Kroger Employee Refuses Service To Cop, Then The Company’s Reponse Response Was Awful

An Alexandria Kroger employee refused service to a police officer.

An Alexandria Kroger employee refused service to a police officer.

Kroger Employee Refuses Service To Cop, Then The Company’s Reponse Response Was Awful

Alexandria, Louisiana – An employee at the Alexandria Kroger store refused to serve a police officer because they were a cop, and the company’s response has been less than stellar.

Pineville Police Department Pfc. Sabrina Farace advised us that she was wearing a police shirt when she was grocery shopping with her daughter at the Alexandria Kroger store. The checkout clerk saw her shirt, asked her if she was police officer, and then refused to check her out.

Pfc. Farace’s provided us with her account of events:

On 09-27-16 at approximately 4:00 PM I was in Kroger’s shopping with my 6-year-old daughter. I walked up to the checkout line and placed my items on the counter for the cashier to scan my items. She sat there for a few moments and kept looking at me odd.

When she refused to speak or pick any of my items up, I asked her if I could help her.  She replied, “Do you have your Kroger card?” At which I responded, “Yes, I do.”

I handed her my Kroger member card and she reluctantly took it from my hands.  After she took [the card] I was waiting for her to continue checking me out. She looked at me and with a rude tone she asked  “Are you on the force?” I stated, “Come again?” She asked again, rudely, “Are you on the force, are you a cop?” I stated “Yes, maam I am a cop.”  She then looked at me and stated, “I can’t check you out, I have to go get my supervisor.”

I stated, “OK” because I did not know what her reason was for stating that she could not continue to check me out. I assumed maybe it was time for her to get off or some other reason. When she came back to the counter she stated, “My supervisor is tied up right now.”  I asked, “What’s the deal?” She replied, “I can not check you out because you are police officer and I can’t check you out because you are a cop and I have issues with the police right now.”  At which I replied, “You have to be kidding me right?”  She stated “No, I am not.”  I then stated “If this is the case I would like to speak to your supervisor myself because this is unacceptable to treat a customer this way.”

She then walked off and shortly later she came back with a white male that I assumed was her supervisor.  I told him that the employee (AJ written on her name tag) had refused to check me out because after she asked me if I was on the force, and when I told her I was a cop, she refused to check me out. He looked at her and said “You have to check out all customers.”

I  began to tell him I didn’t appreciate being asked what I do for a living period no matter what kind of shirt I was wearing, because it is not her business. I told him that this kind of behavior is unacceptable for any customer to be treated in this manner. I asked him if he would continue to allow her to treat customers like that as she stood there smirking as if nothing would be done. I said, if you condone this kind of behavior and discrimination I’m sure the media would love to know how you allow employees to treat customers this way for wearing a police supporting shirt and being a police officer.

He replied, well that’s not nice to threaten me to call the media and I guess I’ll just call Cooper. I told him that he could call whoever he wanted because I did not work for Cooper.  He began telling me that she explained to him that she had problems with the police.  I stated to him that apparently I would not be the only person wearing a shirt supporting police or a police officer that came into the store. I stated that she was an embarrassment to the store treat people that way.  I also told him that he, as a manager, should be embarrassed for the poor job at making not making an  attempt to correct the situation that he, himself, was an embarrassment to Kroger’s.  I told him that I refused to come back to the store and left my groceries where they laid after she stated she could not check me out.  I then left, and will refuse to ever shop at the store from this point on account of this incident.

I have been a customer there for more than 15 years but this is unacceptable to be treated that way no matter what your profession may be nor should it be acceptable to be asked what you do based on their opinions of that profession.

At Blue Lives Matter, it’s our general policy to wait for the company to response before publishing stories about an officer being refused service. Unfortunately, it appears that a response may not be forthcoming. After complaining, Pfc. Sabrina Farace advised that she did receive a phone call from a Kroger corporate manager who asked her what had happened. After being told the story, the manger said that he would call her back in a day or so. It has now been almost two weeks since this incident occurred and she still has not received a response.

Kroger appears to be ignoring the situation, or at least not being responsive. Be sure to share this story and get the word out and maybe Kroger will finally respond to this situation.

UPDATE: Another Kroger employee has now refused service over a Police Lives Matter shirt.

UPDATE: Kroger has now responded.

How do you think this should be handled? You can let us know on our Facebook page.

  • ManFredMann

    This article is terribly written. Either the comments were taken literally, or they were Rewritten by the author. Absolutely terrible journalism and writing. Weather this situation is real or not, the editorial is just ridiculous.

    • Fubar

      Considering your atrocious use of English, in form, function & spelling, you should not be making any comments about an article being “terribly written”.

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      What does the weather have to do with this article?

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        I was going to ask the same thing.

      • Minxey

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      I’m confused, what does the forecast have to do with this?

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      The word you would use in this instance is “Whether” not weather…

    • Joy Park

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      I wonder if you might have meant “Whether” instead of “Weather.” Perhaps we need a more educated commentary on the editorialm as you call it.

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    • daleh33

      These stories are not written by writers but by actual members of the police. Criticizes all you want but what does the weather have to do with a scumbag in a Kroger store? Don’t complain about the writing in the article if you don’t know how to use the English language.

    • Barbara Maddox Fulcher

      No you are ridiculous!

    • Rick from Louisiana

      Weather? You mean whether – don’t be the grammar police if you also are guilty.

    • Minxey

      And this is not a journalism website.

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    • J. Doe

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        • Duke Kader

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  • daleh33

    That little bitch should be fired along with that manager. If that’s what actually happened he was her friend and was more worried about that friendship instead of his job. That GOD there is no Kroger in my area. The sad part is eventually these punks will file for unemployment and get approved and will probably file a law suit for discriminating against her beliefs. This is going to far now. Police will have to go to the back of fast food places and cook their own meals just to make sure no one is spitting in it.

    • Robin Miller

      As a Kroger employee I am appalled by this behavior and can tell you that this in no way reflects the attitudes of the majority of us. At my store we regularly open the doors to on duty police officers when we are closed so they can use the restrooms and buy snacks and drinks.

      But that said Kroger is a union shop and because of that it can be difficult to get rid of people. The same rules that keep Corporate from abusing good workers also protects bad apples that know how to work the system so don’t expect this disrespectful woman to be punished. The worst that might happen is a write up and even that disappears after 90 days if she doesn’t pull the same stunt at least 2 more times.

      • daleh33

        I worked retail in the past from Auto Parts sales to Hardware Sales, not the boxes like Home Depot, to Target. You are correct these clowns represent only a few at each location but, there needs to be a way to handle issues like this as in firing them. The worst thing a store can handle is losing customers. Our laws these day don’t allow you to ask very many questions to previous employers about work history. If she were to quit or get fired next week, Kroger would not be allowed to tell anyone who calls for a reference that she was written up and what that write up is for. You can’t ask if that person were on late a lot, did they call in sick a lot. The only thing a previous employer can address if that employee was charged and convicted of a crime at her place of work. How can you hire a good crew without knowing their past. Like I said, her “manager” sounds like he was her friend, which now I think of it, it may have just been a friend and not even a manager. Kroger is a huge company and I’m sure full of and ran by great people but they have to find like every other company to be allowed to punish these clowns when they treat paying customers bad. I know not all customers a good either, like I said been there done that, but I’m sure there is video of the action and Kroger needs to find a way for her to lose some time from work as in suspension and another way to deal with issues like this in the future. We have seen fast food places have the same problem and those clowns were can by the next day.

        • Angie Thompson

          Actually the most important question you are legally allowed to ask is if this person is rehirable. That itself is a lot to go on.

          • Dave

            I was just going to say that. If they wouldn’t rehire them that is enough for me to not hire them.

      • Justin

        Then you also know that they’re is a policy that states to make the customer happy.

        There a process for most things, but at this point this is considered insubordination which is heavily frowned upon to Pond management. You are told to bring your customers up regardless of anything you cannot refuse them unless further instructed but also at the same time you should not refuse money for your company they are who pays your paycheck

      • Stacy

        She was taken care of.

        • Stacey Barber

          No she wasn’t because she was at work today.

          • Stacy

            Yes she was. She was suspended and today was her day back. She can’t be fired because she is part of the union but the situation was handled.

          • Charles Barrus

            Day back? HAHA. BS. She should have been “laid off”. Even Unions “lay off” workers never to be rehired again, right?

          • Dean Gilbert

            How? A 2 or 3 day suspension? That doesn’t ‘handle’ anything.

          • Stacy

            That’s all cops get while killing people with their hands up. What’s worse?

          • RV

            What’s it like being so absolutely thick, yet thinking you know everything? You’re shockingly ignorant.

          • Stacy

            Lol ???? Ohkay!

          • RV

            Well then, Miss Omniscient, post the names of officers who have killed people who have verifiably had their hands up, and only received 2 or 3 days suspension? I’ll be waiting here when you can’t.

          • Stacy

            You knew what I meant . But most do get paid leave until ” the situation is handled” and cops stick up for cops.They are all cruckit to me. I wouldn’t Deny them service because like I said they are people and no better than anyone else. Don’t mean I have to like them. And recently cops killed a small boy and took them over 5 minutes to go see if the victims were Ohkay. It is horrible. And it’s a shame people have to go crazy before judges actually try to prosecute them. This world we live in is crazy. The same people screaming all lives matter turn their heads to many things. Even tho this is blue lives matter not all blue lives are loyal to others. They see a “black man” hands up and still “fear for their lives” like one cops said in the video!! How??? Man needed help not a bullet. And she got paid leave until they got through with the investigation…. Like I said I don’t care what happens to her but why take krogers down with it? It was packed to the max in their today. I’m done commenting on this thing I guess. If what I said isn’t liked then move on with your life. Stop wasting your life being mad. Because a woman at krogers (with some type of disability) refused service to SOMEONE. Just saying. I’m tired and got work in the morning. If y’all want I’ll continue arguing with y’all tomorrow ????????.

          • catty808

            cruckit ? That is not a word. I think you mean crooked. Learn to spell and use commas.

          • ronjon

            Agreed. You’re not shockingly ignorant. You’re every day ignorant

          • Stacy


          • Sandy Head


          • Stacy


          • DinoBeliver

            You just proved you are ignorant.

          • imonmyway

            You bought the lie! Hands up was a hoax according to the witnesses from the community who testified.

          • Jill Graves

            It maybe a lie but you have to admit it is a great one.

          • Rowwdy Colt

            Too many idiots…………….

          • JapesMacfarland

            The whole “hands up don’t shoot” narrative is a lie, Stacy. Black witnesses even testified to this. I can’t believe you even want to believe this. Why don’t you care about how many more blacks have been murdered since you leftists started this crusade, and police have pulled out of areas out of fear, and the bad guys are getting more freedom? What’s wrong with you?

          • Sandy Head

            Actually an employee can be terminated for insubordination

          • Samuel Graham

            Being a part of a union is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card….ultimately the union member is better served by following the guidelines and policies of the employer and keeping them in business so this ‘hot mess’ of an employee can remain employed…..I would be building my my case file to validate why this employee needs to go ahead and ‘kick rocks’

      • Austin Hoeffner

        Well I also work for Kroger as a Produce Manager. Even though we are Union, there are always ways around things. Give her the minimum required hours until she quits. Nobody can live off of 16 hours a week. I would find a way to get rid of her if she were in my department. Trust me, I’m am extremely laid back department head, but there are certain things I do not tolerate and being rude to a customer is one. As my Vice President once told me, “we are not in the grocery business, we are in the people business”.

