Lady Gaga Voices Support For Man Who Tried To Murder Officer

Lady Gaga tweeted her support for Paul O'Neal after he attempted to murder a Chicago police officer.

Lady Gaga tweeted her support for Paul O’Neal after he attempted to murder a Chicago police officer. (Flickr/Andrea Wilson)

Lady Gaga Voices Support For Man Who Tried To Murder Officer

On Sunday, Lady Gaga sent out a tweet which showed her support for a man who was captured on video trying to murder a Chicago police officer.

Lady Gaga’s tweet said, “Paul O’neal. #BlackLivesMatter How many children must we lose b4 our justice system does something? #Chicago #USA”

The “Poker Face” singer can’t reasonably claim that she had no way to know about Paul O’Neal’s attempt to kill a police officer, as her tweet came days after the video was released. It’s not clear why she blames the “justice system” for an attempted murderer getting shot by police after stealing a car and trying to kill an officer.

Lady Gaga sent out this message on Twitter in support for Paul O'Neal, who was killed after he tried to murder a Chicago police officer.

Lady Gaga sent out this message on Twitter in support for Paul O’Neal, who was killed after he tried to murder a Chicago police officer.

Lady Gaga joins the list of celebrities who have voiced an opinion on an officer-involved shooting while either ignoring the facts, or without actually having any idea what they are talking about.

Paul O’Neal was fatally shot by Chicago police officers after he stole a car, and attempted to use the stolen car to run down an officer. The officer narrowly escaped with his life when two officers shot at O’Neal, missing him. The incident was captured on video. Officers then had probable cause to arrest O’Neal for attempting to murder a police officer as he ran away. An officer who did not have an activated body camera was the first to catch up to O’Neal, and the fatal gunshot was not captured on camera.

The inactive body camera has led to wild conspiracy theories. The theories speculate that the officer somehow knew that he would be alone with O’Neal and that the officer kept his camera off because he wanted to shoot a black man for no good reason. This is a theory that clearly has no basis in reality, but it hasn’t stopped the agitators from claiming that there is a cover-up.

  • Edward Brandon

    Well, if she wants security for her “concerts”, she can let blm do it.

  • screwthemedia


  • How Not To Play The Game

    …how many artists have to come and go before we can find one that produces art? It seems to me allowing kids to listen to her crap might be considered child abuse.

  • Chris Ferguson

    When I see the word “agitators” I can’t help but think about white racist officials in the Jim Crow South complaining about civil rights protesters.

    • SkivMarine

      Apples and oranges, young man. Apples and oranges.

    • MolonLabe#tryme

      When I see the words Jim Crow all I can ponder is the democratic party implementing and supporting those laws for decades…and it’s time to get over “it”.

      • Paul Hammond

        That was 60. Years ago.. Most of those people and their descendants are now Trump supporters.

        • richard scalzo

          Most of those people ….would be dead based on the average life span today. The fact that the candidate wants to secure the borders and start rebuilding this country is so offensive to some. Odd. Yet outright criminal conduct isn’t?

        • MolonLabe#tryme

          Liberalism is a disease that can’t be cured…legally. You may wish to read a book, such as “The War on Cops”.
          Try not to continue your path to fucktardom.

          • Paul Hammond

            What makes you think I am a liberal? You know what? I’m pro cop or I wouldn’t be here.

            You’re eloquence bespeaks your intelligence.

          • MolonLabe#tryme

            1. No one said your weren’t pro cop.
            2. No one called you a liberal, it was a general statement regarding how the elitist open their mouths and spew BS without thinking.
            3. I LOVE my eloquence, especially the use of Fucktard.
            4. Have I nice day.

    • maingearinarkansas

      When I see comments like this I can’t help but think of perpetual victimhood regardless of the never ending freebies and boundless opportunities. Time to move on.

    • Me Jane

      When I see the word “agitators” I can’t help but think of that amazing new washer I purchased way back when that was an absolute lemon. I realize that that was in the PAST and washing machines have advanced…just like we have advanced as a society. Because I am concerned with the present and the future I don’t dwell on the past as it serves no purpose other than to inflame emotions and cause hatred in those who are easily manipulated.

    • Jack Reilly

      Hahahahaha….you r funny…….do you do standup?

    • richard scalzo

      Yet that has nothing to do with the events of today. you equate the injustices of decades back with the carjacking and attempted murder by running down those officers and using a firearm to shoot at them with that??? So any criminal offense is excusable because of those events?

    • Edward Sion

      That’s what agitators are. People who have no facts to backup their claim. These people who think that this cop wanted to some how get into a shooting have no clue as to how a cop thinks. I never wanted to get into a shooting during my 30 years as a cop detective and a Sgt. No one wants to go through a shooting investigation a Jrand Jury a civil lawsuit a department trial. There’s more too. So don’t think for one second this officer somehow turned off his video.

  • VOTE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Yet, people like her are the ones screaming for the police the first time someone “invades” their safe zone.

  • David Martinez

    Maybe that Dumb Whore should ask ‘The Children’!

  • MadameMidlifeCrisis

    F’ her & feed her beans! BLM is nothing less than a terrorist group built upon Marxist ideals & complete insanity! For chrissakes; they are sending death threats to a Detroit pastor who held a peace rally because some loser thief tried to make off with a pair of Cartier sunglasses (which leads me to wonder how the kid wearing them could afford them, but I digress…) & then starting shooting into the crowd when they gave chase!!! The thief/attempted murderer was caught & handed over to police & BLM HQ did not like this. So now the well meaning pastor has had his church, family & friends abandon him out of fear of being caught in the crossfire when BLM “protesters” come to snuff him out. If you support BLM; you are amongst these terrorists that seek to murder those wanting peace & for “black communities” to stop their nonstop violence against each other. The cops aren’t killing off young blacks, their own “community members” are! Lady Gagme should shut her stupid yap & as someone else pointed out; if she thinks cops are so bad, stop using them for security & hire some BLM thu… “protesters!”

  • richard scalzo

    They have no clue. Their press people simply rush to get their name in the media.

  • Eugenio Rodriguez

    Fuck lady gaga and the fucking celebrities who support blm besides that bitch knows nothing fat bitch the motherfucker is a thief try running down officers bitch put a uniform on and walk their shoes cause 98% of blm especially leaders ha so called their fucking criminals don’t do the fucking crime parents raise your fucking kids right cause your are not doing a good job have no pity for anti police or fucking thugs who ruin our streets everyday again fuck you black lives matter straight out of Puerto Rico

    • VOTE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Right on ER from PR!!!!


    Professional entertainers have always been freaks and scumbags. There was a time when this was understood by society, and such people were treated like whores. Now we worship entertainers like gods, we hold them up as role models to our children, and we pay them millions. But the character of such people hasn’t changed, and the information age is revealing the monstrous mistake we have made.

  • Gail Kida

    Law enforcement and private security should refuse to work for her and all who respect police officers and the law should boycott her concerts and her products. Maybe she, like many others , should wait until the facts are revealed before she forms her uneducated opinions.

  • Cheri Santos

    I think this generation is too smart, with better critical thinking skills and discernment to fall for her crap. They’ll outgrow her lunacy.