Man chokes woman, pours bleach on her while son attacks her with knife

Christopher Talley

Christopher Talley

Our world is filled with interesting people. Every day we set out to work, we never know what we will find when the dispatcher sends us to a new address for a new call.  We never know what type of person we will encounter or what they are capable of.  We occasionally see the best the world has to offer but unfortunately, we most often see the worst. Christopher Talley happens to be one of those people. He is fond of harming women, using bleach, and involving his son in his criminal matters.  This is just one person that the officers who responded to this call met the day Talley was arrested, one of many, some better, some worse. This is our world, we live it every single day.

Fox 17 Nashville reports:

A man is accused of choking a woman, pouring bleach on her and threatening to set her on fire, all while an affidavit said his son was attacking her with a knife.
Christopher A. Talley is charged with aggravated assault, strangulation, according to an affidavit.
On Friday, the victim told police she was assaulted by Talley and his son at a residence along Blank Street. She told police she was asleep with Talley’s son when the suspect came home and started yelling.
Talley allegedly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the couch, throwing her across the room. The victim told police Talley then started choking her and hitting her on the head, while telling his son to grab a knife.
The victim told police Talley started pouring bleach on her, with a light in his other hand, and threatened to set her on fire.
“I’m going to kill you and your mom,” he victim allegedly recalled Talley saying. That’s when Talley’s son is accused of attacking the victim with a kitchen knife.
The victim said they both stopped when her sister showed up to the house.
The officer interviewed the victim at Skyline Medical. She had bandaging on her right finger, a cut consistent with an edged weapon on her back and bleach stain on her jeans, police said.

  • Dennis P. Quinn

    You guys do know that bleach will not burn, right? The eyes yes. The sores, yes. On fire, no way. But don’t tell this moron that.

    • Donna Crow

      So what if it won’t burn. They are explaining what the victim said this POS did. They said this was the victim’s statement. So when 2 POD s
      are chocking, cutting , beating, pouring bleach and threatening to set fire to your mom or daughter it’s ok because bleach doesn’t catch fire.