        • T.j. Thomas

          If her Kroger is like one I used to use in my college town, they could move her to the deli and just give her 6 hours a week.

          • Sandy Head

            The union requires a min of 15 or none

          • Jim Britt

            Unions are destroying this nation

          • norm

            No they are not it is the apathy of the members that ruin the unions

          • Rachael Little

            When your union is pretty much non existent for your store it pretty much is ruining the employees lives because we have to pay $7 that we don’t have for people who aren’t there

          • Buffy Keedwell

            well then become a union rep for your store and sort it out

          • Burt Hicks

            As a former Executive Board member of my union (NABET) I can tell you most power comes from the top down, not from the members. Apathy is certainly a factor, but fear of being “non-union” is what drives most to be silent. Union dues for MOST members are just like taxes: pay up or lose your job (or go to jail).

          • Guest

            Unions make all labor a commodity, that is to say that one employee’s labor is supposedly the same as another. That breeds apathy and attracts less than competent employees that hide behind their union. I worked as a mason’s laborer (back when construction was not dominated by Mexicans) to put myself through college and I can tell you first hand that there is no incentive for people to excel at their job. Do just enough to get by and no more. Break tools so you can get a few minutes to rest. Who cares, it’s not your money. Glad I don’t live in that world anymore.

          • Kevin Via

            They are apathetic because of the unions. The idea they can’t be easily fired makes people lazy. Ivery refuse to work a union job my whole life for that very reason. I worked with Union employees when I was 17. It was were not doing that can’t do that break time. It’s a joke. And I thank God I had that experience at 17. It made me stay away from lazy. I’m now 48 and retired. Why I worked harder than everyone else. A rare rare trait anymore. Thank the unonsense for that.

          • Phaenius

            What about the communism of the union managers

          • The_REAL_grumpy_Dave

            And the greed of the union officials who care more for settlement bonuses and Vegas conferences than the union rank and file.

          • chuckdamage

            Yeah because back in the 50s and 60s when a majority of American jobs were manufacturing and unionized things were soooo horrible. Ronald Reagan busting unions destroyed this nation. Look at the history don’t just regurgitate the shit that you hear on talk radio.

          • Nina Gordon

            When a less than stellar employee cannot be fired because of unions…..that is wrong. When a person has to join a union in order to get a job……wrong. When union dues are used to support a specific party when members may not necessarily agree…..wrong. Unions are pricing American jobs out of our country.

          • chuckdamage

            Corporations hiding profits overseas are pricing jobs out of this country.

          • catholicchristian

            There’s a difference between “hiding profits overseas” and keeping the profits where they’re earned in order to avoid paying DOUBLE or more the taxes on that money. And, just btw, the corporation is REQUIRED BY LAW to do that – it’s called “fiduciary responsibility.” Chuckdamage is just one of those poor, uneducated (or educated by the American public school system, which amounts to the same thing) people who thinks that both the government and corporations have unlimited money, and that for some reason he is entitled to some of it.

            Guess what, chuckdamage. You’re not entitled to ANYTHING that God didn’t give you. Grow up.

          • chuckdamage

            So, you can’t argue facts without making personal attacks? I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised. Unions stopped child labor and it’d be way too easy to take things a step further with that. “Catholicchristian” Guess I’ll just go grow up.

          • Phaenius

            GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT IN RELIGION OF THE PEOPLE (charity – you know, welfare and entitlements – and education) and the taxes necessary to distribute the largesse from monies stolen from the people by government are the reason Corporations go out of the country…and abusive union practices. Now Corporations also have their own set of Biblical comeuppance, but when the country denies God and his Biblical Principles, our nation goes to hell greased by the unions and the socialists usurping the RELIGION of the people. The Bible CONTRASTS the RELIGION from the FAITH SYSTEM so taking out ten commandments from the public arena was never a real concern of government founded by our fore fathers. In fact the ten commandments were placed so that it would be a model for allowing OTHER world views to dredge up tenets from their system of belief to emulate these Biblical Principles which is how DIVERSE POPULATIONS INTEGRATE with the American Society, and Liberty of Conscience (concerning the faith system) would allow the most freedom of all peoples. Islam, however and for example of the ONLY exception to INTEGRATION was actually crafted to contradict and denigrate every Biblical principle and would be the only world view that should never be acceptable to American Society, in fact this is the reason that even from the beginning, Islam was a nemesis to the American System. NEVER was Islam able to contribute to ANY THING AMERICAN…of course it was not the only nemesis when Communism/Socialism crept in to supplant the RELIGION of the people.

          • Tracy Powers

            You clearly don’t have a CLUE what unions actually do. You should thank a union member every day for helping this country.

          • Sportsfan3

            Another liberal still upset over President Reagan’s actions during the 1981 air controller strike? The actions of the strikers were illegal and the president needed to keep the air traffic running smoothly. Btw, government workers do not need unions.

          • chuckdamage

            Liberal just because I support unions. Keep drinking your Hannity flavored Koch aid. Btw, if someone mentions abolition of police unions I bet that you change your tune really quick. Thankfully I have the intelligence to analyze issues without having to label myself or hide behind party lines because I’m too lazy to think.

          • Phaenius

            Actually, in that this nation was based upon Biblical Principles, there should be no POLICE UNIONS. In fact these same Biblical Principles indicate that GOVERNMENTS should not be based on RELIGION. Luke 3 has THREE different recently repentant groups approach him and ask him what they should do now. The first group was the common people and he told them to sell extra clothing if they must to do CHARITY. The tax collectors were told to not charge above that they were required (and by the way, it could not be at ten percent or above because that was what GOD gathered from the people who considered themselves HIS slaves (1 Samuel 8:15-17). The soldier/magistrates were told not to abuse the people AND TO BE CONTENT WITH THEIR WAGES. Seems like RELIGION in the Bible as defined only in one place in James 1 was what we would call CHARITY (being similar to what was demanded by John the Baptist of the people), and EDUCATION in that self discipline was a skill requiring teaching. You know that communism in the Bible which was tried by one of the early churches, even THAT was to be done in a church setting not a government setting and socialist with its UNION product has forever tried to supplant GOD’S business with the people. I never benefitted from unions and am glad there are no such things in the state I live…and the country has gone to hell because of them (well not really, it was helped along by the socialists we have infesting what was the greatest government concept on earth.

          • Tracy Powers

            Then you’ve never worked for the government!!!

          • davehogue

            Unions are destroying this nation. More and more companies are sending jobs overseas and will continue to do so until unions stop demanding high salaries and benefits for menial jobs.

          • ked5

            are you aware of how many teachers in NYC canNOT be fired because they belong to the union? they aren’t allowed to be in a classroom either. they go to a “room”, where they sit around an read teh paper or work on their computers. at NYC taxpayers expense. for years. Unions are a problem.

          • Buffy Keedwell

            no it is the idiots in the union who do not stand up and stop the other idots form being as stupid as you

          • Minxey

            Yep and some of them are probably molesters of children.

          • Ray Stone

            You sir are wrong. Unions dang near killed America. Look at it this way. We have a person that should be fired for the way she treats people . The union says you can’t do that. So she still has a job and the store will lose customers. But your union saved her job. I for one will never do the union trip.I have seen first hand what lazy and rude people can get away with. If they are in a non union shop they know they will be fired and fast..So I will say it. Fire the skank for treating a customer in that way. She will cost the store a lot of money in the end.

          • bigmurr

            Ignorant people are.

          • J. Doe

            The IUPA included.

          • Minxey

            Union leadership

          • Rachael Little

            Really because at the kroger I work at I sure don’t get that many hours half the time, our union rep is crap & management has been trying to get me to quit since day 1 because I refuse to suck up to them just to get ahead & they don’t like me for that even though in one of their better employees, even our new manager hates me & she’s been here 2 weeks. Christine Hubbard, idk if you know her pr have heard of her, but if you have she’s a witch

          • Larry K

            Schedule her for 2 hours a day for 6 days and 3 hours on on the 7th and make her sole responsibility be scrubbing toilets. If it’s a 24 hour store, have her start time be 1am.

        • Sandy Head

          Exactly, we have done that exact tactic in our bakery

      • RabbyTat

        I never had trouble with any Kroger stores. Was always treated with respect in uniform and after a time they knew that I was police when I went there out of uniform. Always was friendly. I think this is an event unique to the one store. I am puzzled by the lack of follow-up response. Did anyone contact the Kroger corporate office directly? Is anyone sure that the person who called was actually from them?

      • Robert Travis

        How ironic, one of the main arrguments civilians have against police is that the good ones don’t get rid of the bad ones. Seems policing might not be the only professon that has that issue.

        • La-La-Love

          As I’ve recently discovered, the good ones don’t always know who the bad ones are until something horrible happens. I live near Dallas Tx and I can tell you, that when Chief Brown took DPD over he actually DID fire over 100 officers who had too much bad behavior on their conduct reports. The downside to that was that DPD was then down 100+ officers that were badly needed on the streets so response times were even slower. People don’t care what your reasons are in an emergency. They only care that you’re not there for them.

          Some police departments can’t afford to fire all of the bad ones. They’d have no force left.

        • Robin Miller

          No they aren’t because it’s a union issue as I said before. Some people know how to work the system and frankly some unions will protect employees no matter what. It sucks like a Dyson but there it is.

      • Nina Gordon

        It isn’t hard tlet someone go. It’scalled discrimination and it is illegal.

        • Robin Miller

          You obviously have never been in a union. There are steps that have to be taken, in order usually before termination because the union will be more than happy to supply a lawyer if they aren’t. Verbal warning, write up and if there are 3 write ups within I think 90 days for the same behavior, termination. The union rep has to agree to skipping steps. The only way Kroger management has around this is what is called an ‘indefinite suspension’ which basically is getting fired without actually using the word ‘termination’. Even then the union can technically step in if the employee decides to protest and they agree the ‘suspension’ was unfair.

      • Ex Machina

        “The same rules that keep Corporate from abusing good workers also protects bad apples that know how to work the system so don’t expect this disrespectful woman to be punished.” That completely applies to bad corrupt pigs too, however, I am sure your inexplicable irony here is so completely lost on you….

        • Robin Miller

          Actually no, it isn’t. I am not a fan of how unions protect employees no matter what.

    • toocoldinwa

      You might have a Kroger subsidiary near you and not realize it. In my area, it is called Fred Meyer and QFC Stores. Source:

      Agri-Products, Inc.

      Bluefield Beverage Company

      Country Oven, Inc.

      Dillon Companies, Inc.

      Also Doing Business As:

      Baker’s Supermarkets

      City Market

      Dillon Food Stores

      Dillon Stores Division, Inc.

      Dillon Warehouse

      GHC Merchandise Distribution

      Gerbes Supermarkets

      Jackson Ice Cream Co.

      Jackson & Company

      King Soopers


      Dotto, Inc.

      Drugs Distributors, Inc.

      Embassy International, Inc.

      Fred Meyer, Inc.

      Henke & Pillot, Inc.

      Henpil, Inc.

      (Subsidiary of Rocket Newco, Inc.)

      Inter-American Foods, Inc.

      Inter-American Products, Inc.

      J.V. Distributing, Inc.

