Los Angeles Police Commission Tells Officers To Run Away from Armed Suspects

Los Angeles Police told to run away from armed criminals.

Los Angeles Police told to run away from armed criminals. (Chief Charlie Beck)

Los Angeles Police Commission Tells Officers To Run Away from Armed Suspects

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles Police Commission who is tasked with setting policies for the police department, has decided that if an officer is confronted by an armed subject they should run away. The decision stems from an officer involved shooting where a suspect charged two officers with a large knife, citing that the officers should have “redeployed” to “create distance.”

There is no disputing of the facts of this case. A female suspect, armed with an 8 to 9-inch knife, repeatedly ignored commands to stop, ran at the officers, and was even recorded yelling “shoot me,” all the while brandishing the knife swinging it from side to side.

In less than 10 seconds the female suspect closed a 70 foot gap to just 5 feet prompting the first officer to fire his weapon. This left only 3 seconds for the second officer to react to the threat, prompting the Commission to conclude that “it was reasonable for Officer C to believe, in the moment when the use of force occurred, that the subject would imminently assault him with the knife.”

In true Monday morning quarterback fashion, people with no police training or experience thoroughly analyzed this seconds long shooting. Using the video, they broke down the footage frame by frame concluding that in mere seconds the first officers’ “position initially provided Officer C with a position of tactical advantage” which was lost as the suspect charged with the knife. Further writing “this advantage rapidly diminished as the Subject continued her advance, leaving him with neither distance nor effective cover as the subject approached the space between two parked vehicles by which Officer C was located.”

Imagine having a vehicles on either side of you and a charging suspect with a knife. How do you “redeploy” to gain another tactical advantage? This would only further endanger officers and the public.

Chief Charlie Beck of the LAPD even agreed with the officers’ actions. Despite the Chief’s endorsement, the Commission overruled the Chief’s decision. The Commissioners, while acknowledging the Officer was right in feeling his life was in jeopardy, felt the Officer was in the wrong and should have run away. Remember, the Commission has a combined law enforcement experience of zero years.

If you work in LA, prepare for hell if you ever need to defend your life.

SOURCE: http://lapd.com/blog/Police_Commission_tells_officers_to_run_away_or_else

  • La Huerita

    Are you so freaking ignorant???? What a coward! Let’s see if he runs away if he’s ever in that situation. Why not just give the criminals all of our guns and back a way slowly while they rape and pillage this country? What a pitiful example of a man not to mention a Police Commissioner!!! Where do these mealy mouth cowards come from and how the he_ _ do they get into office? Run away indeed! We would not have the freedoms we have today if all of our forefathers and brave men who fought for our freedoms ran away from their enemy. No wonder the world sees us as weak. Only cowards run away. It’s time for men to grow a pair and become real men again! What a shameful piece of work!

    • Jack Reilly

      I was a Philly Sergeant, and a cop for 24 years……WE DON”T RUN AWAY…..WE RUN TO.

    • phonograf

      It’s not a Commissioner. It’s 5 people. 3 men and 2 women. 3 lawyers, one of whom is an immigration and tort law professor, one who was Dean of a law school. The fourth is a Real Estate businessman. Number 5 is a director of a non-profit low income assistance organization. All appointed by the Mayor. All 6 (including the Mayor) have ZERO police experience between them. That should answer your questions.

      • f. woody

        So, are they unintelligent ramblings binding on the Police?

        • phonograf

          From what I’ve read, apparently so. They apparently issue department policies. I got the information above from a Bing search off the LAPD website.

        • phonograf

          See for yourself:

          And according to the above post, only the Real Estate businessman had enough sense to understand how it should be done. The lawyers and the community organizer, well, you could say they are idiots.

      • nativeofmiami

        Send them all to Shoot/Don’t Shoot training course and see how well they do!

        • Sarah

          I bet they would run away shooting ????

  • James hegarty

    This guy should be checking parking meters. He isn’t a real cop.

    • phonograf

      Not one guy. See my reply to La Huerita.

  • Jack Reilly

    In just three letters……………….WTF?

  • Grayowl

    People get the kind of law enforcement they deserve. When people get tired of living in Gotham they will demand this crap be stopped.

  • Frank Petrosino

    The police should find out who the criminals are and find out where they live and mail them handcuffs and car fare and maybe a little extra money to get coffee and tell him to turn themselves in.

  • Twilightstar

    Well, it is LA, that has to be the only excuse to say something this stupid. If it’s a threat and it’s coming at you and won’t stop, shoot.

  • It’s not fundamentally about the safety of the officer. It’s about the danger to the public if officers are always backing down. Officers have to be respected in order to help create safety. Ones that run away in situations like this won’t be.

  • ec

    If only y’all could read like y’all lie.

  • powermidget

    Wait a minute, I thought the job of a police officer was to catch the bad guys?

  • chiefpontiac

    Why bother having a police department if these ignorant elites want them to not confront criminals? I doubt that pretty please and pinky swears are going to keep criminals from doing what they do best….

  • KWB

    Attempting to run away would only place the officers in more danger, and if this Police Commission had one ounce of law enforcement training they might understand that. To tell law enforcement officers to start running from armed suspects is going to endanger that community in a manner that it has never seen or heard before; and the injury, death and crime rate is going to climb like no one has ever seen or expected; and then this Police Commission will NOT accept responsibility or accountability – they will of course blame the Police for not handling their jobs correctly. Police have always ran toward what the rest of society has run from, so that we could handle what society was afraid to handle, unable to handle or just refused to handle because of how difficult, nasty or distasteful it was to handle; BUT someone MUST handle it or this world will be a horrible, nasty, ugly, impossible place to live; and so they have we the Police ……..but now they want to tell we the Police to run away too ……..how f***ing stupid can they get.

  • Sylow59

    This won’t end well

  • f. woody

    Police Commission!! Who they hell are they to override the Chief of Police? Why do they have non-police dictating policy to the Police Department? WE DON’T RUN AWAY…

  • Sharon ODonnell

    Was the crazy bitch black because WTF… ANY !!crazy bitch refuses your orders to disarm repeatedly and runs at you and /or points a gun slashes a knife, you deploy tazer then if no respect given ,then you must…. make it home to your family +.
    WE HAVE YOUR BACK OFFICERS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef56e429aa535b7b26cefb93747b4d9ecc9493b14e05302af7d0f66cf23af772.jpg

  • Hal Slusher

    Welcome to liberal policing 2016. we are so screwed

  • Gordon Schumway II

    Two course of actions can be taken here. First, the Union should immediately challenge this in court. Of course this is California so that may not work. Second, and most drastic is to walk off the job! Running from armed suspects does nothing more than give confidence to the armed criminal.

  • R P Daniels

    Sounds like the Los Angeles Police Commission needs some new members. Where can I apply? I can do a better job than these bleeding heart liberals any day and twice on Sunday.

  • Tom Westfield

    Edged weapons are VERY different. The knife, sword, dagger,spear etc can kill you even after you shoot the perp. You can’t always re-direct, and you have the distinct possibility of having the edged weapon user injure a 3rd party as well. The inmates are running the asylum in LA

  • TJ&TAW

    Police run TO violent perpetrators not FROM.
    Law & order needs support from the strong, not criticism from the liberals.

  • Ih2puo

    I bet this commission is the poster for DIEversity.

  • Clifford Ishii

    No guns, cops told to runaway. Time for individual Americans to carry a Jo staff for self defense.