Lybeth Hardy Arrested After Angry Mob Injures Port Barre Officers

Lybeth Hardy was arrested by Port Barre Police for reckless driving, resisting arrest, and hit and run.

Lybeth Hardy was arrested by Port Barre Police for reckless driving, resisting arrest, and hit and run.

Lybeth Hardy Arrested After Angry Mob Injures Port Barre Officers

Port Barre, Louisiana – Two officers with the Port Barre Police Department suffered injuries after being attacked by an angry mob while they were investigating Lybeth Hardy for a hit and run crash.

The incident occurred after police received a call from a citizen about a reckless driver that lost control, struck a tree as well and a parked car, and then fled the scene of the crash. Officers were able to locate the vehicle at a residence located at the 100 block of Courtableau Drive where Lybeth Hardy answered the door with her 15-year-old son. Police say Lybeth Hardy and her son began cursing at the officers. Hardy admitted that she was in the car with her kids at the time of the crash, but she failed to provide information on the vehicle’s owner

At some point in the investigation, the officers attempted arrest Lybeth Hardy when an angry mob gathered around the officers in a threatening, and aggressive manner. The officers began using pepper spray in self-defense and it was at that point that the officers were physically attacked by both adults and children of all ages.

According to Chief Deon Boudreaux one officer was struck with a folding chair and suffered an arm injury, while a second was treated for a head injury after being struck in the head with a fishing pole by Lybeth Hardy’s out of control 15-year-old boy. The officer that was struck in the head pointed his firearm at his assailant, but upon realizing the threat to his life was over he did not fire. Lybeth Hardy was subsequently arrested for reckless driving, hit-and-run, and resisting arrest.

Chief Deon Boudreaux provided a statement in reference to this mob type assault on his officers. We feel Chief Boudreaux’s statement is a fitting description of a culture of violence saturating the nation on a daily basis as a result of racist organizations like Black Lives Matter.

Read Chief Boudreaux’s full statement below:

“When I arrived on scene, I was met with disrespect not only from adults but from teenagers and preteen children as well. One of the children took his shirt off and approached me in a combative manner and begin cursing me, using very vulgar language which included derogatory and racist remarks. He done this in front of his mother.

There is a parenting problem when children can stand in the presence of their parents cursing, threatening and assaulting police officers and using a racist terms towards others. These officers were there to investigate a hit-and-run crash but instead had to fight with a family of all ages, defend their own lives and nearly had to use deadly force, all because of the disrespect and aggressive lifestyle that was taught from parents to children.

Had back up not arrived, had there been deadlier weapons laying around the yard, an officer, a husband, a father, could’ve lost his life over a hit and run complaint. A 15-year-old young man could have lost his life had it not been for the compassion and restraint by that police officer. As I watched the police officers body camera videos, I was proud of the police officers’ incredible restraint and professionalism but, I felt disgust towards the mother of those children.

To see a whole family of adults and children surrounding police officers cursing and disrespecting them and making threats and then assaulting them with anything they can get their hands on, which included the fishing pole, the folding chair and one young man even picked up a bicycle and struck an officer. It’s obvious this mother taught her children to disrespect authority and it could have very well cost her the life of one of her children. I find this very disturbing and disgusting. The lack of respect and lack of self-discipline.’

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  • gladitsnight

    These people are the scum of the earth. No respect for themselves, others, and especially for those in position of authority. They think they are above the law, and should be able to steal and fight without consequences.

  • Kservatius

    Sad state of affairs for sure when parents teach their children disrespect for authority, as their parents taught them. A never ending cycle and for what purpose?

  • tim


  • Kristen Loomis

    It’s always sad to hear about another parent who set their children up for failure in life. That 15 year old child is very fortunate that the officer was able to make a judgement call like that while still under assault and he kept his life. That mother is fortunate that she’s not burying her son… yet.

    Why any parent would want to set their children up to continue the circle of violence rather than encouraging them to be responsible members of society I just cant understand. We have enough “victims” already, we need to start teaching personal responsibility again.

  • bws001

    Just remember black lives matter more than yours..

  • Paran41

    Prepare yourselves for it is upon us. At the very least align yourself with people who can defend your family. Do not be as a sheep. They have dragged me into this against my wishes. I stand with the blue.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Thugs raising thugs. It seems to be the way of parenting in these communities. It is time to send at least 4 officers to every call in these communities. If that slows down response time, then so be it. If these people want to act like animals, the officer’s need to be more protected when responding to calls.

  • daleh33

    And still they wonder why there is a stereotype. They do nothing to try and change it and when they act like this, it only proves the point more. Wait, I’ll bet she cries racism and says her civil rights were violated by asking her any questions.

  • Post Purgatory

    Why is this story not showing up in the national media?

    • marvelmysteryman


  • Erik Black

    I hope they arrested and stacked charges on everybody involved. They should also charge her with leaving the scene of an accident and inciting a riot!

  • MileHigh

    The black community is in CRISIS. There is a CRISIS of the mind, heart, soul and spirit where the huge minority of ratchets and thugs have stolen the agenda away from the majority good black folk. This CRISIS is the root cause for the insanity and violence. The CRISIS is the root cause for Amy Joyner being brutally beaten by three teenage black girls and dying of cardiac arrest induced by the stress of the beating. This CRISIS affects millions and millions of people of all races each and every day and it especially affects the decent hard-working police officers that protect our communities.

    I back the Blue 100% and I lament how this CRISIS has made the lives of so many police officers more stressful and dangerous than they have ever been.

    The entire black community has to come face to face with this problem and fix itself.

  • doright

    Was anyone else arrested ?

  • Cyndi Current

    Maybe officers shouldn’t even respond in communities like that, they hate the cops FINE! deal with problems themselves! See how much they appreciate police officers then!

  • Tom Sims

    No lose situation for the mother. If the kid gets deservedly shot, lottery win for the mother.