‘Lie With Pigs, Fry Like Bacon’ Written On House Before Fire

Lie with pigs, fry like bacon was written on the side of this house before a fire.

“Lie with pigs, fry like bacon” was written on the side of this house before a fire. (WBNG)

‘Lie With Pigs, Fry Like Bacon’ Written On House Before Fire

Endicott, NY – A fire was started at a house on Wednesday, and the owners believe that the know the arsonist’s motivation. The family flies a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on the front of their house.

The fire started on 410 East Main St. in Endicott, NY at around 1:30 AM. The fire destroyed the building’s first floor. New York State Police advised that the arson is being investigated as “suspicious.”

An anonymous family member told WBNG that after the fire was started, a family member went around the back of the home and saw a message written on the siding, “Lie with pigs, fry like bacon.”

The family said that they have a “Blue Lives Matter” flag on the front of their house next to an American Flag. The flag appears to be the popular Blue Line Flag to show support for law enforcement.

The siding has since been removed from the side of the home, presumably by investigators.

It appears that this family was specifically targeted in a hate crime against law enforcement. The message on the side of the house not only gives a motive for the property destruction, it suggests that the suspect was actually trying to murder the occupants of the residence.

The family is fortunate that they were able to escape the fire unharmed.

Supporters for groups like Black Lives Matter have been trying to intimidate law enforcement and their supporters. This is the first case that we know of, outside of a riot, where an arson targeted somebody specifically for supporting law enforcement. These criminals are trying to intimidate us into backing down so that they can push their agenda without resistance.

We will continue to fly our flags and defy these terrorists who are attacking law enforcement.

  • Common Man

    Soldier on, they will find this scum and put him in a nice warm cell for a very long time. I am only happy that no one was injured in this attempted murder / arson. I can not grasp how anyone can vote Democrat at this point, God Bless our men and women in BLUE.

    • Angela Guss

      What the heck does this have anything to do with which party you are voting for??? This is not a political thing. It is a Hate Crime!!

      • Amanda Day

        Because the current Democrat party will not stop feeding the hate and supporting BLM. BLM is a home grown terror group with a very violent agenda. If the president or even Hillary were to speak up and say they need to stop their current line of events then that would be awesome. But a country torn apart is easier to control and they won’t. Republican and Libertarian sides both deny the BLM movement and it’s current agenda and wish to put a stop to all of this.

        • Angela Guss

          And how did that work for the KKK OH YEA that’s right they were mostly REPUBLICANS

          • Chris Veritas


            Know your history before you spout off.

          • Tigerlady

            You’re obvious a product of common core. History does not support your claim my dear.

          • Carlos.Danger

            Oh look Angela….your ignorance is showing.

          • Angela Guss

            Actually I’ve studied history for four years and in 1824 there was a break in the democrat party and they went from democrat and split and they moved over to republicans. So for all three of you above that seem not to know you history that well I suggest you do some studying of you own hence your ignorance Carlos will show…and Tigerlady..a little bit of common core never hurt anyone…better to have education than none at all or as some like to invent their own…Now as you can see it took quite a while for me to respond because why?? I have a life and don’t sit by the computer all day….Good Day All!!

          • J3522

            Angela, your grammar is painful. Were those 4 years in middle school?

          • Carlos.Danger

            Angela, apparently you didn’t include U.S. History in those four years. The modern Democratic Party was founded in 1824 by renowned racist Andrew Jackson. In recent history the party has put their arms around black Americans because they realized they needed their numbers to win elections.

          • J3522

            Well, that could not be more wrong.

        • D Schulz

          Wouldn’t be a bad idea to read the actual BLM page to see their platform. I agree the conglomerate of many organizations platform on “The Movement for Black Lives” is ridiculous in its specificity of demands, but lack of specificity in the how and how much it costs arena.


      • D Schulz

        Eww I just got a support Trump popup from this page with a picture of his son Eric Trump on it. Guess some people think that by reading this article I am more likely to be someone who will give money to the richest heterosexual white man in the race. What is Blue Lives Matter’s ulterior motive???

        I also am very glad that no one was injured particularly the police and firemen who responded to the call and fully believe an arsonist who attacks any home, private or public space should be found and brought to justice.

        • Angela Guss

          I fully agree with you!! When a crime is committed you do the crime you must to the time! It is a blessing that no one was physically hurt. Although it is a burden on the family, material things can be replaced and lives can not. The arsonist not only put the lives of those in the home at risk but as you stated those responders as well. I am grateful they were there to help that family.

        • Carlos.Danger

          I just got a Hillary pop up asking for cash. How could I possibly give to the richest asexual white woman running for president. Oh, and that’s mighty white of you thinking that criminals should be brought to justice. You’re special.

      • Common Man

        Please see the DNC convention, “victims” of the Police (see Mike Brown, et al) were on parade, not one family member from a murdered police officer was even invited let alone allowed to speak there. If you don’t think this is political you are either uninformed or ignorant of the facts, you tell me. This is exactly what the Obama administration has been fostering for years now, or have you not been paying attention? God Bless the Men and Women in Blue, a vote for Hillary is a vote for more of this insanity.

      • Charles Flinn

        To answer your question; the Democratic party normally attempts to garner support from folks that believe they have been disparaged by main stream society, minorities, radical thinking political groups, poor whites and muslims.

  • John

    I have a Blue light on my front porch I dare them to come after me. I will aireate their bodies with high speed lead projectiles.

  • D Schulz

    I have no doubt that the arsonist and attempted murderer will be sought and convicted with all the resources of the police department, and the justice system.