      Kessel FP, L.L.C. Michigan (limited liability company)

      Kessel RCD, L.L.C.

      Michigan (limited liability company)
      Kessel Saginaw, L.L.C.

      Michigan (limited liability company)
      KRGP Inc.

      KRLP Inc.

      The Kroger Co. of Michigan

      Also Doing Business As:

      The Apple Orchard Fruit Market

      Bi-Lo Discount Foods

      Kessel Pharmacies

      Kessel Food Markets

      World of Videos, Movies and Munch More

      Michigan Dairy, L.L.C.

      Kroger Dedicated Logistics Co.

      Kroger Limited Partnership I

      Ohio (limited partnership)
      Also Doing Business As:

      Foods Plus


      Hilander Food Stores

      JayC Food Stores

      Kroger Kare Home Infusion

      Owen’s Supermarket

      The Pet Food Super Center

      The Petfood Place

      Peyton’s Southeastern

      Ruler Discount Foods

      Kroger Limited Partnership II

      Ohio (limited partnership)
      Also Doing Business As:

      Country Oven Bakery

      Crossroad Farms Dairy

      K. B. Specialty Foods

      Kenlake Foods

      Pace Dairy of Indiana

      Peyton’s Northern

      Winchester Farms Dairy

      Ohio (limited partnership)
      Also Doing Business As:

      America’s Beverage Company

      Vandervoort’s Dairy Food Company

      MANUCO Incorporated

      One Holdings, Inc.

      Also Doing Business As:

      Seven Holdings, Inc.

      Pace Dairy Foods Company

      Pay Less Super Markets, Inc.

      Peyton’s-Southeastern, Inc.

      Also Doing Business As:

      Peyton’s Mid-South Company

      Supermarket Merchandisers Co.

      Pontiac Foods, Inc.

      RJD Assurance, Inc.

      Rocket Newco, Inc.

      Smith’s Food and Drug

      Southern Ice Cream Specialties, Inc.

      • Christine Lyon

        They also own Harris Teeter now.

      • daleh33

        I’m in Illinois, I don’t recognize any of them. I’m stuck with Walmart and the over priced Jewel.

      • Hoki

        huh, never knew Ralph’s was related. Guess I won’t be shopping there anymore.

        • Sandy Head

          Don’t hold all kroger affiliates responsible because of a couple of idiots

        • Minxey

          My experience with Ralph’s have always been good. I just find there cheaper markets closer to my house.

      • TAZZZ

        You’re missing Fry’s grocery store/ Fry’s Marketplace and a few others called Fry’s…Fry’s Electronics isn’t KROGER

      • Steph

        Ruler Foods is also related

      • Steph

        Also, are you talking about Fred Meijer? The Meijer grocery store chain?

    • Mike Hanson

      I think Kroger may be union and he couldn’t fire her if he wanted to.

    • Allen Palmatier

      As a former food service worker I can assure you as well that not many food tampering incidents happen, I’ve only heard of one in my personal career so either our store or region is better or it just doesn’t happen much… hopefully the latter. On another note when I was in food service we treated the officers with the utmost respect and went above and beyond to ensure they had a pleasant visit as well as all emergency responders got discounts. I’d like to see that respect everywhere but these days have the nation turned on its head.

      • Minxey

        A couple of weeks ago, my family had dinner at our local Mexican restaurant. There were 2 women officers a few tables away. I went to pay for our food and had the cashier get me their check also. I have no idea what their reaction was because we were gone before they were.

  • Someone I used to Know

    I know where I’m not shopping anymore.

  • Kyra Whitehead

    How dare she not do her damn job! What makes these little pieces of crap feel so entitled? If you can’t do your job you need to be replaced with someone who can! And that so called manager, who the hell does he think he is! He’s an embarrassment to the company, that’s what he is! I hope they lose a lot of business over this BS!!
    Thank you Obama for the shitty job you’ve done as president!

    • Marie Lee

      Was Obama there? I did not see him in this article!

      • Juan J Gonzlaez

        obama said that’s my daughter; therefore he approved.

        • Marie Lee

          I don’t approve of this cashier & Krogers needs to fire both the cashier & manager, but they are to blame for what they did. No one else, not Obama & no one else! Don’t jump all over me for stating the truth. Each person is responsible for themselves. No excuses!

    • Angel Leedy Keenan


      • watcheronthewall

        Bathhouse Barry has created AND empowered the bullshit #blackLIESmatter agenda and it’s thug devotees. That explain it well enough for you cupcake?

        • Angel Leedy Keenan

          Who the fuck??? You are stoned. I think you need to lay off the drugs man.

    • Stacy

      Go replace her then. Since you know every damn thing.

  • bigtony8

    The Number for the Corporate office should be posted here. what does it do to complain on a Police Page? Boycott Kroger and Flood their Phones at headquarters.

    • Robin Miller

      This is an excellent idea. As a Kroger employee I can tell you that Corporate is very sensitive about their public image. Because most Kroger are Union they probably can’t do anything with the employee in question but at the least it will force them to apologize and do something for this woman because I can assure you her attitude in no way represents the attitudes of the majority of the Kroger employees.

      Kroger is on both Facebook and Twitter as well.

      • David

        You are wasting time trying to save face for the company. Employees ARE a reflection of the company no matter what you say. The company picks who they believe holds true to their values and they chose this person. This is THEIR problem to fix. My guess is nothing will be done to the employee… That is another reason people hate unions… Stupid people keep their jobs and good folks are mistreated again and again.

      • daddycrc

        This is y f unions suk. You have shitty employees and you can do nothing to them. Screw the F unions.

      • Maggie

        As a LEO wife this story along with all the others like it make me sick to my stomach. As a past employee of a retail based business I know that the attitude of one employee or even area manager is not the attitude of an entire company, as the same is true of officers. There are good and bad employees in every business and I for one am thankful to you for speaking up and taking the flak in this case that you aren’t responsible for. I am a regular Kroger shopper as are most of my family & even LEO family. If the Kroger company does not step up and do the right thing in this circumstance then I will be happy to cease shopping there as will most everyone I know. In fact, many of the employees at our local Kroger, including management, are LEO spouses and family so I can say with certainty that this is not an attitude representative of all employees at large. But I will hold out judgement until all the facts and responses are made clear. In response to your earlier statement, thank you and your store for being welcoming to our officers. It’s unfortunate that the attitude and bad behavior of a few can taint an entire organization but this seems to be the sad theme of the day.

  • dollchappy

    I will remember this. If I ever have a choice between Kroger and a competitor, you know I won’t be shopping at Kroger.

  • Roger Culver

    The Kroger stores in Shreveport and bossier City seem to love the police. Never been to the ones in Alexandria. My lawyer would have loved for this to happen to me though.

    • Bob Dole

      It’s not illegal to refuse service based on employment. You people and your victim complexes amuse the fuck out of me lol

  • Bob Dole

    Poor piggies being discriminated against for terrorizing poor colored folk. Maybe McDonalds will put food in your little oinky bellies. Want some French cries with that waaaaburger?

    • Jeff Arnett

      You’re the type that gets their faces smashed in by others for being such a punk ass biotch. See ya on the dark side MF…

      • Bob Dole

        Totally not something a sociopath would say…

    • watcheronthewall


      • Bob Dole

        Yeah 500 years of oppression was just made up by those uppity negroes to steal the white man’s dollars. #booksconfuseme

        • David

          Why has every other race of people overcome slavery and racism and yet the blacks are still “struggling”? Does personal responsibility have anything to do with it?

          • Bob Dole

            African slaves were brought to the colonies in the 1600’s correct? That’s 250 years of brutal slavery, then 100 years of racist Jim Crow followed by the modern day criminal justice system. Very few periods of time in-between have been available for blacks to “overcome.” Did blacks put chains on themselves? Did they write the laws that denied them homes, jobs or even a place to eat?

          • Jimmy Smitty Smith

            Actually, fellow blacks in Africa put them in chains and sold them to the slave traders.

          • Bob Dole

            And the slave traders sold them to fellow whites. What exactly is your point?

          • missellieg8

            40% of the slave owner in Louisiana were black men. Did you know that? A lot of the blacks in Louisiana could be descendents of slave owners, not slaves.

          • Bob Dole

            Citations? And even if it were true that doesn’t detract from the point that African descendants have continued to be oppressed up to this very day. Wether those oppressors are white, black, brown, red or purple makes not one lick of difference. At least to people with an ounce of moral integrity.

          • missellieg8

            Sorry, disagree with the oppression. Blacks have had the same opportunities and even more advantages, as whites for more than 50 years now.

          • Bob Dole

            You can’t beat a people down for centuries and then suddenly declare “everyone is equal now!” Of course they will need time and more resources to even approach being equal. Not to mention the fact that systemic racism pervades US culture and the legal/judicial system.

          • missellieg8

            Google, “40% of slave owners in Louisiana were black”. That will bring up an article by Henry Louis Gates Junior at African American dot org. The work referenced is by a black historian.

          • Bob Dole

            Yes blacks did own slaves. But the vast majority were owned by whites. Again I don’t see what point you’re trying to make besides the kindergarten level “They did it too, so that makes what we did okay!”

          • Kristen Loomis

            Personal responsibility doesn’t exist anymore. It’s all about being politically correct and pandering to victim complexes. Did you not get the memo?

        • bubba2m

          Which of these current folks have been oppressed? Who ORIGINALLY started the slave trade? Which one has not had an EQUAL chance of going to school to further their education and make a better living? Which white person has ever been the benefactor of Affirmative Action? How many quotas were set in regards to hiring white people? You can hand someone EVERY opportunity on a silver platter, but if the refuse to accept it and better THEMSELVES, by NOT using a hand up, instead of looking for a handout, is NOT the problem of those that continue to work and strive, for financial well being and security. 500 years of “oppression” has nothing to do with anyone but the LONG, LONG passed ancestors of those looking to ride the train for free.

          • Bob Dole

            Blacks are less likely to be hired or promoted and more likely to be fired or paid less for equivalent work. Kinda hard to “work and strive” when the system is gamed against you. They also have higher rates of arrest, longer sentences and greater chances of capital punishment being used for the same offence as compared to a white person.

          • Jimmy Smitty Smith

            I expect that the way they are acting now will surly enhance their chances at getting a job.

          • Bob Dole

            Lol “they”. So by that logic if some cops lie, steal and murder they must all?

          • EyemNotFree


          • missellieg8

            BS, blacks represent over 25% of Government workers and only 14% of the population.

          • Bob Dole

            Okay let’s take those numbers at face value with no fact checking. Around 20 million government jobs divided by 4 equals 5 million blacks with govt jobs. 14% of 300 million total us citizens is about 40 million blacks. Do you see the disparity? The vast majority obviously have to work in the private sector.

          • missellieg8

            Do you not understand that 25% is a lot more than the 14% that blacks represent in the nation?

          • Bob Dole

            Oh no! You mean the govt threw a small bone to the people responsible for building this country through brutal slave labor? How awful.

        • Kristen Loomis

          500 years?

          • Bob Dole

            See comment below. Yes. 500 years.

          • Kristen Loomis

            Well I see 1619 and 1640 given as dates for the start of slavery, but that still falls short of 500. What am I missing?

          • Bob Dole

            You’re talking about US slavery which did start at that time. Not the beginning of the African slave trade though.

