Detroit Quarterback Matthew Stafford and Wife Adopt Fallen Hero’s Family For Holidays

matthew stafford helps family

Detroit Quarterback Matthew Stafford and Wife Adopt Fallen Hero’s Family For Holidays

Detroit, MI –  Matthew Stafford, the Detroit Lions Quarterback, and his wife Kelly Hall, “adopted” the families of fallen hero Detroit Police Corporal Myron Jarrett and Sergeant Kenneth Steil for the Christmas holidays.

Corporal Jarrett was killed on October 28, 2016, when a vehicle accelerated towards him, striking him during a traffic stop.  Sergeant Steil was shot by a sawed-off shotgun while pursuing a carjacking suspect. Sergeant Steil died several days later, after telling other officers, “I’m glad that I took the round, because I would not have wanted any of you to take it.”

Matthew Stafford and his wife “adopted” the Jarrett family, brought gifts and offered well-wishes in an attempt to ease the family’s grief. He played Santa Claus and with his wife, brought gifts to the Jarrett home on Wednesday.  Although Stafford had wanted to do this on Christmas Day, the Detroit Lions’ football schedule interfered with that plan.

Corporal Jarrett’s widow Sacha said “Matthew Stafford and his wife are so sweet and he’s so down to earth. He’s such a regular guy, I didn’t know. He came to my home, he seemed like he was very comfortable there, he communicated with my kids and I just appreciate what they did for my family this Christmas.”

Later on Wednesday night, Matt Stafford joined the Jarrett family and many members of the Detroit Police Department for a holiday fundraiser which was organized by the DPD’s 12th Precinct, the police academy, and recruiting division.  A silent auction and raffles were held to raise money for the Jarrett family.  Items that were included in the silent auction included a baseball signed by J.D. Martinez, pucks inked by Danny Dekeyser and Henrik Zetterberg, and jerseys signed by Lions legend Barry Sanders and current star quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The Detroit Police Lieutenant and Sergeant’s Association also presented the Jarretts with a plaque in memory of Cpl. Myron Jarrett at the fundraiser.  James Craig, Detroit PD Police Chief, said “This is just an indication of the family that we have in the DPD. Corporal Jarrett was a part of our family and this is also a way of saying that we never forget.”

We’d like to thank Matthew Stafford for remembering the family of a fallen hero. We also send our thoughts and prayers to Cpl. Jarrett’s wife Sacha, and their four children during this difficult Christmas.  May God bless you.

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