After Politicians Call For Safe Space For Rioting, Governor Promises The Only Safe Space They Will Have Is A Jail Cell

Governor Eric Greitens says that no rioting or looting will be tolerated.

Governor Eric Greitens says that no rioting or looting will be tolerated.

No Leniency For Violent Criminals

St. Louis, MO – Violence continued for a second night in St. Louis after the acquittal of former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley.

Stockley was acquitted in the 2011 officer-involved shooting and death of Anthony Lamar Smith on Friday, September 15, according to Fox News.  The violent protests started after Friday’s acquittal, and eleven police officers were injured on Friday.

In response, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens said, “We had leaders who wanted to give people a safe space to loot and to burn. Now in Missouri if you loot the only safe space you’re going to have is in a jail cell.”

He said, “If you’re going to riot we’re going to cuff you.  Violence and vandalism is not protest. It is a crime.”

More than 43 people have been arrested since Stockley’s acquittal, and violence is expected to continue on Sunday.  On Saturday, protesters took to the streets again, and were met with a line of police officers in riot gear.

A small  group of looters and rioters broke out dozens of windows at locally-owned stores, and threw objects at police officers.  One teen threw cement blocks at the officers.  An Associated Press reporter said there were broken windows on businesses on one side of the street for two blocks.

Witnesses said that one man hit a police cruiser repeatedly with a hammer.  More than six people were arrested on Saturday night.

Saturday’s protests were mostly peaceful earlier in the day, and became violent after dark, much like Friday’s protests, where eleven officers were injured, and windows were broken at Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home.  St. Louis Acting Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole said “we will not tolerate violence”.

A “die-in” is scheduled to be held at 3 PM near St. Louis headquarters on Sunday. Social worker, activist, and Congressional candidate Cori Bush, who helped lead the protesters Saturday evening, called for the die-in.  She said it would last six minutes, one minute for each year since the event occurred.

Bush said that media and city officials had “focused too much” on Friday’s violence.

She used a loud speaker to tell the crowd, “None of it could’ve happened at all, had there not been a dead body, had there not been a police officer who did something absolutely horrendous. The message is simple: stop killing us. Black folks say, stop killing us.”

Two major concerts, U2 on Saturday night, and Ed Sheeran on Sunday were cancelled because of the violence.  Other events were either postponed or cancelled.

  • LEO

    “The message is simple: stop killing us. Black folks say, stop killing us.” You would think she would be more upset with blacks killing other blacks. Over 700 people in Chicago alone were murdered last year yet these people protest a few police shootings that the courts have ruled justified. She should get her posse to mount up and head to Chicago where the real violence is occurring. Of course we all know that won’t happen. It’s much easier to blame the racist police than to admit the problem is with your own people.

    • jennifer 0.2

      Culpepper’s Restaurant located at 300 N Euclid Ave.

    • Scott O. I

      They won’t posse up and go to Chicago because they know that somebody will shoot their asses up there.

  • Michael Lynch

    I’m tired of all this. If your a black person in a low income area doesn’t mean the only avenue to survive is to commit crimes and expect not to pay for violating the law. The law is what keeps us a civilized people and just because, you think your a black person and commit a crime it’s ok. Then when the enforcment community upholds the law and if have to use lethal force because that community feels threaten by a black person who committed the crime and is threatening the life of a Law enforcement officer as the right to defend his life. The problem is the African American community in these low income areas don’t respect the law.

    • Michael Lynch

      I see fault in the mentality that the African American has today and how they are raising their youth. The mentality that to accept support and it’s ok to live off of social welfare whom the hard worker that work a everyday Job. thier just enforce that mindset and continues with the racism that they spread and cause.

    • dwstick

      If they’re not rioting against the police, then they’re rioting against Confederate monuments and statues. But look at what’s happened in New Orleans and Baltimore since the statues were destroyed:
      Crime rates, unemployment rates, drug and alcohol abuse rates, homelessness, single-parent households, teenage pregnancy and every other social ill that seem to hit black neighborhoods harder than others; all WAAAAY DOWN!
      Just kidding! Nothing’s changed. Destroying the statues did nothing. Rioting against perceived police brutality will do nothing, either.
      The solutions lie elsewhere.

  • chuck334

    To hell with a jail cell, give them a rectangular hole 3’x8′ and 6′ deep.

  • David E Brown

    Finally! a Gvt official with some cahones. I salute you Sir.

  • Live from Liz Warrens Teepee

    “If you’re going to riot we’re going to cuff you. Violence and vandalism is not protest. It is a crime.”
    Well, that was refreshing to hear!
    Escort these “protesters” into a Job Fair and watch them scatter…

  • Not2pc4U

    We, the Majority of this Nation, Stand behind you 100%.

  • jennifer 0.2
  • tarnishedcopper

    You don’t have to go to Chicago to experience the black-on-black murders. St. Louis has many times more of those than police shootings of black people. When the looting and destruction starts, the national guard should be allowed to shoot. When bricks are thrown at cops and injure them seriously, if the perpetrator can be identified, he should also be shot.

  • dan

    I think looting is called undocumented shopping!

  • dan

    One more thing, when you throw an object at a police officer or anyone else it should be called assault, NOT protest!

  • Valerie Maybee Hoefert

    I am not a racist person. I feel we are all created equal. The one thing I have noticed is people that do not listen to the police officer and obeys the instruction is one that takes their own lives. Police officers deal with people everyday that are violent or crazy. They have families to go home to also. They fear for their lives too. So instead of thinking you do not have to obey the law. Listen ,obey and do what you are told. You would see less of this going on. Its not that hard to do. Also keep your mouth shut and only talk when you are asked too. But I am sure if you fear for your life you would take the shot too.

  • Roger Sheddy

    …. or a smaller space, where they can go ” underground. “

  • TheOldGuy

    Rioting is not protesting, it’s rioting. Violence is not protesting, it’s violence. Assault is not protesting, it’s assault. I’m finally glad to see that someone has put there foot down to this behavior. Kudos Gov. Greitens for spelling that out loud and clear and giving the officers in his state the power to retain control. I would also ad that any person who shows up to a protest with their identity(face) hidden, they should be arrested for inciting. The only reason they are hiding their identity is so they can get away with whatever they are really there to do and if they are filmed doing it.

  • scaatylobo

    PISSED OFF that all the “fake news” is calling all these RIOTS —– ‘demonstrations’.
    If you do not know the difference between the 2,WHY the fk are you a “reporter” ?.
    I am not one to see anyone killed for a property crime,BUT gang violence and LARGE rioting is on such a scale now that I actually do want to see a warning that looters and arsonists will be shot.
    Then do it !!!,that will stop those that are in the act = AND might put a damper on those planning to do that.

  • seeingeye

    Usher in law and order!!