          • Jimmy Smitty Smith

            Bob’s kinda right, there has always been slavery and there still is slavery. I’m not sure when the Africans started enslaving each other or when they started selling each other to the slave traders. But, it’s still happening.

          • EyemNotFree

            They breed slaves to sell undocumented babies

          • Kristen Loomis

            Ah okay, thank you, I’ll have to read more. I went to public school so my history classes were pretty whitewashed.

    • JohnDeaux

      Just let it out! SCREAM “RACISM” at the top of you lungs! Jump up and down then squat on your haunches, screech and slap your palms on the ground,,,, just don’t start flinging feces. That’s just plain nasty!

      • Bob Dole

        Almost as nasty as being a cop. Or their brownnosing wannabe groupies.

  • David Dooley

    Hello, Safeway!

  • Jen
  • Before I go on ” I am on the PRO POLICE side”…….don’t like it pound sand. That being said, do we know this is actually a true story and can someone find the actual post from Kroger and not just a social media story, just curious if they did or didn’t respond.
    We all know some people get a bug and post false stories to get back at companies….. And yes I have boycotted companies when it was proven the stories are true, so if it is ……BOYCOTT

  • Sheila Mathews

    It’s unethical to propogate a story without independently verifying the accuracy of the complaint. Poorly done.

    • Bob Dole

      Lol. Like the truth matters to bootlickers like them. It’s whatever they “feel” is right.

  • bob

    I feel sorry for the officer but some negroid morons are just racist trash knowen as coons, splibs, darkies, shines but never ever called Americans because just like BLACK RACIST NEGROID LIVE ARE WORTHLESS the have a value only as poop.

  • gwugluud


    • Stacy

      Shut the fuck up????????

  • Keith Cameron

    Manager and ‘AJ’ should be unhired with immediate effect.

  • Rich Bawol

    I’ll never shop at a Kroger Store again b/c I for one are am all for our men and women in Blue. If she ever had to call the Police, I’d ask her where she works and if she said Kroger’s, I’d say sorry but we don’t make calls to Kroger Employees. Too bad they wouldn’t beable to do that!

    • Austin Hoeffner

      I think that would continue the endless cycle of hate. Like this bad seed at Kroger, there are bad seeds in law enforcement. They would be dropping down to her ignorant level. Two wrongs do not make a right. Now don’t get me confused. I am in no way defending her actions and she should be terminated. I am a Produce Manager for Kroger and I promise Union wouldnt stop me from getting rid of her. No wonder our stock has gone down 20% over the last 8-12 months…

  • Mike Klarman

    Disgraceful. There are no Kroger where I live but if there were I would refuse to shop there. A business that relied on police officers to protect the staff and customers, likely responds to many shoplifting complaints and in general ensures the safety of the community should be extremely thankful for people like Officer Farace. I am sure that prior to the dawn of our new world (political correctness and BLM) the employee would have been fired on the spot. Maybe Kroger should consider making a donation of $100,000 dollars to the families of the Palm Springs HEROES that just lost their lives for simply doing their jobs. It might show that they do care about law enforcement.

  • Mason Maloney

    To bad the cops cant refuse service to people….

    • Scott Bieser

      Actually they can, and have. Consider the 1992 Los Angeles riots. As the rioting began, the police withdrew (the commander on duty was thinking that the police presence was itself agitating the crowd) and a lot of stores were looted and burned. Some of those store owners attempted to sue the police department for failing to protect them, but the courts ruled that the police have no legal duty to protect private property or even private individuals.

      However, members of the public cannot choose not to interact with cops on duty, and cannot choose not to pay the taxes which support the police.

      • Minxey

        And the Korean shop owners during the Los Angeles riots were on their rooftops with guns. No more looting there.

  • Steve Hamling

    so years ago my daughter gets fired from Kroger for telling a local newspaper editor to stop pushing her items towards her, after a frozen turkey smashed and bloodied her fingers. well the bitch did a write-up of rude employees and my daughter got fired for it, still sporting two blackened fingernails. wrote an opinion piece in a competing newspaper about rude and abusive customers. the day following my opinion piece i was back at the store getting some veggies when the manager “Mike” approached me and demanded i do a retraction piece. i did the piece, but it wasn’t a retraction. the day that piece was published I strapped on my firearm (Yes, I was a Police Officer and at that time actually a Federal LEO Agent) took all my families loyalty cards, then returned to the store and told everyone within listening distance why i would never be a customer again. was told later that i’d caused quite a stir and even a few customers left their carts in check out and left. since then we have had a Wal-mart built in our small community and Kroger sales have tanked with one store in the county already closing and the one in question now selling Kroger brand stuff exclusively, so to be DOA too.

    • Rowwdy Colt

      No cop in their right mind would do what you claim to have done. Not only would you shame your dept, and the uniform, you give more fodder for people to act out. That makes you a biffer fool than the clerk.

      • JapesMacfarland

        Rowwdy Colt – What exactly did Steve do which you say made him a fool? Was it for going back in his uniform? I don’t get it.

        • Rowwdy Colt

          He didn’t say he was in uniform. He stated “Federal LEO Agent”. Well you are either an agent or you are a cop. The 2 are not the same. Feds don’t don’t refer to themselves as cops. “Agents” don’t wear uniforms. In the case of uniformed federal officer like BP, BLM and Federal Marshal, they are still considered agents….not just a cop. If I had been in that situation, I would have gone as the girl’s father and NOT under color of badge. Plus, I would have followed up by contacting the corporate offices. Btw: I was a cop for 21 1/2 years. I’ve been around a lot of local cops and fed agents.

          • JapesMacfarland

            Okay thanks man. And for what it’s worth, thank you for your service and sacrifice all those years.

          • Rowwdy Colt

            You’re welcome Japes.

          • Steve Hamling

            and i just retired after 32 year, M.P./USMS/FBoP

      • La-La-Love

        Rowwdy, actually, any officer would do the same thing. That uniform puts out a distinct message when you wear it. It is SUPPoSED to mean Honor, Courage and Commitment to Community. So when one part of the community abuses another (The customer actually INJURING the clerk who happened to be the officer’s daughter) it IS his DUTY to respond to the situation. He did so in a very peaceful and positive manner that accomplished the goal he set out to accomplish. Kroger itself SHOULD have stepped up and taken care of the situation as part of THEIR supposed community commitment program but they failed one of their OWN employees because of a customer’s snotty opinion piece in a paper.

        P.S. This is America. If you don’t understand it’s actual laws, maybe sit down and shut up a minute. When a ‘customer’ ASSAULTS your employee physically, you are supposed to PROTECT your employee and ask the ‘customer’ to wait for police to arrive WHILE you are calling them. The customer’s actions resulted in the physical injury of another human being. It doesn’t matter if it’s crushed fingers or a gunshot. It is still assault. Charges could have been pressed. Instead, the customer wrote a snide article about the clerk. Why didn’t the author just apologize and behave like a proper member of the community? Why did the cop have to step forward in that manner to defend his child? Why did the store not get involved in the proper way from the beginning and DEFEND the clerk? Why do people seem to always take the -easy- way our, no matter how wrong it is instead of just doing the right thing first? Why do people feel so comfortable attacking cops when the cops RARELY do anything wrong? (Not never, of course, that’s been proven. >.<)

        • Rowwdy Colt

          “This is America. If you don’t understand it’s actual laws, maybe sit down and shut up a minute.”

          I believe I do understand the law. Twenty one yrs in LE and after retiring I earned a JD from Duke University For this to have been a battery situation, there has to have been an intent to do bodily harm. Btw; You are wrong on the assault comment. Assault is the attempt or threat of doing harm. Battery is the result of an assault. Some jurisdictions tie bothe together as an A&B charge. Nonetheless, you still have show INTENT.

          There are a lot of good cops, but there are also bad cops and stupid cops that are badge heavy. The bad cops give ALL LE a bad name. There is enough we have to contend without a cop on an ego trip drawing attention to an entire dept. “I strapped on my gun”? Who the heII says that anymore? This isn’t the wild west. Being more diplomatic than the rude customer would have had a better outcome in my opinion.

          • La-La-Love

            Are you just reading comprehension deficit then? The story states that the clerk repeatedly asked the customer to STOP PUSHING the product and why. If the customer did not comply, explain please, oh MASTER LEO of the UNIVERSE how that is somehow not INTENT?

            If you are hitting me with a stick and I say ‘Stop, that hurts” and you refuse to stop does that not signify your intent to harm?

          • Rowwdy Colt

            Obviously comprehension is not your strong suit. Where does it say “repeatedly”? Nor does it say the customer continued to push her items on the belt. You have your opinion and I have mine. Nuff said.

          • La-La-Love

            “or telling a local newspaper editor to stop pushing her items towards
            her, after a frozen turkey smashed and bloodied her fingers”

            ^^^AFTER = intent and repetition…

            I don’t know what part of this YOU don’t see as intent but then maybe that’s why you don’t work for a force anymore?

            I find it hilarious that you accuse me of not ‘comprehending’ in the response to my pointing out that you fail at reading comprehension which you… just… illustrated. lmao. So you were one of the bad cops they ousted, eh? lol Happy retirement.

          • Steve Hamling

            Oh, guess I should have said “I put on my big boy pants, laced my belt through the loops, stopping on my right hip so that I could lace said belt through my leather holster. finished with that I continued lacing the belt until reaching front of center, buckled it. After ensuring my personally owned firearm, colt 1911, was loaded and the safety properly engaged (that being condition 1 as designed by Col Jeff Cooper), holstered said weapon and proceeded to drive 12.4 miles to kroger…….”. In today’s world, politics and environ’s the work “Intent” has taken a brutal beating (Did/Was HRC “Intent” to keep her affairs as SoS private…..thereby circumventing any future FOI request”. Was it the editor’s “Intent” to hurt my daughter’s fingers, of course not. But the “Intent(ed) harm was her malicious editorial, against an 18 year old girl, even she stated in her article that the “Girl” told her to stop pushing the item toward her. For your general fund of knowledge; at Kroger you receive three complaint in one year you’re fired, if you receive 1 complaint of abuse of a customer, you’re fired. my daughter had been working there for six months complaint free, until the editor made this very personal and public complaint by the use of her paper. That was/is the intent, the maligning article that pressured the manager Mike to fire her and save face in front of a public figure.

      • Steve Hamling

        never said I was in uniform. if you’re not sure you have read it right then read it again. have a lovely Black-Blue-Black day.

    • JapesMacfarland

      Awesome. Well done Steve.

  • LSUMouse

    I am from Alexandria, Louisiana and I have not seen anything about this incident in the newspaper or on the news. With that said, I often shop at Kroger’s and have always seen the officer’s being checked out and treated fairly. If this is true, one cashier and inept manager do not make the store, and do agree that Krogers should make a statement denouncing the actions of the cashier and the manager.

  • deejayaz

    I guess, if the store is robbed the police should just rush right on over..


  • righttosayagain

    I’ll be calling.

  • John Siders

    I say boycott kroger, I stopped shopping there years ago.

  • Wayne Basso

    The board at Kroger better decide on what to do and do it soon. Ignoring the incident will not make it go away. Employees of companies that deal with the public should be told that they are expected to serve anyone who comes to them for service. If they are unable to do that, their employment should be terminated. Bad press is worse than no press.

