Black

NAACP says that block police officers like Officer Brentley Vinson are no longer black.

NAACP says that block police officers like Officer Brentley Vinson are no longer black.

NAACP: Black Police Officers No Longer Black

After the Keith Scott shooting in Charlotte, NC the NAACP has proposed a new reason to explain how black police officers are racist. Put simply, if you are a black police officer you are no longer black. Despite all the overwhelming evidence that has been made available which shows that the shooting was justified, the NAACP is certain that Scott was unjustly killed.

The civil rights group had a list of demands released Tuesday to the Charlotte Police Department to make sure that black cops never again shoot and kill armed black men who pose a threat. The NAACP further solidified this by making the following statement:

“Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black. In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.”

Essentially what the NAACP is saying is that once a black person becomes a police officer you are no longer truly a black person. Once a black person makes the decision to serve their community, the NAACP thinks that they become a threat to the safety and well-being of innocent black men by conforming to racism which they claim is deeply rooted in all of policing.

There is no denying Charlotte Officer Brentley Vinson is a black man and a black cop. He is the son of one of the first ever black detectives on the Charlotte Police Department. He played football at Liberty University and Fork Union Military Academy and there have been no reports of police misconduct on his record.

Keith Scott is being hailed as husband and father of the year despite the fact he tried to kill his wife and has a long, violent criminal history.

Keith Scott was shot after police told him over 10 times to drop the gun that he was holding. A gun was recovered on the scene, bystander photos shot the gun on scene, and the police department photos shot the gun. Now the camera footage shows Scott exiting his vehicle with something in his right hand. Despite evidence, the shooting sparked riots all over Charlotte North Carolina. Dozens of officers and civilians have been injured, with thousands of dollars of property being destroyed or stolen. This incident has absolutely nothing to do with racism and trigger happy police but mass media and the NAACP would like you to think otherwise.

  • gm5425

    The NAACP is proof that racists come in all colors.

  • supr squirrel

    Every time I read this crap and think ‘it’s time to start jettisoning people like this into space’ I go back to my Marine Corps days and think ‘we’re all just different shades of green’ and then quietly hum Kumbaya to myself… ????

  • Jenna

    He did all the right things and made all the right choices, but in a world that just doesn’t make sense anymore, it wasn’t enough.
    The NAACP should take this suggestion to heart; The color of your skin doesn’t define you and your future, but your choices do.
    Thanks for your service, Officer Vinson.

  • La Huerita

    So, you’re wanting these black police officers to take on the “black” mentality of the NAACP? Which would that be? Anti-law, Anti-morality? Anti-justice? Anti-order? Anti-social redeeming qualities? You can’t tell a black man what to think or how to act. Isn’t that slavery at it’s finest? NAACP, YOU are the racist. You are the slave owners. Maybe some men black, white or blue want to be free. Free to think for themselves. Free to act in a responsible manner. Free to uphold laws of a civilized society. Free to change laws in a peaceful manner. Free to work where they want to work or to a profession of their calling by their Maker – not approved by the NAACP. You cannot change the color of their skin simply because you demand a certain behavior. This just shows the insanity of this organization. With this kind of thinking if a black man puts on a military uniform and defends the constitution against all enemies – foreign or domestic, he is no longer a black man? If he puts on a suit and works at a professional company is he no longer a black man? Is the only time you are a black man is when you are rioting and looting? What does this say about a black man according the NAACP?

  • Katlin Cross

    In other words blacks want to do what they please, when and where they please, to whom they please, with zero accountability. Any black who does not subscribe to this thug mentality is a race traitor.

  • SFJfsb

    I know many decent African Americans, so I don’t like painting with a too broad a brush. However…
    Much in Black culture is truly Bass Ackwards. Ghetto culture is praised, while cooperation with law enforcement is shunned. Stop Snitching is a catch phrase. People who do better for themselves and act responsibly and, heaven forbid, speak out on topics like black on black crime and ghetto culture are shunned and put down. Complaints rage over unfair treatment and racism, yet no responsibility is taken for this culture of skirting or breaking the law. Quit crying ‘Victim’ and rid your neighborhoods, friends & families of this hurtful minority.

  • Angry_Grasshopper

    Can anyone find a source for this statement by the NAACP? I want to post about it but I hate being duped by false statements.

  • John J Rouse

    If a white person said this they’d be accused of being a clan member. I remember when Zimmerman was found not guilty, I called up an NAACP place and laughed!

  • habu686

    you can’t fix stupid and these people are over board stupid

  • Win Thompson

    Would the NAACP try to draw the same conclusion for blacks in the military? The NAACP seems to clutch at provocative explanations while rejecting more obvious (and rational) ones.

  • DanH

    “Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black. In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.”

    In other words, obey the law and become a productive citizen?

  • Richard O. Mann

    The NAACP has out lived it’s usefulness. It was a good organization when it first started, but now it is just another super liberal group that goes around looking for things to complain about. They have to justify their existence so they can keep getting all that free government money.