Luis Penzo Brutally Beats A High School Principal After Refusing To Remove Headphones

Principal Matthew Tossman was brutally beaten by Luis Penzo after telling him to remove his headphones.

Principal Matthew Tossman was brutally beaten by Luis Penzo after telling him to remove his headphones.

Luis Penzo Brutally Beats A High School Principal After Refusing To Remove Headphones

New York – Luis Penzo brutally beat the Murry Bergtraum High School principal after being asked to turn down the music on his headphones.

Luis Penzo, 18, is a student of the Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, which holds classes inside Murry Bergtraum High School. According to police, Principal Matthew Tossman observed Luis Penzo wearing headphones that had music on that was blasting in the hallway causing a disruption in the school. Principal Tossman then approached Luis Penzo who self-importantly ignored Tossman’s requests to turn down the music.

At some point Principal Tossman reached towards the headphones when Luis Penzo suddenly sucker-punched Tossman in the face before then brutally attacking him again with a barrage of punches to the face and head. Principal Tossman reportedly suffered lacerations and swelling around both eyes and all over his face. Tossman was transported to a hospital located in lower Manhattan for treatment of his injuries.

Luis Penzo was arrested around 1:00 P.M. on Monday and was charged with a felony, second-degree assault. Penzo’s attorney said that the whole incident was just because he was a upset that his mother had died last year, so I guess that makes it all OK.

Luis Penzo was previously involved in another assault about a month ago in which he crashed his car into another vehicle before attacking the driver with repeated punches. Penzo, who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, was charged with assault and harassment in that case.

The Department of Education released a statement that said the New York Police Department “immediately responded to a concerning incident.” The statement also said “The safety and security of students and staff is our top priority, and we are looking into it.”

Murry Bergtraum is also the site of a 2012 brawl between police and an emotionally volatile group of entitled kids who were all screaming as it digressed into a free-for-all melee. That incident was captured on video as police unsuccessfully attempted to break up the brats who could be seen throwing their bodies at the police in the heat of their childish tantrums.

We talk a lot about the Ferguson Effect and how it effects the police profession. Many in society believe that this theory has directly affected the crime rate in a negative way in this county. The term suggests that police have a less vigorous enforcement in situations that might lead to backlash, as a result of public scrutiny on just about all police tactics.

Do you feel that school officials may react similarly out of fear for their own safety, given that their attempts to enforce school rules may trigger a brutal attack like the one we just reported about Principal Matthew Tossman? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  • Marty Ratliff Cornelius

    Let this dude finish his high school career in jail. Enough of this BS and getting away with it. While I feel bad he lost his mother, I see no connection between that and his disruptive behavior.

  • i5guy

    They don’t give dogs a second chance to bite. But in this “politically correct” administration – certain groups of people are given exemption.. Sad.

  • Kristen Loomis

    He didn’t lash out because his mother died a year ago. He lashed out because he feels like he should be able to do what he wants to do, unfettered, and trying to stop him means he’s going to react. Only he reacts physically, because he can. His self-entitlement makes him believe that as a chronological adult he can do things, even if it disrupts others. His decision to physically attack the principal shows he’s not mature mentally. Hopefully he’s prosecuted and gets to spend some time with the adults and reality will kick in for him.

    As far as what the school administration will do? Who has faith in the administrators anymore? They’re so worried about liability and lawsuits they’ve been practically holding their breath and crossing their fingers that everything works itself out.

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    The Ferguson Effect is going to cause more and more of this type of behavior. Several times already police, school administration and your average citizen has made choices when defending themselves and others because of the fear of repercussions. The story about the female police officer that was beaten terribly said she hesitated using her firearm because of backlash is exceptionally disturbing.