  • Lisa Rapin Kuhn

    Sadly, the store mentioned above has a history of selectively serving their customers… I worked in allied industry that required a uniform, often shopped there before and after assignments and the majority of the time was treated with contempt, though at the time I believed it to be due to my Northern roots and lack of a drawl.

    • EyemNotFree

      I was beat by Houston police for sleeping when I was homeless and I believe it was because I am an atheist but it might be because I am from Chicago.

      • Kristen Loomis

        Totally the Chicago thing. Darn outsider!

        • EyemNotFree

          2 years later Tx Gov Ann Richards told me it was George Bush that drugged and broke my back in the Florida Keys. During the inquisition they found out my forefathers started the US military on Breeds Hill. I demand a refund of all the money the IRS and the State of Texas extorted from me. I also demand compensation for the damage they did to my back

          • Kristen Loomis

            You should consider getting an attorney, I’m sure you can find one who works on contingency

          • EyemNotFree

            You are wrong. I cannot find an attorney. I have been trying to hire one since I caddied for Hillary Clinton in 1976. The last time I stepped foot on a golf course. I even had a CIA agent prosecuted for attacking my 18 month old child when we were at the park. Actually in 1983 when I quit drinking I was trying to get Ann Richards and or her friends to represent me because they were opponents to the vice president. I am horrible at interviews and have spent a small fortune just trying to get hired as a helper on any job. There are no rights in the police states unless you are connected to a group. I even tried to get the NSSAR represent me since I have at least 4 forefathers who were at the Battle of Breeds Hill. Africans care very little about basic human rights and I am talking about ACLU.

          • Kristen Loomis

            Well good luck to you sir, I hope you find resolution soon.

          • EyemNotFree

            When the inquisition device almost killed me during a botched MRI at Boston Tufts medical center in 1989 I worked for a reinsurrance company fraud unit and my back acted up and I went to the top Lawyer on the list. He did not want to get involved becasue I had interstate workmans comp claims from Texas and Louisiana. My injury happened in the Florida Keys by the US navy.

          • EyemNotFree

            Violently exterminate the United States Navy with extremeprejudice

  • EyemNotFree

    Too stinking bad. I had a check out clerk once with a huge crucifix sticking in my face. He did the typical african thing and I said exterminate the Christian government. He started to throw fists and called his supervisor. Next thing I had 5 Africans acting like they were ready to attack me. They threatened to call the cops and I split. The religious police serve the cults and do not uphold the basic human rights of regular sovereign individuals. Violently exterminate the United States military with extreme prejudice

  • barney

    Only heard one persons account of this—-there has to be more to this story.

    • Stacy

      It is. The police officer over exaggerated a little also. And just because nobody took the time out to call her doesn’t mean the lady at krogers wasn’t taken care of. She was.

      • Jimmy Smitty Smith

        Do you have some proof of this?

        • Stacey Barber

          She wasn’t because she was at work today.

  • Stacy

    Just because Kroger did not respond doesn’t mean nothing happened to the employee. The employee was taken care of. People will find any reason to get butt hurt. Continue with your lives please ????

    • EyemNotFree

      Execute a Kroger CEO

    • Jimmy Smitty Smith

      How do you know?

    • missellieg8

      A day or two of suspension is not being “taken care of”.

  • Tracey LaPorte

    They should both be fired

  • Natalie McDonald

    I live in Central Louisiana and shop at this Krogers. This is the third incident of this kind in the Alexandria-Pineville area. The other two were at Johnny Carino”s in Alexandria and Taco Bell in Pineville. There have been security issues recently at this Krogers. See the pages for KALB-TV and the Alexandria Town Talk for more details.

  • Rae Fultz

    Just remember that Kroger is a chain of more than 20 companies!!! Make sure to boycott them ALL!!

  • robin

    Screw Kroger and Walmart! They suck!

  • Trey L

    It’s too bad Kroger doesn’t take this more serious. I am going to share this article and encourage my “friends” to not so there. Anything short of the girl being fired, and the supposed manager being demoted (at a minimum) is not acceptable. The company should have handled the situation the same way Noodles & Company handles their employee who didn’t want to serve police officers!
    On a side note, the female officer should not have threatened the manager, but rather waited for the outcome before speaking her peace.

  • Dave Erickson

    Just call Kroger Corporate in Cincinnati, Ohio. They will take care of this if The Local Kroger Office will not.


    I don’t get this story. When the super was called he told the employee, “You have to check out all customers.” I would think at that point things would have gone along with either the supervisor having that employee or another employee check out the officer. But, the officer jumped down the supervisors’s throat before he could even accomplish what was needed. The officer berated the supervisor and then started intimidating him. What in the world is wrong with people? Personally, I feel the employee should be fired, but the officer was out of line, too.

  • NewWest 123

    Simple fix people… STOP shopping at Kroger! It is the only way to stop these morons!!

  • Butch

    I will be contacting Kroger myself before I spend another dollar in their stores!!

  • Kooga

    Had to go shopping tomorrow, but now I’m heading to HEB…I live in Houston, and when I share this story with my friends and family they will also shop elsewhere. You see many of my friends and relatives are also LEO, I’m sure they know where HEB is…OH, I’m not talking 3 or 4 people, I’m looking at about 50-60, have a nice day Kroger…

  • Stacey Barber

    I know exactly who you are talking about and she is very rude. She had acredit very rudely to my husband and I. She is a very ugly hearted person.

  • Brian Bledsoe

    Flood all their Facebook posts with complaints… they’ll have to respond eventually. Social media is the new form of civil protest.

    • EyemNotFree

      More social media CEOs need to be executed. Americans hate free speech and the truth. Violently exterminate the United States military with extreme prejudice

  • lil windy

    absolutely asinine that the Kroger clerk even has a job. let alone manager keeping his. here in Oregon Kroger bought out fred meyer but still runs under the fred meyer name. they just lost my business

  • damadtech

    This is the most current list I could find of their various stores and chains managed by Kroger. We have Smith’s in Vegas so they’re in for an earful!

    Combination food and drug stores
    Baker’s Supermarkets (Omaha, Nebraska)
    City Market (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico)
    Dillons Food Stores (Kansas, Missouri)
    Fry’s Food & Drug (Arizona)
    Gerbes Super Markets (Central Missouri)
    Harris Teeter (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia)
    Jay C (Southern Indiana)
    King Soopers (Colorado, Wyoming)
    Kroger (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana,
    Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi,
    Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee,
    Texas, Virginia, West Virginia)
    Owen’s (Northeastern Indiana)
    Pay Less Super Markets (Central Indiana)
    QFC (Oregon, Washington State)
    Ralphs (Southern California)
    Roundy’s (Pick ‘n Save, Mariano’s Fresh Market, Metro Market, Copps) (Wisconsin, Illinois)
    Scott’s (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
    Smith’s (Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming)

    Multi-department stores
    Fred Meyer (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

    Price impact stores
    Food 4 Less (Southern California; Chicago, Illinois; NW Indiana) (Food 4 Less stores elsewhere are owned by other companies)
    Foods Co. (Northern California)
    Ruler Foods (Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee)

    Marketplace stores
    Dillons Marketplace
    Fry’s Marketplace
    King Soopers Marketplace
    Kroger Marketplace
    Smith’s Marketplace

    Jewelry stores
    Fred Meyer Jewelers (Texas, various others)
    Barclay Jewelers
    Fox’s Jewelers
    Littman Jewelers

    Convenience stores
    Kwik Shop (Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Mississippi)
    Loaf ‘N Jug (Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming)
    Smith’s Express (Utah)
    Tom Thumb Food Stores (Alabama, Texas, Florida)
    Turkey Hill Minit Markets (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana)

    Convenient care clinic
    The Little Clinic (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Arizona, Mississippi, Colorado, Kansas, Virginia)

  • Ashley Crawford

    Seafood manager here. There is a REASON for those kroger three A’s! Acknowlwdge every customer, Assist any way you can or find another employee who can help, AND lastly…APPRECIATE every customer!!! APPRICEATE…not discriminate!

  • EyemNotFree

    Alexandria is 60% African 1% Hispanic. Crime is 300% the national average. My guess is a lot of African police

  • skippyalpine

    Shame on Kroger. Why would anyone shop there again?

  • Russell Murray

    I work at a kroger 75 miles from this one. I am a department head and this twit would have been canned on the spot at the store I work at. The union can’t do much for you if you are fired for insulting a customer. The manager is worse than the employee and needs to be canned also.
    I hope both of them read my comment.

    • Someone I used to Know

      Good on you. Unfortunately the problem seems to be more than just a bad employee and manager. The corporation never gave a response, which is a pretty egregious offense.

  • Sandy Head

    I work for kroger, as,a cake decorater in Irving texas , I can promise you this is not, I repeat, not the way kroger handles these situations. It’s possible the manager refused to send the report to the corporate office. I routinely give free cakes to our officers and have made many cakes for officer outreach functions. I suggest you contact the company at , or call the 1800 krogers , and let them know your concerns.

  • Tony D

    That ASSHOLE BITCH and the wannabe manager both should be FIRED and Kroger stores is a place I would never go to they SUCK

  • Nabiluv

    We are all entitled to our own opinions…Every where you go there’s going to be good and bad people..same as bad cops and good cops ..and good customer service and bad customer service.. Its just who’s the fool your going to run into..because there’s also customers that comes in with no good intentions…I see it happen first hand.. To where they believe that can do and say whatever they want because they are the customers and they’re always going to be right…
    Not in my book because we are all human beings and the same way I clock out and go into another store and becomes a customer…That girl could of just got someone else to ring her up and not act like that.. So much for freedom of speech and expression… I wouldn’t stop shopping at Kroger stores because of one bad apple..I’ll just go to another

  • dakine

    If it was the other way around and the customer was a BLM’er. You know that the store would be a pile of ashes right now.

  • Doug Packer

    Come on Kroger! I won’t shop at Kroger until I hear a response (and then maybe never after that)

  • Meg

    In the officer’s recounting she says herself that the manager told the cashier that she had to serve all customers and then the cop starts going off and threatening him! Why are people supporting that? Yes the cashier should have checked her out without any issues but when the manager came and told the cashier that she had to, the cop threatened to call the media on him. Why? He was trying to do the right thing. He wasn’t allowing it to happen, like the cop said he was, he was trying to STOP it!

  • Ray Andrilla

    So…. after searching for this story on all of the local stations in the Alexandria, LA area; I couldn’t find ONE story in regards to this. So… I reached out to the local news stations and asked if they had ever heard about this story. THEY HAVE NOT. There is a similar story about a cashier refusing a woman wearing a #BlueLivesMatter shirt, but the woman wasn’t a police officer. So… where did this story come from and if it is false, should the poster be held accountable for reporting false news and fined, just like Fox News and Breitbart were fined for several stories that turned out to be false?

  • CT

    Will be asking this question on my customer survey from Kroger from now on, and see if they respond????!!!

  • dave miller

    I would not serve her either.cops show no respect for you any where why should we respect them.cops are rude and try thierbest to intimadate you

  • Ronald Bryant Jr.

    Whatever your personal problems are, leave them at home. If you can’t be professional on the job representing your employer, maybe you need to rethink your career/life choices. If you were my employees, includes the supervisor, I’d fire your asses! Employers don’t pay you to piss and moan about your personal issues, they pay you to come and do a job. Look up Kroger family and see the list of stores they own, you might be surprised.

