Marilyn Mosby Announces Absurd Reform Proposals For Police Misconduct

Marilyn Mosby wants to take away rights from officers which will allow her to manipulate juries against them.

Marilyn Mosby wants to take away rights from officers which will allow her to manipulate juries against them.

Marilyn Mosby Announces Absurd Reform Proposals For Police Misconduct

Baltimore, Maryland – Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby has released proposals aimed at reform for the way police are investigated and prosecuted for misconduct.

Marilyn Mosby, most known for her involvement in the Freddie Gray case, announced her proposals for reform on investigating and prosecuting police officers for misconduct. Her first proposal for reform is prohibiting officers from choosing a bench trial. A bench trial is basically the choice of having a judge hear someones case apposed to a jury of peers. Defendants often choose a bench trial when the cases are based on legal technicalities that jurors would be unlikely to fully understand without a background in studying law. Marilyn Mosby’s suggestion would make it so that juries would have to decide on cases based on technicalities that they are unlikely to understand.

This proposal from Mosby comes after Judge Barry Williams cleared officers charged with the death of Freddy Gray.

Another proposal from Mosby: Give her investigators the ability to issue warrants, carry firearms, and make arrests. Tony Garcia, the attorney that represents officers Alicia White and William Porter, stated that Mosby just wants to change rules to fit her agenda.

“It’s definitely a power grab. She had every opportunity to win. She did a horrible investigation and put on a horrible trial. Multiple times. This won’t make that go away,”

On top of these changes, Mosby also announced the creation of two new special units. One is a new gun unit, led by Assistant State’s Attorney Charles Blomquist, which will have 11 prosecutors working with police to strengthen gun possession cases. The other new special unit will focus on narcotics. It will be led by Assistant State’s Attorney Mia Beth Marosy. Mosby stated

“Understanding that violent crime is often times intertwined with the illegal drug trade and witnessing the opioid epidemic that plagues a wide-range of communities throughout the city, I thought it was important to establish a unit of prosecutors who focus solely on felony drug possession and distribution cases”

That won’t go over well with the Black Lives Matter crowd, who are trying to eliminate any enforcement for drug offenses.

Kevin Rector with the Baltimore Sun looked into how far Mosby’s suggestions might go towards being enacted.

Sen. Robert A. Zirkin, a Baltimore County Democrat who chairs the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee — which would consider any such legislation — described the idea as “moronic” and “horrendous” in July, saying it “has 0.0 percent chance” of becoming law.

“The state doesn’t have a right to a jury trial. Individuals have a right to a jury trial,” Zirkin said at the time. “Just because you lose a case doesn’t mean you change the entire framework of defendants’ rights.”

Marilyn Mosby is acting like a child throwing a temper-tantrum because the officers that she tried to victimize didn’t just roll over and take it.

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  • qthush

    It’s not your right to be charged with a crime or not. It’s your right to get a fair trial, either by a judge or a jury, that’s the accused right.

  • Michael Ziegler

    The proposal is Unconstitutional under the bill of rights.

  • Rich Bawol

    It shouldn’t matter who you are, you are protected by all of our Laws and everyone should have the choice of a Bench or Jury Trial. If she can’t handle losing, go find another job. Like maybe cleaning toilets b/c you’re definitely FOS.

  • Rusha Sliman

    Why hasn’t she been thrown in jail and or fired yet?! Sounds like she’s definitely a sore loser, which is quite familiar considering all of the fabricated stories that come from blm and then how they throw their fits when the evidence doesn’t fit. Hmmm, she definitely doesn’t need to be in a governmental position as she sounds very bias & rather delusional, between how she wants things to be and how they really are!

  • crazyottojr

    this is just another example of why this woman is not qualified to be a lawyer let alone a prosecutor/ DA . She is an idiot voted in by a chorus of idiots that occupy the inner city

  • David Reed

    Her career is over

    • Ambidextrous

      Mostly black people voted her into office, and the community she serves is majority black. She’s good

  • Nick Fury II

    DA Mosby indicted and successfully prosecuted Baltimore cop Walter Cagle. He’s facing 30 yrs. However,since she was seeking justice for a white junkie burglar named Michael Johansen ,she wasn’t subjected to vitriol. She wasn’t being called anti cop in that case. Apparently it’s ok to prosecute a cop as long as the victim is white. Freddy Gray a black guy walking down the street with his bicycle,in broad daylight , committing no crime dying in police custody with his spine severed , wasn’t entitled to justice. Michael Johansen a white 10 yr career criminal who at 4:30 am was caught robbing a store,wearing a ski mask . Johansen admitted he was robbing to score money to get heroin. He’s shot while committing a crime,but he’s entitled to justice. Cops turned on a brother Officer for this criminal. No FOP causing problems. No demand for DA Mosby to resign or be disbarred after convicting Cagle. More hypocrisy being displayed.

  • Wade Johnson

    she should be impeached as a prosecutor then disbarred. She is a disasterous, anti-police, pro-criminal element prosecutor. She didnt care about the truth just about making BLM happy and trying to put police scalps on her wall. from the way she is acting with so called reforms, she believes all police are corrupt

  • Christopher David Eaton

    Some people are so incompentent they don’t realize the extent of their incompetence. By the way, this includes this moron State’s attorney and all the idiots who voted for her.

    • Ambidextrous

      If black people ever do organize they’ll vote in more people like her. What will that mean for the police?

  • Someone I used to Know

    That’s a pretty decent proposal, but I have a counter proposal.

    How about we fire her so that we can stop wasting the taxpayer’s money?