Mizzou Coach Barry Odom Prohibits Players From Legally Owning Guns

head coach barry odom

Mizzou Tigers head coach Barry Odom

Mizzou Coach Barry Odom Prohibits Players From Legally Owning Guns

Yes, you read the title correctly, Barry Odom, the head coach of the Missouri Tigers football team has instituted a policy that has absolutely nothing to do with football; his players are prohibited from legally owning handguns. Odom was named head coach of the Tigers football team in 2015 after long term head coach Gary Pinkel stepped down due to health reasons

It is completely understandable why universities wish to have strict gun policies on their campuses, but it becomes outrageous when they implement a policy that prohibits legal gun ownership all-together. For a good laugh about universities and gun policies, click here.


Oddly enough, Coach Barry Odom is only prohibiting “handguns.” Presumably all other firearms are OK; this appears to be because Odom doesn’t want his players to be able to carry a concealable firearm with them.

Players will be glad to know they can keep their AA12.

Coach Odom has essentially stripped his players of their second amendment rights through the use of an ultimatum; if they want to play for the team, they must give up their right to legally and constitutionally bear arms. The thinking behind this makes little sense. The school already prohibits firearms on campus. What good does it do to prevent young college students from being able to carry weapons for self-defense? Hopefully Odom’s idea doesn’t start a trend with the already super-liberal colleges.

  • Jack Reilly

    Mizzou is a total non-issue, anymore….period.


    More craziness out of Mizzou. Apparently not only has that school never heard of the 1st Amendment, but the 2nd Amendment rights seem to be escaping their knowledge as well.

    • MKrip

      This report is false. At least Fox news has had the decency to go back and print a correction to their earlier mistake. Hopefully this blog will demonstrate the integrity to do so as well. This is the sort of thing that liberal stooges fall for. I’m disappointed to see this blog as well as its members stoop to the same idiotic stuff that a blind liberal tends to get suckered with.


      • Alex Brown

        The correction doesn’t make any sense with the quoted text in that link. If you take the correction at face value, then he has no problem with illegal hunting firearms. Obviously that makes no sense. I think that *maybe* he meant no handguns on campus, which again makes no sense with his condoning hunting arms – those would be illegal on campus as well.

  • Andy Lowe

    Give playing ball than surrender my right to own any pistol. Now though, I can understand why he is going to enforce his ban, these 2 Gilbert Arenas and his teammate Javaris Crittentonwhat brought in a pistol & waved it around. You have Sports figures who act so Childish that don’t understand that 1round can and will kill someone & even they are not above the law.

    • MKrip

      This article’s claim is flat out false. You should learn from watching the liberals that you can’t take every smear as fact without actually backing it up first.

  • Jm

    Mizzou has really gone insane. The damage these Democrat fools from the Governor to his appointed lackey curators and administrators have done to Mizzou goodwill is off the charts. It is shameful. Alumni and their donations are abandoning Mizzou in droves. This is a textbook case of how not to run a public university. Missourians need to take back their State.

    • MKrip

      Don’t automatically believe everything you hear. That’s exactly how the whole “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” BS got started. Someone said something that was completely false and everyone and their ignorant little brother just ran with it without actually verifying it for truth. This story is false and not only should it be corrected but the honorable thing to do would be to include an explanation and apology as well as to why it was reported in the first place. This side of the line represents honor and integrity, does it not?

  • pete480

    Umm, how the hell is he even supposed to know they have one in a safe at home? Retarded.

  • MKrip

    Please correct this. It is false and has been misreported more than once. He prohibits the “illegal” possession and/or ownership of handguns. This is very wrong to report something factually incorrect like this slandering Coach Odom. You really should do your own research to verify something like this instead of just taking a random twitter comment that was in error and running with it. Unfortunately, you’re not the only ones to have done this. I imagine this sort of thing is upsetting when it happens to your members and institutions as well. Missouri is actually more lenient on gun ownership than some others are.


    • gscott

      How does one prohibit something that is illegal? Huh?

      • Larry Lucero

        If you get caught doing so by the cops only criminal charges but Sports sanctions as well

  • Shane S

    Story isnt accurate/true. Fox Sports, who originally reported it has already taken the story down and replaced it while admitting fault:

    The policy on handguns is no different than over half the programs in the SEC. Not sure why the coach for Missouri was zeroed in on for this.

  • gscott

    The author says it is understandable to have strict gun laws on campus. I dont understand. Someone explain it to me. How do strict laws compel the lawless?

  • Dave

    Odom can go suck the sweat off a dead mans balls.

  • RDB

    Who does Odom think he is? Does he mean students living off campus can’t have a handgun for self defense? Does he mean they can’t have one at their parent’s home? The article says all together so I take it as not even at the player’s parent’s home. Odom are you going to get parents to sign a statement they have no hand guns? Just try it and see what happens. Odom has proven he is anti-gun. Read the 2A; reread it Odom. You cannot dictate although you appear to be a dictator, what a law abiding football player owns away for campus is his business and right. No firearms on campus obvious is the school ruling, but it ends there. I can see a date in court for you in the future, which is needed!

  • Betsy Dodd Kimball