  • Joe Christopher

    This should not be tolerated what so ever…regardless of your beliefs, emotions, political affiliation, do your job. first responders come when called without regard at any affiliations whatsoever….so tell me this folks… a family business refuses to back a cake for LGBT and the federal government chimes in in a heart beat… yet this occurs time and time again and nothing but crickets from anyone in the administration….its is clear what the agenda of the Democrats and the current administration is,

  • John Mills

    I will refuse to do business with companies that deal with Kroger, until those idiots are terminated. I hope people make this go viral. Two police officers were just killed yesterday. Money talks. I won’t be taking to them.

  • Chris Bianchi

    What is a “reponse response”?

  • Stgoster777

    Her and the manager need an old fashioned ass whoppen. Plain and simple.

  • James Bonsall

    This is not representative of the Kroger in Norwood, Ohio. They are very supportive of both the police (especially with donations) and the community as a whole.

  • Mike Morris

    Kroger treats everyone like shit. In Wv where the flooding happened they refused to pay vacations and personal days out to employees that were forced to drop their insurance and take unpaid leave due to the circumstances. I have no love for Kroger and refuse to shop there because of it, now I have just one more reason to hate them.

  • imonmyway

    A Christian must bake a cake for a gay wedding or be sued and put out of business, but a grocery clerk refusing to check out a cop gets a pass? Ridiculous. Fire her sorry bag of bones! Comeuppance would be for her to find herself in a life or death situation, call the cops, and have them refuse to “check her out.” P.S. I love my Kroger and have only been treated rudely once, for no reason, by a bossy young black clerk. I tried everything to ignore her nasty attitude and win her over with friendliness until I finally just gave up and let her stay all sulky and bothered that she was checking out a white woman. I decided I would never get in her checkout line again, but I’ve never seen there since. I did not complain to management, (wanted to cut her some slack and didn’t want to make her lose her job) but I bet some others did because she be GONE!

  • Rob Doyon

    Im no authoritarian fan boy but if I refused service to anyone regardless of the reasons I would be fired and my termination would be justifiable.

  • Maybe if they would just quit Breaking the law the public would not despise them so much.
    Thin blue line means free to commit crime…. (and apparently sick your band of misguided sheep on anyone that stands up to it.)
    A servant of the public would go back with the entire department and try to clear any negative feelings up. A gang retaliates against the offender. You’re going to do what you’re going to do, just know what you are when you’re doing it.

  • JL

    I’m sure this is petty of me, so, with respect to the situation, I would be remiss, if I didn’t ask… can “we at blue lives matter”, who, presumably, in the interest of fair play and professionalism, typically, wait for a response from both sides, etc., not find someone with an understanding, of basic grammar and spelling?
    I mean, seriously, it was a remarkably difficult piece to read.
    I did not… could not get through the entire thing.
    My god, with all the various spell-check programs and apps, it seems like one would have to go out of their way, to misspell so many words.
    I didn’t bother looking for a name. But, whoever wrote this, should be embarrassed.
    The person who proof read and ultimately approved it for publishing, should be replaced. Jesus, even the headline is screwed up!

  • Larry Coleman

    My son is a police officer, so they have just lost 4 more families.

  • TimSto

    I call bull shit on this story! No way in this climate would a major Corp have this happen! To all that say otherwise, I say bullshit also! Doesn’t make sense , but of course the mob mentality will rule everyone’s thoughts

  • Jim Britt

    this is what happened when you have affirmative action

  • Greg Miller

    How is this response stellar?

  • Clint johnson

    I usually don’t get on social media because it doesn’t matter if you say the word “hello”, there will be a million different interpretations of how and what I said. I am a police officer and have been for over 20 years. I love my job and helping people. You get good and bad no matter what field you work in. Tomorrow when we wake up, we will all put on our clothes/uniforms or whatever our work attire is. We will go do our jobs because that’s what we are hired to do. Just because you come across one person with a bad attitude doesn’t mean everyone is the same. If this woman needs help and the police officer that was treated poorly by this woman will show up, do her job and if it ever came down to it, I know would risk or give her life protecting this lady no matter how bad she treated her in the store. I am so tired of hearing this race and that race. When are we going to wake up and realize, the only color that matters is red and everyone of us are exactly the same in that respect. Anyway, tomorrow is a new day, why not get up and change the world for the better instead of moving our world in a direction that can destroy everything. I can guarantee the Lord is sitting there pissed off at each and every one of us for the way we treat each other, and if he ended the world tomorrow couldany of us blame him.

  • CraxyD

    FTA: “I asked him if he would continue to allow her to treat customers like that as she stood there smirking as if nothing would be done.”

    “…stood there smirking as if nothing would be done.”

    Aaannd I wonder why that may be.

  • Dessie W

    Sounds like another fabricated story told by the Police. Bet the woman was Black and Manger was Black. The police love to keep people thinking they victims.

    • EyemNotFree

      I think the police is African

  • RC

    Kroger’s YOU ARE WRONG.
    If you are a reader of this article and you support Blue Lives Matter, it is time to take action. Go into this particular Kroger’s store with a huge shopping cart full of groceries. Let the cashier ring up all the groceries. When it is time to pay simply state “Blue Lives Matter” and walk out. Let Kroger’s cancel the transaction and let Kroger’s put away all the items rung up. That is going to shut down that check out lane for a while.
    Imagine if hundreds of people did the same thing!

  • EyemNotFree

    Remember this…Africans are not Americans.

  • God,Guns,Guts

    I live here and like Krogers. But, I will be shopping else where until I know that bitch has been fired ! Union or not, I suspect that refusal to do your job is grounds for immediate termination.

  • P S

    What if clerks had done that to a black person? Obama’s America people..

  • Catherine Savage

    The little bitch cashier probably has a career criminal daddy in prison she’s never met and her mama is a crackhead. She probably only hates cops because she’s from a family of generational criminals. Go figure………Another sense of entitlement from a black person. (Their behavior at this age is too predictable. I don’t need to read what race she is!) The little hussy would already have been out the door heading home if I were her manager! This behavior from Kroger is appalling! I, too, have shopped there for years but will never spend one more thin dime in that godforsaken place!

  • Denis C. Flaherty


  • Psy-Ko Smiley

    They did finally respond today on their FB page but have not said if they fired either of the employees

  • Psy-Ko Smiley

    Just imagine the uproar if a store employee refused to serve someone with a BLM shirt on.

  • Chad Marks

    If Kroger can’t punish this woman because she is a union member then someone from that union needs to answer why not.

    • Ekul1021

      That’s a farce, the union is there to protect from abuse from the company, the company has a right to dismiss employees who committed misconduct. Here she discriminated someone of status and that counts as a misconduct.

  • Matt

    Same Here.. I will post this all over the place. I have many Police friends and they will help them lose customers as well..

  • David Norton

    Just shows how the devil has poisoned the hearts of young America with hate for what is good. President Obama has divided our nation using sex, skin color and monetary status. This is turn has caused hate for our fellow human being. This causes labeling people because of their skin color or profession. All dark people are not drug dealers, all light people are not racist trying to keep the dark people down. The government has become evil dividing us to get votes so they can continue to steal our tax monies and live lavishly while we the people (light skinned, dark skinned medium skinned, poor, middle class and rich) slave to support them. Just remember God only created the human race, all are equals. The devil and his disciples divide to cause hate and discontent which draws people away from the marvelous love of our creator. Why can’t we all love one another and help each other? United we stand divided we fall! Pray for world peace, Amen.

  • Bryan

    I think Marc Kucz was spot on when he said: “Wow, it musy have felt awful for her to be treated like a lesser person. Must have felt worse when the person that was supposed to help her was dismissive. Then to have the company be less than transparent to her complaint. Hmmm where have i seen that behavior before?”

  • Bryan

    Could have been worse. The Kroger employee could have feared for her life and shot the cop.

  • tonym

    I have other issues with Kroger, as a senior citizen (over 65) I resent being required to show a picture ID to buy beer or wine. I wrote a letter of complaint to their corporate office and was told that’s their policy. I no longer shop there as I refuse to deal with idiots.

  • stop crying

    Criminals please rob this store while the Police are still upset. Response time should be a little slower.

  • Brett

    Cops molest liberties and civil rights daily , no one bats an eye, this girl doesn’t check one out at a store everyone freaks out, lol. Good for her.

    • Ekul1021

      Then again once her name gets out and she hands in her resume, one quick google search and the response will be “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

  • Kent Allen

    Police discrimate against prostitutes and drug dealers dealers for their career choice all the time and yet they can’t handle when it’s done to them? Deleciously ironic

    • Ekul1021

      If you have been living under the rock for sometimes, you’ll notice in the law book of the United States of America, the career choice of prostitution and drug dealing is illegal and against the law. Until that law changes, the police and good citizens will discriminate against those people who are breaking the law.

  • Sportsfan3

    The customer is number one and they can fire everyone from the CEO down by taking their business elsewhere. Btw, I wonder what that Kroger is going to do in the event of theft(shoplifting), robberies, or any other criminal activity? Call a crack dealer?

  • Ron Pullen

    I’m sure BLM will bypass the Kroger store when the next round of looting happens.. Let me know how that works out for ya.

  • Michelle Kiddhalbert

    If this is how they conduct business then I will never shop there again, I use to be a checker and customer service was #1 priority

  • Corbin Dailey

    How do we know this cop isn’t a piece of crap? Maybe they refused service to her because of her actions as a police officer. This story is being told from her point of view. I know many people that want to hurt, or just refuse to serve a few pieces of crap that call themselves officers of the law. My community has about 50 corrupt cops, I myself would tell I wouldn’t serve, if the police don’t like the treatment they’re receiving right now, maybe they shouldn’t treat people the way they have been. There are only just a few cops on the force in our area which I have any respect for, people that work in Kroger are people to you know, how do we know the cashier didn’t have a run in with that particular officer, which is why she refused to serve her. If you are abused by someone, would you still help your abuser? If you said yes, you’re a liar!!!

  • Burt Hicks

    If Kroger won’t serve the police as customers, the police shouldn’t serve Kroger when they call. I know, I know. The police have standards which Kroger apparently doesn’t even understand.

  • Smackermack

    I just read the exact same article but said it was in SPRING, TX.

    • Kristen Loomis

      No, that was a second incident at another store. In the Spring, Tx one it was an officer’s wife and she was wearing a pro blue shirt.

  • Shirley Nanos

    Well I have spent a lot of money at Kroger….not anymore. Boycott Kroger….

  • Serge Sklona

    Police officers has not gain respect but instead fear and hatred from civilians due to recent incidents capture by video. For some reason police officers think they have the power to do anything they please, even murder. Like my mama said, you are getting back what you planted. Too bad the good cops have to pay for the bad ones, but that is actually what good civilians go thru everyday PROFILING.

  • Isabel Sinton

    The police officer should sue and not worry about paying for groceries for several years. Its called ‘Selective enforcement’ and violates the first amendment to the constitution. if you run a public business, you cannot be selective about who you serve. In the 60s, segregation, lunchcounters wouldn’t serve blacks? Then the government came down HARD and resolved the discrepancy.

  • All Lives Matter!

    Kroger folks who want OUT, come to work at Albertsons or Randalls!

