Virginia Man Saves Officer From Brutal Assault; Hero Now Needs Our Help

Hero: Marcus Elias Johnson

Hero: Marcus Elias Johnson (ABC7)

Viginia Man, Marcus Elias Johnson, Saves Officer From Brutal Assault; Hero Now Needs Our Help

For Marcus Elias Johnson, being a hero wasn’t what he had in mind when he started a shift as a security guard on July 22, but by the end of his shift that’s exactly what he was. Johnson was on patrol at a Van Dorn Street Plaza in Alexandria, Virgina at around 1:30 AM, when he noticed two men loitering near a row of dumpsters. One of the men has now been identified as Jeffrey Tibbs.

Johnson stated that his priority was to get the men away from the building. If a burglary had occurred, they could always investigate it afterwards. Johnson pulled up and told the men to move along. Instead of listening, the men walked up and grabbed Johnson through the window of his car. Johnson managed to pull away and call the police. One of the male suspects fled, but Tibbs remained on scene and attacked the arriving officer.

While speaking with local news station WLJA, Johnson recalled the attack, “He was hitting her, grabbing her, shaking her, and it looked pretty bad.” Johnson knew he had no choice but to act. “He was trying to slam her against a wall, like, he was trying to put her in a choke hold or something.” Johnson didn’t hesitate; he jumped into the fight to support the officer.

A struggle ensued between Johnson, Tibbs, and the officer; during the struggle the officer suffered a dislocated shoulder. Johnson, on the other hand sustained a broken leg and a broken ankle.

Johnson stated, “Three major breaks that’s causing all this pain. One crack in the femur and two breaks on each side of the leg.” The broken ankle and leg are held together by seven screws and a metal plate. Johnson continued, “He stepped on my ankle, and as I was trying to bring him down, is when I heard and felt it break.”

Even though he was injured Johnson refused to be out of the fight. He and the officer managed to gain control of Tibbs and hold him on the ground until backup arrived.

Johnson figures that he still has a long way to go for recovery, at least ten weeks, but he was happy to get a visit from the officer he assisted while he was in the hospital. Johnson stated, “She just came in and said ‘thank you.’ You know she was glad I was there, glad I could help.”

The Alexandria Police Chief is sending a letter of commendation to Johnson’s employer.

Johnson isn’t happy about the prospect of being out of work for the recovery period but is grateful for his family trying to help. His family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for medical expenses. Johnson continues to reaffirm that he was just doing the right thing.

The GoFundMe page for Marcus Elias Johnson is here:

Even if you are unable to donate, please share this article so that potential donors can see this article, and Johnson’s medical expenses can be covered.

  • Terry Charboneau Thompson

    If he was at work, this should fall under Worker’s Comp. They have to pay the bills!

    • hardresetamericadotcom

      I am guessing that because doing something like this is not in his job description it might not be covered. And you know companies will find any reason they can to deny a workers comp claim. Most security firms tell their people to ‘observe and report’ but avoid getting involved at all costs for liability issues. They are probably claiming this was out of the scope of his employment and required duties.

      • Bobby

        What about just his regular medical insurance then? Assuming the company provides that benefit.

      • maclll

        If the guy wasn’t a Security Guard but a book keeper, that would be understandable.

    • Themuppetpoo

      Have you ever attempted workman’s comp? They’ll look for any reason not to pay. One I’m sure they’ll use if they haven’t already, was if he hurt himself doing something non work related (pertaining to specifics of what his job duties) or if he did something not required, that went outside the boundaries of his job description. Something he chose to do on his own that isn’t something he would normally run into on a daily work day. Seriously. I’ve been there. I worked for a Sheriff’s dept. After a scuffle, I took some steps and tore my meniscus in my knee. Probably unknowingly injured during scuffle. Because it actually happened as I walked away and not during, it wasn’t covered. They said it could’ve happened walking into or from a store. Off or onto a street curb. Any time I walked anywhere. Lost pay.

  • Kate McCarty

    If he has medical insurance that’s one thing, but his lost wages is probably the issue. Thank God he was there. You’re a hero, Sir.

    • maclll

      It happened on the job. There is also disability.

  • Kate McCarty

    Uh oh. Anyone else have trouble with the Go Fund Me link?

    • ladywriter24

      it worked the 2nd time for me. the first time brought up up a bunch of crap and once you close that out (leave the page) the go fund me page comes up

      • Kate McCarty

        Cool, thanks! I’ll try it again!

  • maclll

    I must be missing something. The security guard is a hero? He was in a dangerous situation and called the police, A police woman responds and one of the bad guys runs off while the other attacks the female cop. The Security Guard then jumps in to help the cop. While taking bad guy down, bad guy steps on the Security guard’s ankle. due to that the security guard has a broken hand, 7 screws holding together a broken leg and a broken ankle. How does that happen? Sounds like either the bad guy was Chuck Norris or the injuries were from someone falling off a ladder.
    Wouldn’t those injuries be covered under work place violence or on the job injuries?