Multiple Cops Shot in Black Lives Matter “Protest”

There have been multiple cops shot in Dallas, Texas

There have been multiple cops shot in Dallas, Texas

UPDATE 07/08 12:18 : 11 officers have been shot, with four confirmed dead. There have been multiple cops shot in Dallas. Between 2-6 police officers were shot down during a Black Lives Matter “protest.” Good people are being shot, apparently because of the uniform they wear. This is a direct result of the outright lies being spread about police officers executing black men. The media, race baiters, and the President all have innocent blood on their hands by deciding to continue to spread this false narrative about police officers.

Fox4News reports:

Police are responding to an active shooter after two officers were shot during protest in downtown Dallas Thursday afternoon.

An officer on the scene confirmed that at least two officers were shot but their conditions are unknown. At lease one officer has been rushed to the hospital.

Police sources tell FOX 4 one suspect is down while a second possible suspect is in a downtown Dallas garage and wearing a bulletproof vest and tactical gear.

A police source says at least 3 – 6 officers have been shot. Their conditions are not known.

The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. as the protestors were marching near Lamar and Main St.

SWAT officers are on scene and guns have been drawn near the building.

Avoid downtown Dallas as officers work the scene

The news media needs to realize that their irresponsible journalism has contributed to tonight’s event. If the media actually covered the facts of officer involved shootings in an unbiased manner, rather than spreading sensational and misleading information in an attempt to get ratings, then fewer people would fall into the lies of groups like Black Lives Matter. Black men are not getting shot because they are selling CDs while black, or driving while black, or standing around with their hands up while black. I can count on one hand the number of unjustified shootings of black men in the past couple of years, and there’s not a shred of evidence to support the claim that their race was a factor in their shooting.

Blue Lives Matter was started when our officers got gunned down as the result of these race baiters, and we will continue to fight back against these despicable groups who attack the blue warriors that protect our society.

  • Jim

    The fact that the media refers to him “getting shot only because he was reaching for his wallet/ID because thats what the cop instructed him to do” sounds like BS to me. If he had the concealed/carty training, wouldnt he KNOW that he is supposed to allow the cop to remove his sidearm? Reaching anywhere near his gun during this situation proves that either 1) he DIDNT have a concealed/carry permit, or 2) he shouldnt have passed/received this permit due to lack of IQ/common sense. Sorry folks, but you couldnt pay me enough to reach for my wallet (just outta view of the cop) when i had just informed the officer i had a gun IN THAT SAME AREA ON MY HIP!!! Why is the media not framing this discussion in this manner? Has his conceal/carry permit been confirmed true/up to date/and not issued from a crackerjack box? Thisn s a tragic event, no doubt, but if I’d have been that cop, i would have at least drawn on him when he reached into the area where his gun was stated to have been. Man, I tell you what, in that instance, you move SLOWLY and make damn sure the cop can see your hands at all times, and that you dont make him, the officer, nervous with any of your actions.

  • Paul

    God Bless the men and women who put on the uniform to protect us all. I am so sorry for the loss that the People of Dallas received tonight. Thoughts and Prayers for the Department, and the Families of the Fallen Officers. I hope that our country can vote in a President that truly respects you all….

  • julie Merritt

    The media is responsible for this. I hope those shooters were captured. These race baiters have no regard for life. My prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

  • Mike Morrissey