  • FlipORican

    Kroger has definitely lost me as a customer. As a former soldier I do not condone this behavior. If an employee has an issue servicing a person based on their employment then they should not be working in the service industry. Although, the Police Officer was simply wearing a Police t-shirt and not in uniform…begs to wonder how many Police Officers, who were not in uniform and not wearing any indication that they were a Police Officer that the employee had helped. For all she knows every customer that came into the store that day was a Police Officer or worked for the Police department. Basically, the employee refused to help because of the t-shirt, which isn’t offensive, and then asked about the customer’s employment, which she had no right to do.

  • Laurie Cooke

    its called discrimination, sue the bastards, money talks!!!

  • louise

    It would only take 5 or 6 women to go to that store, fill your baskets to the brim, go to the checkout–FindAJ and unload the basket. Then tell the check out gal…”police lives matter” Now think about that when you reshelf the items. then
    walk out

  • Celestial4caster

    Fire them for unprofessional conduct and refusal to perform their duties. They have no right to refuse to do their job.

  • Pusspuss

    I think customer after customer should go to this Kroger, Load up their shopping carts to the max and go to the check out line. When the cashier is almost done ringing everything up, the customer should ask, “is this the Kroger that would NOT check out a Police officer?” “Well i can’t buy here because of that”. And just leave. I think All lines should fill up with people doing that. For one thing it will hold up legitimate purchases, and that will stop people from coming there, because most people want to get in and get out. That will put a drop in their sales. Plus it will tie up workers who will have to return all items back to the shelves. The workers who don’t agree with this ASSHOLE CASHIER, can maybe do something about on their own.. It reflects bad on all employees at that one store and ALL KROGERS.

  • lynchmob561

    I hate it when conversations get off topic, then turn nasty. Just answer the question. How should this situation be handled? IMHO, fire the brat! She’s not doing her job.

  • Susan Soureal-Hart

    That’s like a teacher comes in with a teacher at George Washington elementary school (made up name)and is asked if she’s a teacher. The response is yes and the checker says well I can’t check you out because I have an issue with a teacher right now because they gave my kid a F in conduct. You could say this about any profession. Geez. What the heck has this world come to. Is there any decency or manners and courtesy left in the world? Fire the twit checker and her idiot manager who couldn’t find his balls to do the right thing. What a lesson for the 6 year old kid who had to stand there and witness her parent being treated like second class. I will not be shopping at Kroger again.

  • I really hope this dummy has to call 911 in the near future and is refused service.

  • bigmurr

    If I ever witnessed this I would’ve choked that bitch cashier!

  • Slightlyamused

    Kroger owns Fred Meyer….guess I won’t shop there until this employee is looking for a job. 🙁 This is despicable. So when Krogers or Fred Meyer gets robbed, they don’t call the police? I would say if you want them to serve you, you had better serve them.

  • David Bill

    I’m going to buy a Blue Lives Matter shirt and wear it in Kroger. Do my shopping and just load the basket up. If the cashier walks away, I will leave the basket at the checkout. I am so tired of SJW’s who do not even want to understand the realities of what they are doing. Smarten up, think for yourselves or just stay home with your parents.

  • Clarissa D Bowers

    Thank God the Krogers here are not like that. Police officer are always shopping after they get off work here Kentucky.

  • Rex Vian

    Make sure you express your concern on their Yelp page!!

  • Americuss

    A year or so ago, I went from Kroger to Publix and haven’t looked back since. Employees are extremely friendly AND helpful. Totally unlike Kroger where the customer is a pain in the a$$.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    I didn’t think even unions would defend an employee not doing their job! Refusing to check out a customer is insubordination and doing what she was hired to do. I was a union member for years and I could not have gotten away with this trash! I guess things really have changed that much if the employee is black!!!!

  • Suzi52

    I sure hate to hear this. We shop Kroger weekly and could not ask for better employees. They just opened a new superstore type Kroger in our town. Husband was in yesterday and said it is wonderful.

    If this story is true, I hope the officer finds out who the employee and the manager is, where they live, and the entire police department refuses to respond to any calls these jackasses might ever have to make to the police or fire departments. Some people just do not deserve protection from themselves or those who might do them harm. Both should be fired as well as the corporate person who promised to respond in a couple of days and has not done so. We, the people, can not continue to tolerate this type of behavior and still hope to have a civilized society in a few years.

  • Jason Bryan

    I say bullshit to not contacting the stores directly. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for the hiring and firing of “cashiers” not corp HQ.
    Store managers are DIRECTLY involved in what goes on in a particular store. What happens there is a DIRECT influence of what happens to the people BELOW THEM.

    So yes, CONTACT the store DIRECTLY. Flood their phone lines, email inboxes and fax machines, etc etc.

  • SandyTodd

    I had my bank card stolen and it was used at two Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger) locations. I thought maybe they would pull up some video of the time and cash register where my card was used, I think they used my store card too, and catch who did it. One store manager was insulting and the other was disinterested. I called numerous people in their customer service and other depts to complain about the treatment by the store managers, I never got an answer. This employee should be fired. But Kroger, in general, just sucks.

  • Randy Bentley

    I love everyone….

  • Guest

    Won’t ever shop there. Disrespectful little shizits need to be slapped down. She should have been fired on the spot. And in any case, Kroger is more expensive than just about any other store. Screw you guys, I’m going home.

  • jeff

    It sounds to me like Kroger gave you the same treatment that the citizen’s get from IA after filing a complaint how does it feel?

  • Nick

    So, a christian cant refuse a homosexual service…but a (prior or active criminal) grocery store clerk can refuse someone service because of a job they do?? Something is fkd here folks. I dont shop there as we dont have them here, but should i ever come across one, I’ll make sure to spread the word they are anti-leo and who knows what else. Wont set a standard and hire garbage pail employees? I hope your profits tank. One asshole can screw up an entire business. Social media is a blessing and a curse for businesses.

  • rudy_wallesch

    I would have fired her on the spot and my dad was a store manager for Safeway and he too would have sent her packing!

  • doornazi

    The cashier, supervisor and manager should all be FIRED. If they are not then the whole department , family and friends and supporters should all BOYCOTT that store. You see we can protest too without rioting and looting.

  • Sharon Scully

    There should be a big law suit. I will NEVER shop at those bs stores again

  • Abitomaine

    If employee fails to do the job they were hired for they should be fired.

  • Marilyn


  • Kevin Via

    I’ll never shop there again. Kroger. Damn too. I’m gonna have to drive and extra 8 miles. Worth it though. The manager and the employee need to be fired. Am I crazy or has the world gone nuts. 94 million adults not in the workforce and crap employees all over dictating their terms don’t loose their jobs. I miss the 80’same and 90’see so much simpler. Do your job or be fired.

  • Victoria Martinez

    Funny how she refuses to serve the officer at her mininal job but if at her job the store was robbed at gun point and a gin in her face being pistol whipped and clothes ripped off she would look to the officer to put HER life on the line to save her from harm…then her tune would most definitely be different.

  • Pink Freud

    I hate to say it, but I do not see anyone clearly in the right here. The Clerk was undoubtedly in the wrong, but to officer’s rant to management would be enough to get my back up if I was in that position, and I do back the Blue. Cooler heads needed to prevail, and this time, they did


  • Steve Hamling

    funny how my remarks from yesterday, and today’s replies to my comment, have been deleted?????guessing Rowwdy Colt must have complained. Oh well it was good to knock around for awhile time to start fix’n dinner.
    “so years ago my daughter gets fired from Kroger for telling a local newspaper editor to stop pushing her items towards her, after a frozen turkey smashed and bloodied her fingers. well the bitch did a write-up of rude employees and my daughter got fired for it, still sporting two blackened fingernails. wrote an opinion piece in a competing newspaper about rude and abusive customers. the day following my opinion piece i was back at the store getting some veggies when the manager “Mike” approached me and demanded i do a retraction piece. i did the piece, but it wasn’t a retraction. the day that piece was published I strapped on my firearm (Yes, I was a Police Officer and at that time actually a Federal LEO Agent) took all my families loyalty cards, then returned to the store and told everyone within listening distance why i would never be a customer again. was told later that i’d caused quite a stir and even a few customers left their carts in check out and left. since then we have had a Wal-mart built in our small community and Kroger sales have tanked with one store in the county already closing and the one in question now selling Kroger brand stuff exclusively, so to be DOA too.”

  • Proud2BHis

    Not that I do or really ever have shopped at Kroger. But after this I will go out of my way to avoid them at all cost! Even if I’m out of town and I have to go 20-30 minutes out of my way. This is unacceptable behavior. #BlueLivesDoMatter #TheyDeserveRespect

  • Dominic Huber

    I’m never shopping at Kroger again. As a person who works at a supermarket, I was trained to treat all costumers with respect regardless of my beliefs. If I had been the manager, I would’ve apologized to the officer, let her pay for her groceries, and written the employee up for discriminatory behavior towards a customer.

  • Bc Davidson

    While people have a right to their opinions, they may do it on their own time and not while in the employment of an business.Kroger is in the business of selling groceries not making political statements. I would think this would be a pretty common sense thing- apparently not i.e.: Colin Kapernick. That Kroger employee should be dismissed from their duties as should the manager.Both incompetent and ignorant apparently. If a cashier refused to serve someone wearing a BLM shirt, they’d be vilified as a racist on social media and in the news and probably demonized by Obama and AG Lynch.

  • Colorado Grandad

    The best response to this is for hundreds of people to show up at that store wearing “Police Lives Matter ” shirts. Go in and fill two or three baskets with varieties of product, especially frozen, go to the checkout and then walkout and leave the baskets at the checkout.

    • Minxey

      In her line.

  • Warren Paul Moffitt

    The Army maintains an “off limits list of businesses” for businesses that behave inappropriately to military personnel. I recommend the police create a similar list.

  • Bryan Deotte

    I need to hear whole story not the cops

  • DeWente

    Yall can boycott them. Let’s see who’s boycott will be more effective.

  • Miche

    Um hello if you don’t like police, then don’t work in a public place. #Simple

  • Doc

    Maybe people will go and load 2 carts and once loaded on the checkout line look up and say I forgot, I will not support any business who won’t serve police!

    • Infinitely Linear Hoosier

      Awesome Point….the next Conservative who is confronted at a grocery store with such nonsense should immediately drive home, grab 5 friends, return to the grocery store, load up their carts with ice cream and seafood AND hot deli food, then make a beeline to the bakery counter and ALL order Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter cakes and when refused, simply walk out without saying a word……and keep doing so until the store apologizes and fires these employees.

  • Rick Nolte

    Something fishy about this story, especially the cops response. Pretty negative and definitely not the tone or tact officers I know would take. Why verify her negative opinion of police?

  • carolann1966

    Ok I hate to say this but i am a Kroger employee, mind you not in this area at all. I can say if this were to happen in my store or any store in my area heads would be rolling. My store manager, as well as every department head and assistant manager would of written up the employee with a suspended pending removal for this behavior the only way we are allowed to refuse to help anyone is if they are violent

  • Lawman49

    Kroger needs to step up now! These little mushy babies who cry when they see those Horrible Scary Shirts need to seek out their “Safe Places” whenever their feeling get hurt. They need to learn lessons, and quick! Your actions as a supervisor, regarding customer service, are unsatisfactory… Hopefully, You, as a manager, and your little hurt baby can find work in a foundry where there is no customer interaction!

  • Shawn Murphy

    Kroger is my favorite store. Not any more !

  • Tricia65

    That’s why I shop at the HEB!

