Two Miami-Dade Police Detectives Ambushed, Shot, By 6 Suspects

After the Miami-Dade detectives were shot, they were tossed in the back of a pickup to be transported away from the scene.

After the Miami-Dade detectives were shot, they were tossed in the back of a pickup to be transported away from the scene.

Two Miami-Dade Detectives Ambushed

Miami, FL –  Two Miami-Dade Police detectives were shot in an ambush attack by six suspects on Monday night.

According to CBS News,  the incident occurred about 10:00 PM at the Andy Coleman apartments near northwest 62nd Street and 20th Avenue.  The two detectives were in plain clothes and ‘conducting surveillance inside an unmarked car when they were targeted’.

The two Miami-Dade Police detectives, who are part of the gang unit, were taken in the back of an unmarked truck to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where they are both listed in stable condition.  Their names have not been released. One is an 11-year veteran and the second is a 26-year veteran of the agency, according to NBC Miami.

One detective was able to return fire but it is unknown if the suspects were struck.

“The officers on the scene, at the actual scene, they could smell the gun powder and they were running after the smell of gun powder trying to find these individuals,” said Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez.

Police officers from multiple agencies set up a ‘very large’ perimeter and SWAT, Miami Police Officers, and Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue are all assisting in the manhunt for the six suspects.

Police Director Juan Perez asked the public for help in identifying the suspects. “We need you now to step up to the plate, and if you know something, if you saw something, to say something.  These are the people that are causing havoc in our community and we’re not gonna stop, this is not going to deter us from doing our jobs. This is going to ignite a bigger fire in us to protect our citizens.”

Our prayers go out to the speedy recovery of our officers and their families that really had the scare of their life tonight.”

Please call 911 or contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS if you have any information.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded Miami-Dade Police Detectives.

  • Irene Hinesman

    God bless them and may the attackers be cornered like the vermin they are and justice be served. No mercy.

  • tzayad

    Draw and quarter the scum.

    • Spencerhut

      In the middle of town . . . and put it on Pay Per View.

  • Terry Hanson

    I wonder how many of the six, are here illegally?

    • johncovich

      ALL 6