Montana Deputy Stabbed

The Montana Deputy stabbed multiple times; Deputy Guderjahn

The Montana Deputy stabbed multiple times; Deputy Guderjahn

Montana Deputy Stabbed.

A deputy for the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office is in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times Wednesday. The deputy was identified as Alan Guderjahn. Deputy Guderjahn was able to break free of his attacker and fire his weapon, killing the suspect. Deputy Guderjahn is reported to be in stable condition at the moment.

The incident occurred after Wednesday just south of Malta when Deputy Guderjahn responded to suspicious person call on U.S. Highway 191 near mile marker 122.  After being confronted, the man pulled a knife on Deputy Guderjahn and stabbed him multiple times.  The suspect, who has not yet been named, was shot and killed by the deputy.

The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office has requested the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation to investigate the incident.

Montana Highway Patrol shut down the highway during the investigation.

A prayer vigil was be held for Guderjahn in Malta’s Front Street Park at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Sympathy cards, cash and gift cards of support were given to Guderjahn’s family during the vigil.

The last officer-involved shooting in Phillips County occurred in 1997, when Deputy Brian Robinson responded to a suspicious vehicle call at a local campground. Two suspects shot and injured Robinson. He returned fire, killing both suspects.

Deputy Guderjahn was able to survive this attack because he was trained to win any fight. Law enforcement training has come under attack by far-left agitators who are convinced that law enforcement needs to use deadly force so rarely, that there’s no reason to train them for combat at all. This position seems to contradict the group’s position that law enforcement officers are using deadly force too often. To these people, any violence seems unjustified, even in self-defense. Deputy Guderjahn exercised his basic human right to self-defense when he was forced to shoot his attacker.

Good job of staying in the fight, Deputy Guderjahn.  We’ll all be praying for your speedy recovery.





  • Karl Spencer

    Praying for a quick recovery.

  • Usedtowearblue

    Deputy, your training paid off and the threat is now GONE. Praying for a good recovery , we need you back on the road !!