  • Mary Porter Stracener

    This is not how most people in Alexandria and
    Pineville Louisiana feel about the cops. As one
    who lives in the area I am ashamed of the treatment. Your problem with the police should not cloud your judgement at work when in the service industry. Last year a business was selling wrist bands with local police Badge numbers on them so you could pray for that officer. It was a huge success. Please don’t let this one incident reflect poorly on the area. We greatly love God, guns, and cops.

    • Minxey

      As an employee, you leave the chip on your shoulder at the door. You are there to help customers. If this clerk doesn’t want to do that, stick her in the dairy cooler where she has no public contact.

  • Tim

    Good I think EVERYONE should refuse service to cops. You have to be the lowest form of life on the planet to put on that uniform and use that a badge and a gun to abuse your own neighbors regardless of race. I’ve never been more proud to shop at Kroger.

    • Dual Bag

      Because you’re a goddamn faggot you mother fucking piece of shit

      • Tim

        A faggot who fucks your mother douche bag.

      • Tim

        I’ve never met a cop who didn’t need his ass kicked for being a low life piece of shit. They work for the gov that makes them the bad guys. Duh… You have to be an inbred redneck hick piece of shit to not know that. They plant evidence they harass minorities and they give out tickets for stupid mother fucking bullshit like wearing a seat belt !! Fucking commies.

  • Cave Lion

    if the checker had been Christian and refused to ring up perverts they would have been fired on the spot.

    • Minxey

      Or a woman in a hijab.

  • Tim

    I STARTED my first company when I was 21. Over the years I owned and operated several. Any time I had a cop wanting service I either lied in order to deny that service or stuck it to them hard. Fuck the cops. FUck em.

    • M.A.Rue

      Well aren’t you special.

  • Mike Loveall


  • Mary Beth Crowley

    There are 2 sides to every story. Hearing both used to be the American way.
    I have been in management in nursing in the Federal government for 25 years. Dealing with the federal union is no picnic but with complete documentati[n, employees can be terminated. It takes time but it can be done.
    Also worked in the private sector in nursing management and also as a staff nurse in new programs. As a staff nurse, this organization used their employees like slaves. I was paid 32 hours a week and worked 56 to 60 a week. Comp time was mentioned but one never had the time to take it. I put up with it for over a year and quit. I was at the end of my career and didn’t have the strength to fight, but a union would have helped in this situation.
    I am sure Kroger ‘s cares about its business. They wouldn’t throw millions of dollars away on some stupid employee. Perhaps a few calls from customers would make a difference. Give them one more chance. If no response, then leave them, never to return again.

  • Zack This Kroger’s Phone Number: 318-442-1851

    1422 MacArthur Dr
    Alexandria, LA 71301

  • chris

    now Krogers not only have high prices but they hire idiots. I’m sure it’s another one of those BLM idiots without no doubt

  • Becky Slater

    Krogers post on incident, posted 10-1-2016, took them long enough, but still no action taken.

  • Crush

    What they should do is
    Find out when she is working, Flood the store with police officers shopping, go to her check out line. Each one complain after she denies service for discrimination….
    YOu got your 3 strikes for the union to deal with.

  • Lynda Paul Roe

    This just really upsets me! I know two wrongs don’t make a right but maybe these people should be told not to bother calling the police when they need help. Red flag them, if it is not life threatening when a call comes in e Ryan one is too busy an officer will be dispatched when available. I’m sorry but this disrespect for officer, veterans and others needs to stop!!

  • Dickn52

    Simple, shop somewhere else. It worked for Target and the NFL now. Talk with your wallet and let everyone you know know. You have now told about 30 million people with all the shares on FB.

  • JimTB

    THE Alexandria, Louisiana City Council should pull the business license of KROGER and shut them down and tell, not ask, tell them the store(S) are no longer wanted ….. TO LEAVE AND DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT THEM IN THE A** …..

    • Minxey

      Then how many newly unemployed would that cause?

  • Walker Aguila

    I will be shopping at Publix, thank you.

  • Cheryl Middendorf

    I wonder who they call if the store gets robbed.? Guess!

  • Tim

    We live in a police state. A professor was actually arrested at a ball game for being critical of a LOUSY coach. Why ? Sure he was drunk but so were the other 80K plus who were perfectly happy with their sucky ass coach… In other words its ok to be drunk and enjoy the game as long as you aren’t critical of those in power. POLICE STATE. We have soo many cops that the smallest infraction and you are surrounded. 911 gave our shitty gov’t every excuse it needed to ramp up security. And boy did they ever. May as well be living in Nazi Germany !!! If you aren’t careful or happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time one of these brutes with little to no training can and will take your ass out !!! America is NO LONGER a free Nation. We are a police state. And I say FUCK THEM.

  • Janette Johnson Skaggs Reddell

    I must remember to avoid Louisiana at all cost. I want nothing to do with an area that is so hostile.

  • kevin

    I find the police officer and the comments to be a bit hypocritical… it is absolutely unfair for the Kroger employee to persecute all officers for the unjust actions of a few officers in the nation… just like I find it unfair to never go back to that store (after 15 years of never having a problem), or to say you’ll never go to Kroger again, just because of the poor actions of a few of its employees. No entity, whether that is the police force, or the Kroger company (or a muslim religion), should be judged wholly bad, based on the actions of just a few of its employees/ members.

  • Terry Henning Sr.

    So what. People need to be less sensitive. So shop somewhere else, problem solved.

    • J. Doe

      These blue lives matter followers would prefer to bully companies and people for having an opinion different than theirs. They aren’t interested in change or they would work to change the perception that people have regarding the police. These people would rather whine and boycott companies who aren’t jumping to conclusions.

  • Donald McKenna
    • Minxey

      Gibbs’ Slap ftw!! My 13 year old daughter got one of those for being disrespectful the other night.

  • Crystal Smart

    Facebook warriors strong on this trend!

  • Linda Vee Sado

    They do give employees every chance to redeem themselves when they do wrong. They hire so many handicap people as well and they donate so much food to St Mary’s food bank and the like over the holidays So don’t punish them for the action of a few fools. This is something that is handled thru corporate and the in store managers have to go thru the chain of command. I am sure they will be canned

    • Minxey

      The description of the incident shows the clerk was given the chance to do her job, but she refused. Strike 2 in my book, but these incidents will continue until the employees doing this are punished. The Navy came down on a sailor who sat down for the Anthem, but it didn’t get much coverage. Haven’t heard that it has happened again.

  • JE

    Didn’t he tell her she had to check out all customers? That doesn’t seem like he was supporting the cashier.

  • Donna Fitzgerald

    There is no acceptable explanation for a company supporting that kind of behavior by an employee toward any customer!! Additionally that police officers have become the target is atrocious!! For Kroger’s corporate office to allow more than two weeks to pass before responding is unforgivable. The manager and employee should both be fired and Kroger deserves to suffer the consequences for such poor handling of this incident.

  • Deonna Ramos

    I work at Kroger in Kingwood Texas and Officers and their families are most welcome at my store ANYTIME! This is unacceptable behavior for anyone anywhere. I don’t blame you one bit for not shopping there. That makes me just as pissed as you are. My brothers stand behind badges and I stand with them!

  • Marilyn

    I’m having a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt made to wear, in support of police officers, pfc Sabrina Farace (and other police officers that have been denied service), and the families of the innocent police officers around our country that have been targeted and brutally murdered for absolutely no reason, since the Black Lives Matter began (based on a lie). I will wear it to our local Kroger, as a peaceful protest. I’ll keep you informed. I urge others to do the same.

  • Patricia Rogers Fitzgerald

    Alot of people should walk into Kroger with that shirt on and get there grocery and see what happens or the shirt that say All Lives matter

  • TessComments

    If true, Kroger needs to fix this problem FAST.

  • James Ewins

    The employee was within her rights as an individual to refuse service, however her employer may not agree and she is employed to perform according to company policy. If a person is in sympathy with the black lives matter (BLM) group that person could be offended by the Blue Lives Matter shirt. “Taking Offense” has become a national activity and anything can trigger a tantrum or outrage. Jesse and Al are masters.

  • charlesjannuzi


  • Brian

    I’m white, what if I refused to serve her because she is black or wearing a black lives matter shirt?!
    Hell, I’d be charged with a hate crime and sent to prison! Guaranfrickenteed!!!

  • Adam

    The same thing happened at a Wal-Mart. The cashier in question was fired. I don’t shop Wal-Mart because most of the stuff comes from China and the way they underpay thier employees, but in this case Wal-Mart did the right thing by firing the cashier for violating federal discrimination laws, and Kroger hasn’t done anything. I stand with the rule of law and justice for ALL. Thank you to all police and emergency personnel for your service during tough situations.

  • FrankieFourFingers

    $5 says the cashier was black

  • Paul Keating

    Sue them for discrimination!

  • disqus_liV0LboiNK

    If I had been in line behind you, I would have left too, and yes we do shop at Kroger’s.

  • nSsgCdS2Tu

    WOW, I thought this was a comment board for the story about the Kroger employee, I see I was wrong. Moving on to next story this is to juvenile for me.

  • birdonawire

    This is what empathy feels like.

  • Gary Love

    I have a friend who works for Kroger in the corporate offices and he is the director of Human Resources in Detroit. I’ve known him for 30 years and I find this hard to believe that he would accept this. I will reach out to him today to see if this is valid. I know he has friends and family in law enforcement. I find this response from Kroger to be unbelievable.

  • Edna Smith

    Where is the proof that this even happened. No video no audio.

  • 1annie1

    This is a fake story on a fake website.

  • NeonCat222

    This is pretty common in Memphis for all white people. I’ve been refused service in many convenience stores in black areas.

  • Jim Taylor

    Has this persons story been verified? Are people simply taking her word? I personally know some of the “higher ups” in Kroger, and if this story is legit, heads will roll. There ARE video cameras trained on EVERY register.
    But, if you are the type of person to just blindly accept anything you hear, well that says a lot, too…..

  • carol miller

    This is awful! All the damn employees that did this should be fired!! Next time you need to be protected
    in the store or somewhere else, DON’T CALL A POLICE OFFICER!! IDIOTS!!!

  • Dino

    I shop at publix, not kroger—better service, cleaner stores.

  • armynse

    Hate Krogers anyway. This seals the deal! Bye bye!

  • Duke Kader


  • Duke Kader

    Wow, all i did was make a true statement about there always being 2 sides to every issue, and yet Lynn B. jumped my ass, called me names, put me down and tried to show you all just how stupid she really is, well, she succeeded, Lynn B. your ignorance is clear, you say you are not ever again going to show at Kroger’s and neither is your family?. well fine, we are are okay with that, it is your complete display of childish ignorance that has been seen here to become an issue. Not your stupid choices. All i can say is again, there are 2 sides to ever issue in life, i only hope everyone ready this realizes that and is not so quick to past judgement after only hearing just one side. People do lie, bullshit and bend the facts as well as the truth always, so again, please listen to both sides before passing judgement. As for that Lynn B. way down in this discussion, well she is as she is, stupid and dumb as they come and has proven that as well.

  • callie

    Sue Kroger in Alexandra Louisiana for the crime of hate towards police officers. Officers should warn Kroger that they will not be protecting them when their store is threaten by robbery or assault because Kroger does not respect them and should look to alternative security to protect them.

  • callie

    Police officers should also contact Kroger headquarters about the incident and seek advise.