City Council Candidate Tells False Police Brutality Story, Newspaper Runs It Without Fact-Checks

Longview City Council Candidate, Megan Richie, lied to reporters about her encounter with police.

Longview City Council Candidate, Megan Richie, lied to reporters about her encounter with police.

Megan Richie, Longview City Council Candidate, Lies To Newspaper (Again) About Being Attacked By Police

Longview, WA – An otherwise boring campaign for Longview City Council got a lot more interesting after candidate Megan Richie fabricated a story about being victimized by police brutality at the hands of Federal Way Police Department, and the newspaper ran it with no apparent fact checking.

The Federal Way Police Department caught wind of the story, and issued a savage takedown of the claims, which ended with the department saying that the city council candidate is a “very troubled woman with a lifetime of mental health issues with a documented propensity to exaggerate things to manipulate those around her.”

The issue started on Wednesday when The Daily News published an article with information about City Council Candidate Megan Richie. In the piece, The Daily News reported that Richie has anxiety campaigning door-to-door because “Federal Way police officers assaulted her after one solicited her for sex.”

Richie told the newspaper that five officers dislocated her jaw and then held her in jail for three days in SCORE jail without processing. She went on to claim that after suing the department in federal court, she forced the city to create de-escalation training in lieu of paying her money.

A federal lawsuit against a city should be pretty easy for a reporter to fact check, right? Well, that was apparently too much for The Daily News, because the entire story that they published was fabricated.

The incident, as it really occurred, according to Federal Way PD,  involved Richie getting pulled over in 2013 for cell phone use while driving. While on the stop, Richie tried to leave the scene and walk away from her vehicle. As the officer repeatedly told her that she wasn’t free to leave, she became extremely agitated, prompting the officer to call for backup.

After Richie continued to refuse to comply with the officer’s commands, she was told that she was under arrest for obstructing a law enforcement officer. When the officer went to take her into custody, she attacked.

A second officer arrived on scene and Richie tried to punch him in the face, she clawed the arrested officer in the neck, injuring him. To stop the attack, one of the officers struck her once in the face.

Richie was then booked into jail and later released.

After the incident she claimed that she had “cognitive and hearing disabilities.” Newspapers even went so far as to claim that the police department beat a “deaf woman” “because she didn’t hear their orders.” The claims of being deaf should have raised any red flags to her latest story, had anybody bothered to check.

Richie isn’t deaf, but if she claims that she’s mentally disabled, we won’t disagree.

She later pleaded guilty to obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Richie later filed a federal lawsuit against Federal Way Police Department, and the court dismissed her claims of being unlawfully held in jail without process, because it clearly wasn’t true. The court allowed claims of excessive force to go to jury trial, and a jury unanimously decided that the officers did not use excessive force.

There was never any evidence that Richie had a “dislocated jaw,” only bruising (a black eye.) There had never even been any allegation that the officer had solicited her for sex; that appears to be a newly fabricated part of the story.

Furthermore, Richie did not compel the agency to add de-escalation training; the agency later did that on its own. No officer was ever disciplined or received remedial training, because it was determined that they acted appropriately.

“There was no settlement, or concession of any kind from our department,” Federal Way Police Department said. ” [Richie] is very troubled woman with a lifetime of mental health issues with a documented propensity to exaggerate things to manipulate those around her.”

Once the Federal Way Police Department sent this information to The Daily News, the newspaper published a follow-up where they released another statement from Megan Richie saying, “Megan herself was not solicited for sex, but the investigation into her beating turned up evidence that officers were engaging in these activities with other women, and at least one officer lost his job.”

She’s apparently referring to the backup officer who was later fired in for lying to internal investigators about sexting a hotel employee.

As of this writing, The Daily News still their unedited original story up online, with no reference to the latest information that they’ve received on the incident.

  • Carl Hungus

    Another shitbag heard from.

  • avtx1300

    I wouldn’t solicit that ugly woman to wash my dog. She is probably mad because the officers DIDN’T solicit her.

    • Heather

      FYI – sex crimes are about power and control, not someone’s looks. Women of all ages, sizes, shapes, etc have been victims. I’m not saying this woman was a victim, simply correcting the fallacy of your reasoning.

      • Chuck Berriman

        Sorry Heather, not buying that all sex crimes are about power and control only, that’s an exaggeration.

        • jules2u

          I agree especially when it comes to solicitation, while in some cases of sex crimes, such as rape, it is about power and control, I would guess that in the case of many solicitation crimes, looks would play a role.

          • Heather

            Actually, you would be amazed at how utterly unattractive many prostitutes are!

