Female Montville Police Officer Defends Her Life While Being Violently Beaten With Her Own Taser

A Montville police officer shot the attacker who was beating her with her Taser.

A Montville police officer shot the attacker who was beating her with her Taser.

Montville Police Officer Attacked With Taser

Montville, CONN. – A female Montville police officer is recovering from injuries sustained during a violent encounter on Sunday afternoon.  An altercation with a man causing a disturbance at an area motel led to the officer being beaten with her own taser and her ultimately firing upon the suspect.

Police were called to the Chesterfield Lodge motel at 1596 Hartford-New London Turnpike on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. in response to a man causing a disturbance.  The motel had stated the man had been living there but had not been paying his rent.

After the officers asked to man to leave the property, an altercation ensued according to WTNH.  The man grabbed a female officer’s taser and “began striking the officer in the head with it repeatedly,” according to a press release made on Monday.  The female officer was able to reach her firearm and shoot the suspect at least once.  The suspect was transported to the William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich where he later died from his injuries.

The officer was transported to L&M Hospital where she had to receive multiple staples in her head to close the wounds.

Connecticut State Troopers from Troop E responded to the scene, along with the State Police Eastern District Major Crime Squad and the Windham County State’s Attorney’s Office.  The man has not been identified, pending notification to his relatives.

The Montville Police Department publicly thanked neighboring departments for all of their help during the incident.  They thanked the New London Police Department for sending officers to be with them and the New London Police Union for sending dinner to their department.  They covet your continued prayers during this time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured Montville Police Officer.

Absent being beaten in the head, do you think that Tasers present a deadly threat to law enforcement? We’d like to know what you think. Please let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

  • wizzzzzzzz

    so glad the officer is going to be OK

  • Bob Jakubowski

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Praying for a speedy recovery for the officer.

  • They are another tool to use when you can afford the time but like any tool, they can fail also.
    I am thankful that our protection services has all the tools they do have, especially with the extreme violence coming into our country right now.
    EVERY police force/protection force dealing with the ‘riots/protests’ need to start pulling buses up in a VERY visual location with a ‘banner’ on them about ‘criminal transportation services’… give these violent criminals a little unease in the back of their little minds that the resources are prepared to haul the entire group away if needed….

    Prayers for any of The People that have been injured or killed FOR ANY REASON.

  • duder1897

    Glad the perp is dead. Hopefully he never procreated and made another psycho.

  • Mark Mills

    Stupid question! She was beaten on the head with it!

  • camaro_mang

    sadness. Police need more protection, maybe security protection for police.

  • jlna5434

    They said “absent what happened
    here…” meaning aside from the officer being beaten, do u think they are dangerous to LEO’S?
    I think they are a good alternative but they have to use them sooner rather than later…..
    And this is going to sound super sexist of me but I am doubtful that a woman officer is physically incapable in a lot of cases to take down a male suspect when they become physical and out of control. If he’s large and strong…unless she is trained in some kind of martial art she is going to be over powered.

    • Ed Christie

      With appropriate training most female officers can hold their own. However, as seen by the offender may be a different story. Often, female officers are challenged by perps simply because they’re seen as women. Trust me….they can kick ass.

    • Preacher’s Kid

      While working, I never backed down from a suspect. I did not have martial arts training and the suspect was always apprehended. Female officers not only know all the tricks to apprehended a suspect, but we have the brains to over power them with the least amount of exertion. Ask any Female officer and she will tell you.

  • Charles Tinsley

    So the suspect died?! I love happy endings!!!!

  • Henriandy

    Good guys= +1……asshole=0

    • Alan Rascal

      you mean good girls

  • Lolipopjuju

    Thank God this officer is well and recovering!!

  • Chuck Poré

    In the midst of being assaulted, fires one fatal shot. Anything said on this Officer’s behalf pales in comparison to what she showed to be her mettle. Get well soon and stay the course.

  • wayne taxpayer

    Your question about the Taser in the article doesn’t make sense. Would it be any different if she was beaten with her weapon, portable radio or her baton? Why would the Taser pose a hazard to her or a deadly threat to law enforcement. Can someone explain this question? Praying for her speedy recovery!

  • Rich

    I guess he thought her being female he’d beat her ass. WRONG!

  • Lorilynn

    Thankful that the officer will recover. Hope it is speedy. Glad the tax payers won’t have to pay for the trial.

  • Jeff F.

    The use of a Taser or any electronic defense weapon against an officer could effectively incapacitate an officer making his or her gun accessible to the criminal, so YES, it is and should be considered a “deadly threat to law enforcement”. Therefore making a justifiable shooting by an officer. Prayers for the injured Montville Officer, her family, her department and even to the family of the attacker, as the affects all.

  • Tom Wohlrab

    “When the officers arrived” where was her partner or back up officer during this attack? I don’t miss Something?

  • John

    The final question is a joke right?