Mayor Puts Up Police Department ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign; It’s Not Going Over Well

Somerville Mayor's Black Lives Matter banner over city hall.

Somerville Mayor’s Black Lives Matter banner over city hall.

Mayor Puts Up Police Department ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign; It’s Not Going Over Well

Somerville, Mass. – Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone had a “#BlackLivesMatter” banner placed above city hall in August 2015. The banner prominently features the words “Black Lives Matter” and includes the city seal and “Somerville Police Department” on the sign. Black Lives Matter continues to spread lies about law enforcement and their false rhetoric was responsible for terrorist attacks on law enforcement.

Naturally, the police union wasn’t too happy about this giant banner hanging over city hill. The local police union has been asking that the sign be taken down. The Mayor has apparently decided that he can win more votes by keeping the banner up, and he refuses to consider removing it.

Boston Globe reports:

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone says he will not take down a “Black Lives Matter” banner on City Hall, dismissing a request by the local police union to replace the sign with one that reads “All Lives Matter.”

In the letter to Curtatone, dated Tuesday, police union president Michael McGrath said the Black Lives Matter banner “unfairly suggests culpability by them in the deaths at the center of the protest movement.”

Protesters have countered that efforts to draw attention to the deaths of black people are intended to emphasize the lives of those they believe have been treated as though they matter less.

The many Black Lives Matter-themed protests that have taken place around the nation — including several in the Boston area — have been largely peaceful.

McGrath’s letter, however, noted that the man who fatally shot officers in Dallas had been linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, and listed several other incidents at protests.

“The vast majority of police officers across this country are tasked with shielding, protecting, and assisting elements of the protest movement that loathe them, spit on them, intentionally injure them, and wish death upon them,” the letter said.

If you want to tell the Mayor how you feel about his banner, you can let him know HERE. Let’s tell this Mayor that Blue Lives Matter, and that his banner disgraces his whole city.


  • cglex85

    It makes his city look caring and compassionate. It makes his city look as if they have a heart and understanding. That is how it makes his city look! Thank you mayor ❤

    • Robert Brown

      you are an idiot.#all lives matter

      • Dan

        So is your position that black lives don’t matter?

        If someone says is bringing awareness to breast cancer, do you call them an idiot and say “all cancer matters?”.

        You’re on a website called “blue lives matter”, but I don’t see you have a problem with that……hmmmm……..

        So you’re ok with setting apart SOME lives from “all lives matter”, as long as it’s not black, right? LOL!!!!!

        • Robert Brown

          FU If you can’t read simply English then you are the idiot. I have lots of friends that are black and they feel the same way that ALL LIVES MATTER. The Blacks lives matter in question is nothing but a radical group that is against everybody but themselves. If you don’t like what I said then you are nothing but a radical yourself

          • Bull Frog

            Can you do some damn research before loudly proclaiming that BLM is a “radical group that is against everybody but themselves?” That’s just not true, and you come off as idotic. Go ahead and call me a radical, it’s a lot better than not knowing what the hell I’m talking about.

          • jenny carson

            Black L M, are no more than terrorists
            and should be treated as such,send
            them back to Africa.

          • FourOne6Side

            let me get this right…..racist fucks come to AFRICA rape the land steal the gold and force people to work for nothing depreciate our land and then say send them back…….. not all white people are racist…u guys brought us here doing worse crimes known to man but its ok white supremacy will fall. more and more of my black people are becoming multi-millionaires and getting power in this country.

          • PADDY

            Hey you had better go back to school and learn history instead of some fairy tale.It was the SPANISH who went to AFRICA and picked you up and brought you here. Even your own CHIEF”S had you rounded up and sent. He got paid evry well for everyone he sent here. So shut your potty mouth and try to help your self and your fellow man/woman.

          • FourOne6Side

            so since you know so much about my history let me educate you before i chock you out with your confederate flag the chief selling prisoners had no idea that (white !) people where going to cut their dicks of and rape people of their dignity ……your wrong and for you to justify slavery your fucked but its cool day after day the police gets smoked

          • PADDY

            Is 24 your age or your IQ. I would believe it’s your IQ.Your CHIEF’S didn’t care about you then and they don’t care about now. Before you try to chock me with a CONFEDERATE FLAG pack your lunch cause it will be a long hungry day for you and the job will still not be done.I’m sorry that you are so sick that you like to see people killed.Why don’t5 you join the MILITARY so you can make something of yourself. Go to war with the rest of the MILITARY so you can get your jollies by seeing what dead people look like and I’m talking about the ones who gave their life so you can keep on spewing garbage.Go make something of yourself is’nt that why you got an EDUCATION????

        • FourOne6Side

          its the boys in the blue that doing the shooting but its ok day after day these pigs gets smoked

  • Freddie Stratton

    tear it down he’s a moron


    It just show’s that the mayor chooses criminals over the people that PROTECT the city!!!!
    The mayor kissing butt sounds like crap going down the toilet!!!

    • FourOne6Side

      not all black people are criminals u white trash racist fuck white supremacy will fall

      • PADDY

        Of all people you shouldn’t be a spokesperson for the BLACK people.Showing gang signs and running your toilet mouth. You BLAME the WHITE people for all your troubles.Why don’t you get off your butt and welfare and try to do something for your self and your RACE.

        • FourOne6Side

          i have a college degree at 24

  • Charr Cook

    It’s “ALL LIVES MATTER” Mr Mayor, this group has caused so much divide and violence it is sad..but you being a Mayor are being bias..We are all human beings and all different get over it.

    • Dan

      As you type on a site called “blue lives matter”. LOL!!!!!


      • Mary Mooney

        How is that hypocritical ? Blue lives matter simply means law enforcement, and spans all races. It is not a divisive group, singling out only one race of people. We are all one race, human.

        • Manifest Moore

          lol I hate that people are still so ignorant. There are several subspecies that fall under the “human” umbrella. They each bear different traits and characteristics….we are not all completely homo-sapiens. Some more so or less so than others

    • FourOne6Side

      lol when was the last time a white cop killed an unarmed white person ?

      • PADDY

        If you would learn to follow instructions everything would be alright. No you have to do things your way and this is the price you will have to pay. Tell me why the BLM tells you to sneak up on officers and kill them and you do it like the cowards you are. Try and use your head and think about what your doing to your RACE

        • FourOne6Side

          its cool day after day these white boys get smokked

        • FourOne6Side

          just like they kill us with our hands up

  • M.J.Smith

    Just another reason not to set foot in Massachusetts. I wouldn’t want to contribute to the economy where government officials are so extreme leftists. After the Justina Pelletier case I concluded there are way too many medical fascists in that state. Now there may be too many leftist mayors as well.

  • Marilyn Stanley McKellips

    “Mostly peaceful”. A thorough article would mention demographics of Somervile. BLM not only isn’t respected because they are ugly in their demos, but because they support criminals. Righteousness would work if anger wasn’t directed at the police instead of criminals within their community. They should resent Obama for his inappropriate use of race cards.

  • jenny carson

    The more I hear of blm, the less they matter.

    • FourOne6Side

      more relevant tooo faggit

  • Karen Manna

    you are a disgrace, Sir

  • Joe R Dean

    When the police violate people rights under Untied States Constitution, the 6th Amendment right to due process of law(a right to trial), by executing them. This is why Blue Lives don’t matter, never will matter.
    The police job is to arrest, and bring criminals to the justice(the criminal justice system), not execute them. Not be judge, jury and executioner. When the police do there jobs, by arresting people, and not executing them. No one has a problem, no protest no nothing. Just do your jobs.