VIDEO: Markeith Loyd Goes On Profanity-Laced Tirade At Court Appearance

Marketih Loyd went on a profanity-laced tirade in court.

Marketih Loyd went on a profanity-laced tirade in court.

Markeith Loyd’s Profanity-Laced Court Rant

Orlando, FL – Markeith Loyd, the scum who murdered his pregnant girlfriend and Orlando Police Department Master Sergeant Debra Clayton, has had his first court appearance and it seems like he’s taking the road to the death penalty.

At Markeith Loyd’s first appearance in court, he refused an attorney, ranted about his crime, and have some very inappropriate words for the judge:

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  • Steve Morse

    Why are we wasting time on this POS???

  • lauraroberts

    I so wished he had reached for one of those weapons…we’d be done with this POS right now.

  • Michi Kaputnik

    Well good for him. Save Taxpayers money & Never hit the street again! Unless Obamalamadingdong pardons him too.

    • It sho be a goo thang too, that the Obamalamadingdong is long gone in a short 27 hours….I guarantee it.

  • Kevin McCue

    Obviously he lost his mind sometime ago and cannot seem to find it. He needs to be brought before God in a hurry.

    • Concerned

      There isn’t any God waiting for this Murderer, just the Devil! And thats where he belongs, and the sooner the better.

    • duder1897

      If god exists he created this asshole.

  • silverdart

    Do any of these mistakes of nature know how to speak actual english? Who started this ebonics bullshit??

    • ChiefD

      Jesse Jackson. He wanted ebonics to be an offical language.

  • Dave

    Just take IT out back and exterminate. Save the money as this beast is not worth it.

  • William Gib Harrison

    Save a lot of time and money and shot him,hang him or do whatever way you choose to take him out of society!!

  • duder1897

    Do they have capital punishment where he will be tried? If so I hope he gets the chair.

  • Retired Me

    Glad he wants to represent himself. That should be a joy to watch. I think he already knows he’s going to get the death penalty.

  • Leslie Wendle Wiebe

    They always play the victim. And, I guess it’s procedure, but I hate that she kept calling him “sir”.

  • AntiMuslimAmerican

    Worthless POS….
    Zero value to society…..
    Zero understanding of consequence
    Zero deductive reasoning skills
    Has no business breathing

  • IColludedW/Americans

    I’m glad he’s representing himself, he will get the defense he deserves.

  • Andrew Hopkins

    This is what we get for kissing the butts of the lazy inner city dweller who doesn’t work or raise there kids or want to better themselves, THIS IS WHAT WE GET. Prisons full of people who don’t speak English or respect anything except there 3 hot’s and a cot and not having to be productive. The Ghettos are the single biggest problem with America today people to stupid and lazy to carry there own weight.

  • cclesue

    Oh, poor baby he got hurt. I reminded of the long list of broken bones and other injuries suffered by the perp from tripping over the curb while trying to steal from a Marine Corps Christmas Kettle. Perhaps Mr. Markeith Loyd should be thankful he was captured by the more benevolent local constabulary.

  • Joseph Stratton

    Obama would pardon him as he’s clearly a victim of systematic racism. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter doesn’t think the lives of the dead black woman and her baby really matter. So glad this hypocrisy is going to end or finally be seen for what it truly is: A terrorist assault against America and our values. Today we will start to MAGA for all Americans regardless of gender, religion or skin color.