        • Heather

          You are certainly entitled to your own, albeit uninformed, opinion. Reading jules2u’s comment, however, did make me realize I should have been clearer…the sex crimes I was referring to in my previous comment are sexual assaults. And no, my comment is not an exaggeration…I have spent years working with perps and victims…the looks of the victims were not a factor in the crime. I have worked with victims of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages (from 12 to 86), etc.

      • avtx1300

        Thank you for your expert opinion but I still think this woman is terminal ugly.

        • Heather

          Didn’t say she wasn’t…I didn’t address her looks one way or the other.

  • cheese101

    Big shock that the newspaper ran the story without checking facts as many papers are known to never let facts get in the way of reporting.

    • mac

      Almost all do.Media is a sham

  • Gobby

    Did bluelivesmatter do any actual fact checking or is it simply siding with what Federal Way PD had to say? we can only wait and see the conclusion of the lawsuit.

    • poet756

      rofl You can’t read, huh? There was no lawsuit

      • Gobby

        Far better then you, there is a active lawsuit goggle it moron.

    • Pushed to the limit


  • Robert Pashka

    When she isn’t elected I’m sure she will sue everybody involved in the election. I will read about it in the daily mail no doubt. I am so tired of this kind of crap. Why would anyone read this rag of a paper and why would anyone vote for this skank of a woman?

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    I always try to be supportive of the police. While the officer was justified in defending himself, I have a problem with any man punching a woman in the face except under extreme conditions where there is no other option. He had other options as his life was not in danger from scratches. Should he be sued? Probably not, but it shows poor judgement on his part and departmental policy should be reviewed. He shouldn’t be punished in any way for it as he was being attacked unless he has a habit of punching people in the face. It is possible that she suffers from hearing changes because the tiny bones in the ears can be knocked out of alignment from a blow which slightly distorts sound even when only one ear is affected. I know because it happened to me almost 30 years ago. I use subtitles when available even though I can tell when sound is loud or a whisper. If there are no subtitles I find myself either turning the sound way up or watching some segments of movies several times if what is said is important to the plot. The woman should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for attacking the officer.

    • Katrina

      I admire your stance on men not hitting women in the face, However! I have seen videos of women who are NOT acting like women and absoutely deserve a punch or even a kick in the face. If she was clawing at his neck and face, she would fit that catagory. Deescalation is a wonderful thing until it isn’t. An officer can attempt it all day long. The subject also has a role. If they won’t be deescalated, it is time to move on to other methods.

      • 2 parrots and a dog

        I never said that I was against using force. I’ve seen some of the so called ladies out there behaving as savages. That doesn’t alter my stance and scratching just doesn’t rise to the level of punching a woman. Police officers are professionals and have been trained to handle physical conflict. Unless it is a life or death situation and the face punch is the only solution, it should be off limits. It is wrong. I realize that tazering was out since she was in contact with his body and the current could go through him too. If she was behind him and he used his elbow to break free, I could understand if his elbow hit her face. I am all for our police being treated with respect and being able to protect themselves. They need to be safe. That is why I feel the officer should not be punished, but let’s not take the anything goes point of view. It is a slippery slope. I wasn’t there or the person being attacked. People are threatening the lives of police officers openly as if it were a badge of honor and have killed and maimed them as if it was acceptable with the media backing them up and encouraging it. That is unacceptable, but so is punching a woman in the face.

        • Katrina

          I wasn’t clear, my bad. I was talking women in general being struck by men in general in one breath, then back to the incident at hand and it was more clear in my mind than when re reading my typed comment. I do not believe in anything goes with police, and do agree they shoud stick to their training when possible. I also understand that a physical battle is fluid and a strike to X body part may land at Y because of movement of the subject. Not saying that is what happened here, but is possible in general.
          Not having been there, it is easy to sit here and say what he should (or shouldn’t) have done, but we also don’t know what exactly she was doing. If she was clawing at his face and neck (she obviously scratched his neck, according to the article) a punch to the face may have been warranted to protect his eyes. Losing sight in one eye wouldn’t have killed him, but could have lasting effects on his career and his quality of life.
          In general, I disagree with strikes to the face (male or female) by police , but depending on circumstances, I can’t go so far as to say never. Police might be very well trained, but the people they are dealing with are not following any rules of engagement.

    • Act like a lady – be treated like a lady.

      Act like a man – be treated as a man.

  • Maukwa

    I have unsubscribed from the page, as it does not bring out the best of our society…if these are the spokespeople for cops, then I better take another look at cop behavior.

  • “solicited her for sex ”
    Please, ROFLMAO. Ain’t no one that desperate there i would hope.