Mass Stabbing At Minnesota Mall, Off-Duty Police Officer Takes Down Suspect

There was a mas stabbing at a Minnesota mall on Saturday night.

There was a mas stabbing at a Minnesota mall on Saturday night.

Mass Stabbing At Minnesota Mall, Off-Duty Police Officer Takes Down Suspect

St. Cloud, MN – Late Saturday night, a man wearing a private security uniform stabbed 8 people. He held the mall in the grips of fear until an off-duty police officer shot him dead, authorities said.

The Chief of Police, Blair Anderson, said that all of the stab wounds are not life threatening and 7 of the 8 victims have already been released from the hospital.

Police said that the man made references to Allah and asked at least one of the victims if they were Muslim, prior to the attacks. On-site security teams were unarmed and had the off-duty officer not been there, the attack would have continued. Authorities declined to identify the officer or his department, but did say he was from another jurisdiction. It is unknown if the officer suffered any injuries but preliminary reports indicate that he did not.

Police issued a statement saying that the attacks occurred at several locations in the mall. The mall was placed on lockdown during the early stages of the investigation. Chief Anderson said that the entire mall was being treated as a crime scene and the subjects remaining inside would be released sometime early Sunday morning as interviews concluded.

Police said that no imminent threat remained to the public and that the attacker appeared to be alone. “The individual we believe to be responsible for the victim’s stab wounds is currently deceased inside the mall,” police said early Sunday.

Although the attacker has not been identified publicly, police said he has had 3 minor prior contacts with law enforcement and was a resident of St. Cloud.

This is just another shining example of a police officer stepping up to save innocent citizens from a brutal attack. The officer was off-duty and probably with his family when he was put in this dangerous situation. He acted quickly and prevented further injury or even death. Good job, hero!

  • Joel Michael Ellis

    Contrast this to the recent incident where a Cinema manager demanded an off-duty police officer to disarm.

  • Jim Fuller

    No its just another case of you idiots in Minnesota filling your state with jihadist .

    • Niki Prestegard

      Yes, because the people of Minnesota get to decide who lives there. If you believe that, you are the real idiot. Puh-lease.

      • Bert Dixon

        I live in Minnesota! No one has asked me a damn thing about who gets brought here to live! They are everywhere in Rochester!

    • Babe

      good god, Jim, you are pathetic

  • Hayley ‘Rylander’ Stevens

    It hasn’t even been mentioned if the person was Muslim. He asked others if they were. For all we know he could have been Caucasian, Asian, or Hispanic and just hated Muslims…..

    • macsvens

      If it’s not being mentioned odds are the scumbag is Muslim.

    • Robert Travis

      The article said he made references to Allah. Curious for a non-muslim, you think?

  • Ksandra

    Great job buddy- this is the 6th attack in 48 hours – why isn’t Homeland Security and the FBI WARNING PEOPLE?!?!?

  • Cheryl Fugate

    Way to go!!! You saved many. Keep yourself safe!!!

  • macsvens

    How’s that “Minnesota Nice” working out for ya?

  • Mike Davis

    Good Guy with a gun takes out terrorist. Second Amendment rights not a suggestion.

  • duder1897

    Religion of peace. Hero officer.