NBA Star Metta World Peace Tells Whiners To Stop Crying

Metta World Peace tells whiners to stop crying.

Metta World Peace tells whiners to stop crying. (twitter/@MettaWorldPeace)

NBA Star Metta World Peace Tells Whiners To Stop Crying

NBA star Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) has a message for all of the people crying racism, “Stop crying.”

As the public absorbs the total upset of the Democratic Party in this year’s election of Donald Trump, Hillary supporters are left throwing stones (and bombs.)

From a campaign that has run off of the slogan, “Love Trumps Hate,” it seems Hillary followers have forgotten it.  A number of rioters have taken to the street in major cities across the country.  Multiple officers have been injured, roads closed and every day life interrupted by the protests against the new President-Elect Donald Trump.

Former Los Angeles Lakers Forward Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) addressed distraught Hillary supporters in a video.

“People are still talking about ‘white people this, white people that’ clearly a lot of white people voted for Hillary and a lot of people voted for Donald Trump.  The more we make it a white and black issue then that’s the more racism that’s going to come out.  So stay here, don’t leave and stop crying.  Be strong and everything will be alright.”

Maybe this will help calm the racial tensions that continue to flame across the nation.  Earlier today another video surfaced of election day in Chicago, when a white man was beat up and dragged from his own car. A large group of onlookers shouted, “Don’t vote for Trump,” while the beating occurred.

Many other celebrities took to Twitter to share their dismay for the outcome of the election.  Trevor Noah told America that it, “feels like the end of the world.”  Amy Schumer went on a long rant on Instagram, stating, “Literally. I’m furious.  Today we grieve.  Tomorrow we begin again.”

In contrast,  African American rapper and a Trump supporter from the beginning, Azealia Banks, took to Instagram.  “I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication.”

As the Trump haters continue to throw a tantrum on our street, lets not forget our heroes in blue as they stand on the front lines.

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  • Ranger

    The free stuff army are freaking out thinking that their lifelong welfare check might not make it and they may have to get a job. What a bunch of grown babies crying because they didn’t get their way. Once Obama is gone and can’t protect them anymore, Trump will extinguish them with great prejudice.

    The police will be able to arrest, prosecutors will be able to prosecute, and all the frivolous cop killing lawsuits will be thrown out like garbage bags. Time to distribute some tough love justice and put an end to the cry babies.